Lil Wayne Settles Suit after Passing Out and Missing His Concert


When Lil Wayne went to the Bahamas back in 2009, he was expected to perform and be paid a lot of money.  But this never happened when the rapper fell asleep in his hotel room and didn’t wake up in time for his performance.  A company then filed suit against Wayne for $432,000, claiming that the irresponsible rapper ruined their concert.

Wayne says that he didn’t get drunk and miss the concert, as the promoters claim.  He just says that the concert was cancelled for unspecified reasons.  The funny thing is that he has no idea what those reasons are.

But the company must have gotten something for its trouble, settling with Wayne out of court in a deal that hasn’t been made public.   Red City Entertainment had the case dismissed on January 8th and we expect that they won’t be doing business with Lil Wayne again any time soon..


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