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Coach Gets 10 Day Suspension and Sensitivity Training For “Fat Butt Michelle Obama” Rant

An Alabama coach and psychology teacher has been suspended for ten days after a nasty rant in which he can be heard michelle obama rantmaking  defamatory statements against Michelle Obama and gay people.

A student taped Bob Grisham’s class discussion on Jan. 27 during which he referred to Michelle Obama as “fat butt Michelle Obama,” saying, “look at her. She looks like she weighs 185 or 190. She’s overweight.”

Grisham claims he misspoke during a debate exercise. He also voiced disgust for gays, saying, “I don’t believe in queers. I don’t like queers. I don’t hate them as a person, but what they do is wrong and an abomination against God.”

The Lauderdale County High School coach was suspended by the school board. Superintendent Jennifer Gray released a statement saying that she and the board were  “profoundly disappointed in the actions and statements of Mr. Grisham” and that “the board has taken actions specifically calculated to prevent such actions and statements from being made again.”

Some community members blamed the children for bringing their cell phones into the classroom and said Grisham was an overall great guy.

“Bob Grisham is a good Christian man,” one man said. “If we had more teachers like him, we wouldn’t have a lot of the problems that exist today” he said.

Grisham will also not be allowed to teach his fifth period psychology class for the remainder of the year. But given Grisham’s comments, it’s hard to understand why a man who clearly has problems with women, gays, and black people would ever have been allowed anywhere near a school, let alone a psychology course, in the first place.

Here’s the audio:




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