NBA’s Tony Parker Throwing Chris Brown Under The Bus To Get Money From Nightclub

parkerNBA star and Eva Longoria’s leftover ex-husband is fighting dirty against Chris Brown and W.i.P. nightclub, in New York City. Parker is throwing the singer under the bus, in order to win his lawsuit against the nightclub.

Parker points to the recent altercation that happened between Brown and Frank Ocean, in the parking lot of a recording studio in California. Parker is   alleging that Brown cannot control his temper and is vulnerable to flying off the handle in any given situation. During the fight, in W.i.P. , Parker’s cornea was struck with a shard of glass when Chris Brown’s posse got into it with Drake’s posse.

Now Parker is saying that the altercation at the nightclub would have never happened if the nightclub would have denied Brown entry. Many thought the brawl between Brown and Drake was due to so called affairs they both had with Rihanna. That rumor has yet to be confirmed as true.Parker wants to use both incidents as proof  that Chris is too violent to socialize in public. Parker has taken it even further by bringing up the night that Chris and Rihanna got into it, in 2009, in his $20 million dollar lawsuit against the nightclub.

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  1. I know THAT’s right. It takes TWO to tango/tangle/tanqueray, it takes TWO to beat the hell out of a woman who weighs a fraction of what the brutal, childish, cowardly male abuser weights when he strikes her with his fists as if she were meat–TWO fists. Two fists that should be in prison for what they did but that get away with what they did because well, because both of the two fists are rich and famous fists. But anyway, it takes TWO, just like you say–I KNOW that’s right. You tell them. Yeah. A-huh. A-MAN(slaughter). Hell, is every Black man who beats a Black woman supposede to be his sister’s keeper? Of course not. It’s every battered Black woman for herself, right?

  2. Parker needs to worry about playing basketball instead of who should be allowed to socialize in public. For him to try and put this all on Chris makes him a total loser. Takes two tangle or that night, it took two crews to tangle. $20 mil…yeah, right! Give Parker 20 million kicks in his ass and tell him to stay his sorry ass out of public. Loser!!!