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Money “ain’t a thing”: Jermaine Dupri Pays $3 Million To Save House…Again

dupriWhile most people in the country are struggling to keep up with their bills and earning far less than they should be, it appears that Jermaine Dupri is not one of those people. The IRS filed a lien in 2008 on Dupri’s assets, claiming that he owed over $3 million from all the way back to 2006.

The music mogul coughed up the $3 million and paid off his tax debt recently. Seems he is doing rather well in the music industry, despite the fact that he seems to have disappeared completely from the news, other than when he has financial problems.

Dupri has also had to save his house a few times this past year from foreclosure. He was caught in a battle saying that he didn’t owe as much money as the mortgage company said that he owed, and didn’t make payments for almost an entire year. He had to pay almost $200,000 the first time to save it from foreclosure, and now again is fighting with the mortgage company, even taking them to court, to fight the auction on his house. The judge sided with Durpi.

You would think with all of the money that these music industry giants make, they wouldn’t have money problems, but there are some who do not invest or save any money for the future. Even Elton John has been close to bankruptcy because he spent too much on shiny new outfits for his concerts!

Cars, houses, clothes, drugs, lavish parties are all a part of the rock star life right? As Dupri’s song goes, money “ain’t a thing”. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in their shoes, just for one day and not have to worry about how you are going to afford groceries or rent for the next month? Money ain’t a thing to the rich and famous.

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