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Former SC GOP Official Sent Out Racist Trayvon Martin Tweets During the Superbowl

During Sunday’s Superbowl, former South Carolina GOP executive director Todd Kincannon sent out tweets that were so breathtakingly depraved and racially-charged  that they’re almost unbelievable.

For the most part, Kincannon couldn’t stop mocking Trayvon Martin, a 17 year old who was murdered by a  self- appointedvigilante named George Zimmerman.

Here are the first sets of Kincannon’s tweets:

racist tod kincannon tweets


Although Kincannon received a fair amount of criticism for those tweets, he didn’t stop there:

more kincannon racist tweets


kincannon third racist tweet


And what is a racist without a few Hurricane Katrina jokes? There’s always time to mock people who died in one of the greatest natural disasters in this country’s history right?

4th kincannon tweetIf you think Kincannon apologized for his tweets, you’re wrong. He defended all his Superbowl nastiness, saying, “The left has decided that Trayvon Martin was just this perfect little angel. He was a thug. He  tweeted about drug use. This guy, he was a criminal, and the left has decided to make him some sort of martyr. That is what I don’t understand.”

And when all else failed, Kincannon said he stands for free speech.

“I stand for free speech and I stand for honest speech, and I think more people need to use it,” Kincannon said.


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