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Study: Sticking To Gender Roles Increases “Intimacy” In Marriage

man-holding-babyMen, don’t you hate it when your wife nags at you to do the laundry, cook, clean, do the dishes once in a while to help her out? This study’s findings may make you despise it even more! A study that took place over the last decade shows that men who do more housework that is general ‘women’s work,’ such as the dishes or laundry, have less s&x than men who do the more traditional work, such as repairs and yard work.

Hold that thought though! Women were shown to have less s*x as well when they perform work that is not gender typical. Traditional couples that performed housework that is deemed gender appropriate tend to have slightly more s&x. This is an interesting study, particularly because you would expect it to be the other way around. You would think that the women would be so thankful for the extra help around the house that they would please the men more. This does not appear to be true.

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