Events Honor Trayvon Martin’s 18th Birthday, Judge Denies Zimmerman’s Request

Trayvon Martin would've been 18 years-old today before his life was senselessly taken by George Zimmerman.
Happy 18th birthday Trayvon

A year before his 18th birthday, Trayvon Martin was tragically killed by George Zimmerman, a local neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, FL who alleges he was forced to shoot and kill the unarmed teen in self-defense. A candlelight vigil and prayer service is slated for Tuesday, February 5 in Palm Beach to remember the life of the slain teen.

The service is organized by Fathers Stand Up Corporation, an organization that promotes family development through classes and programs. “In memory and respect, those across Brevard who were touched by the tragedy of his death will join the community of Palm Bay to remember him, his family and friends in a special prayer and showing of community strength and understanding,” a press release from the organization reads. People are invited to gather as early as 5:30 p.m. at Palm Bay City Hall, 120 Malabar Road SE. The brief vigil will begin about 6:15 p.m. Questions are to be directed to Barchenger at 321-242-3669. Guests are encouraged to bring their own candle.

Community leaders in Sanford are also hosting an event named “Banding Together for Peace” on Tuesday to recognize the need for community healing and solidarity. The event, held in Goldsboro, a historically black part of the city, includes the Sanford Police Department, the NAACP, local city officials, and Crump. Martin’s parents also organized an event in commemoration of their son.  On Sunday, The Trayvon Martin Foundation, set up by the teen’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, will host a fundraising dinner with several guests including Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. On Saturday, in Miami, where the teen lived, an event dubbed the “I am Trayvon, Day of Remembrance Peace Walk” will feature motivational speakers, entertainers, and free food.

In court on Tuesday, Judge Debra Nelson denied a motion by Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, to delay the trial date. O’Mara argued that the prosecution has been slow to turn over evidence and he doesn’t have enough time to prepare his case. “We’re four months away from trial,” Nelson said. “The court has no reason to continue the case.” Nelson approved a motion by Zimmerman’s lawyer to subpoena credit card sales records from the 7-Eleven that Martin visited the night he was killed. Nelson also ordered that Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda reveal tests performed on the phone that investigators sent to California to get unlocked. Nelson ruled that Witness 8, the young girl who claims she was on the phone with Martin when the incident occurred, can be asked about her Twitter handle before she is deposed by the defense, but any other questions must be posed during her deposition. Nelson also postponed a scheduled deposition of Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon’s family, after a lawyer he hired entered into evidence a 15-page affidavit explaining how Crump found and interacted with Witness 8. Nelson said she and the lawyers for both sides will read the affidavit and determine whether any more information is needed.

If your community is organizing an event in commemoration of Trayvon Martin, please include details about the event (e.g. Who? What? When? Where?) in the comments below.

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  2. Kevin Edge You wait for that one..The rest of us will start NOW due to the ONGOING Injustice towards Minorities!

  3. I would like to know what Starla and Mark think about the violent crimes done to blacks by slave masters and bigots from the 1700’s- present? I dont condone ANY murder but its really a return from what happened to to blacks from earlier years! Do yo agree? Not that it makes it a godly event done by any of the human race! If I done my research correctly – the white race was always the ones who declared any type of WAR on any type of topic. war of 1812, ww1, wwII, civil war, you name the war whitey was behind it! JUS SAYIN!

  4. An acquittal is a receipe for mass rioting. He better get some jail time or its going to be hell in Sanford. A domino effect will take place elsewhere. Black man is in jail for killing a white contractor on his property who was threatening him with a knife. Stand your ground only works for people who is not white. No racial meaness intended. But, it seems like that is just the way it is.

  5. This was not the first Trayvon martin in Sanford. This just happen to be the one that got some attention, because of his mother. White Racism again at work, worse than a cancer.The worse plague to haunt the planet.Africans unite.

  6. This court case is a HUGE waste of taxpayers money$$$, it’s OBVIOUS, that Zimmerman is GUILTY!! I just don’t get it, all this blah-blah, gimme a break!! He murdered Trayvon Martin, almost got away with it, now this piece of SCUM, wants his trail delayed, please!! Lock his butt up, and keep it movin’!! ‘Nuff Said!!