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Jacoby Jones Was the Real Super Bowl MVP, Not the Quarterback

jonesJacoby Jones had the two most amazing plays in the Super Bowl, one on a spin move that turned into a touchdown.  Another one occurred later, when the player ran for the longest kick return in NFL history; not Super Bowl History, NFL history.  Would it be possible that a man who ran a kick return farther than any NFL player in history would win the MVP Award?  Nope.

Despite Jones putting on what is probably the best performance of an NFL player in quite a while, the award went to Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.  Flacco was impressive, indeed:  He completed 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards and three touchdowns, very nice numbers.  But other quarterbacks have had equally impressive performances in recent Super Bowls.   In fact, the last three Super Bowl quarterbacks all threw the ball for more than 280 yards, and Peyton Manning has thrown for 300 yards 80 times in his career.  Flacco’s play on the field hardly accounts for a legendary outing, since people will forget about it in about three years.

For Jones, however, CBS producers had to go back nearly 20 years to find a kick return in a Super Bowl that was equally impressive. By the way, did we mention that it was the longest kick return in NFL history?  Oh yeah, we did. 

One last point in favor of Jones:  Even without the LONGEST kick return in NFL history, he caught a pass and did the kind of spin move that will serve as part of the NFL highlight reels for the next 20 years.  That play wasn’t supposed to be a touchdown, but Jones turned it into one.  Most receivers couldn’t have pulled off that move, but there are at least 5 quarterbacks in the past 10 years who could say that their Super Bowl performance was nearly as good as Flacco’s.

The Your Black World MVP of the game is Jacoby Jones.  Anyone who chose the other guy clearly wasn’t watching the same game.  The issue comes down to knowing the difference between a performance that was pretty darn good and another performance we will never see again.  In our book, there was no contest.

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