Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls For Homeland Security to Patrol the Streets of Chicago

Civil Rights leader Jesse  Jackson and marchers in Chicago urged President Obama to visit the city so that he can get a sense of jesse jackson 3the violence which is currently terrorizing so many of the city’s residents.

“When the president shows up, it shows ultimate national seriousness,” said Jackson, a Chicago resident. Jackson also called for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help patrol the violent streets of Chicago.

Reuters reports on the carnage in Chicago:

Gun violence in Chicago has been in the national spotlight over the past year, with 506 murders in 2012, an increase of 17 percent from the previous year. As of Thursday, there were 42 homicides and 157 shootings so far this year, according to Chicago police.

The issue received new urgency with the killing this week of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, an honors student who performed with her high school band at Obama’s inauguration on January 21.

Obama’s White House spokesman, Jay Carney, has said that Obama is praying for the Pendleton family. Still, many activists and citizens don’t believe that Obama is doing enough to stem the violence in his hometown.

A White House petition calls for Obama and his family to attend Pendleton’s February 9th funeral. So far, the petition doesn’t have the required 100,000 signatures needed to get a response from the White House.

Jackson, who led a march a few blocks away from where Pendleton died, said, “My greatest fear about the gun violence in Chicago is that we’re adjusting to it [violence].”

Mayor Emanuel’s only plan has been to take police officers who are now serving administrative duty and put them on the streets.




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  1. The black community has two choices: 1. Is to bring in the army and/or more cops.2. Do it yourself.Now if you can’t do it yourself then don’t complain when the military comes in. If you’re unable to do one and unwilling to allow the other then you are part of the problem because then nothing gets done and the violence continues to escalate. These people are savages and deserve to be treated as such. Its not just Chicago but in every major black community in the nation. Its time for community militias to be formed to protect the community by any means necessary. Other ethnic communities do it. Its no accident that other communities are safe and ours are not. Its because in other communities the bad guys know there will be serious consequences from the people, not just law enforcement. law enforcement can’t restore peace where there is no peace. Only the people can do that. Once peace is restored then the police can maintain it. The brothers who are coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq … you need to use your skills to make your communities safe by any means necessary.

  2. For those who don’t understand, presidents are elected for all people. All citizens are under the same constitution and laws. Some of you are very uneducated. It shows by your lack of knowledge, indicating President Obama is not doing enough for ,Black People”….Stop making a difference in races. This divison is very negative and sends a negative message to young people. No wonder they are all messed up.

    Oh by the way, what are the elected Councilmen and Aldermen doing for the city of Chicago. I bet most of you don’t know their names.

  3. Please people don’t judge all children in Chicago by street thugs. There are thousands African-Americans children/students, graduating from high schools and colleges right here in Chicago every year. We need to bring the parent of these promising students together to tell failing parents and families how they are doing such a good job. I firmly believe that problems start in the home where the child is born. If the home is in order, schools will be in order,if the schools are in order, the community will be in order. Come on chruches, there are thousands in Chicago. Pull off them robes and take to the streets. This will replace homeland security or the Natinal guard.
    My children, grandchildren nieces and nephews are among the graduates and college students. We knew what it took to put them on the right path. We never looked to anyone else to raise our children. No we didn’t live on the North Side of Chicago. I cringe when I hear talk about President Obama is to blame for these senseless acts.He and his family and others like him is the role model we should look to. His family is stable and was long before he was heard of.

    Why bring up Jessie Jackson and all his ills. He is a profiler. His era is over. What has he being doing for the last 20 years except holding fund-raisers and getting paid thousands of dollars to repeat things over and over again. Lookup his speakes fees. Putting the father of a criminal in the white house, putting a preacher, hear me now! a preacher who has an illigitmate child on staff and a son who stole from the government and is going to prison ia not a good idea.

    Pleae look up the duties of a president. I don’t think coming into your home to raise your chidren is listed.

  4. The filthy killing black scum wouldn’t take a job and do what’s right to keep it if there were a million available jobs. The disgrace taking place is gang violence with the use of a gun. The self-hating savage blacks are killing off their self-image. First to get a job they have to be able to read and write and understand they have to start at the bottom and work their way up. Those sewer rats can’t even speak English. Jessie needs to shut up and stop hating on Obama because he cut him off in all ways for dissing him. And he’s behind in his child support for the baby he had with his mistress. And that phony money grabbing charlatan Farrakhan where’s a million man March to patrol the streets. He has suckered black males once so no money in it for him. Bring in the National Guard not because of Jessie and clean up Chicago by any means necessary. Decent hard working blacks need to feel safe from violent black predators that are making the KKK proud.

  5. Praying for the families of every family touched by violence!! President obama shoud attend the funeral…the gun violence will continue to get worse & worse..its a sign of the times..peoples hearts & minds are pure evil when they can take another persons life & show no remorse & no justice is served!!

  6. No he should not attend

  7. Screw Jesse Jackson his movement is done we did more in the 90s he is weak so he can not lead

  8. False screw jr if he cared about blk people he would of fought in the 90s

  9. after watching a news report on in chicago concerning the murder or our young sista – i tuned in to slophop radio station power 92.3 to see what their reaction might be. What i heard was: “……imma kill this b*tch like a f**kin soldier – if she don’t give me *****, imma slump her over.
    this is the type of music that is being pumped into the minds of the masses of our youth by these radio stations and it is unnacceptable. wgci and power 92.3 plus all radio outlets that are pushing murda music on our children must cease and desist!

  10. Sorry for the typo. I meant “Simply means”

  11. @Brenda, What the hell are you talking about? Farrakhan has not called for no damn homeland security!!! He and the FOI went themselves. No sister, he warned them that if they don’t stop the killing, then God will send firey serpents, which simple means, white devils with guns. He’s not calling for them, our behavior is calling for them! Get your facts straight. Don’t lump Farrakhan with these so-called negro leaders. He is a warner and messenger of God.

  12. Our neighborhoods have been a target for military presence for years especially whenit was discovered that revolutionary ideology was coming out of these communities. Now Mr. Jackson is proposing for military presence!!! He is asking for protection from an organization that literally hates our guts. We have to come up with better solutions to preserve our babies and communities. Sister Brenda Williams mentioned the Black Panthers energy to patrol and provide programming for our community, that’s a starting point, now let us begin to use our braintrust to build and protect our communities. Blacks have more college degrees then we ever had and we are faced with more problems then we ever had!!!

  13. Send in Homeland Security or declare Marshall Law. This killing has become and epidemic in Chicago. With all of the money and great minds we have in this Country you mean to tell me we can’t stop the killing going on. That is ridicules! Everybody has a complaint but no one is coming up with resolutions. If they were white kids they would start killing and arresting everybody in sight until it stopped.

  14. Send in Homeland Security or declare Marshall Law. This killing has become and epidemic in Chicago. With all of the money and great minds we have in this Country you mean to tell me we can’t stop the killing going on. That is ridicules! Everybody has a complaint but no one is coming up with resolutions. If they were white kids they would start killing and arresting everybody in sight until it stopped.

  15. Chicago doesn’t need homeland security and this isn’t on Obama. Black people need to look themseleves in the face!!! Black people complain but refuse to look at US!! At what point will we really get tired of us killing us? We allow and accept these killings. Parents who allow guns in their homes, parents who allow their children to bring things into the home for which they did not buy. Until we start turning in and telling our family members that GUNS and drugs will not be allowed in the home these killings will continue!!! Look at us and not anyone else!!!

  16. Put aside your envy aside now. This is the mother of all campaigns. This is a call for all Americans now. I am asking Americans of all races and creed to e-mail President Obama to appoint Jesse Jackson, Sr., to head federal agency – such as Secretary of Interior. Jackson is respected all over the country for his capability and gift to bring warring parties together. Jesse can be instrumental to bring senses to residents in big cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee and LA to stop killing one another. Let’s start this campaign – E-mail President Obama to appoint Jesse as Secretary of Interior. I have e-mail President Obama today. Join me. I will also e-mail NAACP President and Al Sharpton to talk to President Obama to appoint Jesse Jackson for this particular position. We love Jesse Jackson.

    • hy does the President need to appoint Jesse Jackson? Why can’t he do something on his own? Is it that Jesse won’t do anything for anybody unless he’s getting paid or getting some national attention. The President, the President, everybody talking about the President like he’s GOD or the Pope. Every time something happens somebody wants the President to get involved; like he doesn’t have enough s**t to deal with. If you’re so concerned why don’t you go to Chicago and see what you can do? If you think the President or any other single individual or entity can do something about these people killing each other then you’re living in a dream world. These kids are responding to years and years of neglect, depravation and self-hatred. What’s happening is Chicago is happening and has been happening in every major city in the country. It isn’t going to stop until these kids realize that they have something to live for. Calling on the President should be the last call in situations like this. What the h**l are city and state officials getting paid for?

  17. Here we go again! Jessie is once again trying to make his self relevant! He and his rainbow coalition have always been in Chicago and he never attempted to do anything about the shootings before. The same goes for that great Community Organized, the mouth, Barack Hussain Obama! Why didn’t he organize people and the police to stop the killings! Just can’t get the right attention from doing that!

    Both are all talk with no action! Jessie can’t stick up companies anymore by a threat to boycott, and Obama is trying to find his place in history!

    Stop being a chump, demand from the public officials in your own community to do what is required to stop the violence, that does not require Homeland Security, that’s not even their job or responsibility! Jessie is blowing smoke again! Don’t wine when they start taking down the gangsters and banger’s, when they lock them up don’t start with the prison industry nonsense it will be a lot of young and older than and it will be hard

  18. Minsiter Farrakkhan said that negro leaders would be calling for this. And the scripture says, “On that day, blood will be up to the horses bridel.” These negro leaders are so out of touch with the time and what must be done. No, we need our own schools that will teach us our own history that will inspire us to do for self.