Jacoby Jones Was the Real Super Bowl MVP, Not the Quarterback

jonesJacoby Jones had the two most amazing plays in the Super Bowl, one on a spin move that turned into a touchdown.  Another one occurred later, when the player ran for the longest kick return in NFL history; not Super Bowl History, NFL history.  Would it be possible that a man who ran a kick return farther than any NFL player in history would win the MVP Award?  Nope.

Despite Jones putting on what is probably the best performance of an NFL player in quite a while, the award went to Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.  Flacco was impressive, indeed:  He completed 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards and three touchdowns, very nice numbers.  But other quarterbacks have had equally impressive performances in recent Super Bowls.   In fact, the last three Super Bowl quarterbacks all threw the ball for more than 280 yards, and Peyton Manning has thrown for 300 yards 80 times in his career.  Flacco’s play on the field hardly accounts for a legendary outing, since people will forget about it in about three years.

For Jones, however, CBS producers had to go back nearly 20 years to find a kick return in a Super Bowl that was equally impressive. By the way, did we mention that it was the longest kick return in NFL history?  Oh yeah, we did. 

One last point in favor of Jones:  Even without the LONGEST kick return in NFL history, he caught a pass and did the kind of spin move that will serve as part of the NFL highlight reels for the next 20 years.  That play wasn’t supposed to be a touchdown, but Jones turned it into one.  Most receivers couldn’t have pulled off that move, but there are at least 5 quarterbacks in the past 10 years who could say that their Super Bowl performance was nearly as good as Flacco’s.

The Your Black World MVP of the game is Jacoby Jones.  Anyone who chose the other guy clearly wasn’t watching the same game.  The issue comes down to knowing the difference between a performance that was pretty darn good and another performance we will never see again.  In our book, there was no contest.

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  1. He and Boldin were major contributors to the Raven’s victory! But winning team OBs generally have an inside track when MVP awards are at stake, but…Flacco should thank him for making him MVP by the outstanding plays he made

  2. To comment on one of the responses who stated that it was not bout race; unfortunately, in this country, it is always about race.

  3. Flacco was great for one half, most of his damage was before half time. How do win the Super Bowl MVP for a solid performance in one half? Jones’s two plays were the difference of the game. The underthrown touchdown grab and of course the sensational kick off return and the swallowling of the whistle by the referees on the last 49ers drive. You also have to give props to the O-Line and Anquan Bouldin as well.

  4. Objectively,you could make a case for several who could have been awarded the MVP. Joe Flacco was really good. I think it was so noticeable, because it’s been the offense for the Ravens that’s not quite measured up in the past to be able to get them over the hump. You thinnk back and in all the battles with the Steelers, Patriots or Colts when the Ravens did not win all the offense had to do is make one play. Then Trent Dilfer was the QB and he is not or never was on the same level as Flacco. The defense always dominated, and now Flacco’s consistency throughout the playoff run is what commentators and the media focused and not just the SB performance. Likewise the MVP could be Anquan Boldin over 100 yards receiving and a TD in the SB, but also a big time catch on the back shoulder on a critical 3rd down late in the game which kept a drive going. I think that catch ranks right up there with the (Manning to Tyree) catch Aikman to Irvin or (Montana to Rice or Taylor)or (Bradshaw to Swann)of SB past. Jacoby Jones would have also been deserving for what he did in the SB and most notably the big catch against Denver. The DT Arthur Jones fumble recovery and a sack, as well as Ed Reed with an Interception or Ray Lewis with seven tackles in the game and over 50 in 4playoff games counting the SB who already was chosen as SB MVP when the Ravens won their first title. A case could be made for all of these guys if you look at the body of work throughout the playoffs. I think Flacco received the recognition because, the Lewis’s, Reed’s, Bouldin’s were expected to do what they did and Flacco not so much. But if you talk impact on a game, Jacoby Jones made the most significant plays fo the game. We all have to be our own judge on this one.

    —It has been a pleasure reading all of your comments and being able to respond. Have a great day.

  5. Jacoby was awesome, and he’ll have a long and successful career. It was a meaningful game for both Jacoby and Ed since they’re both native New Orleaneans. I thought he should of won mvp, however as everyone pointed out, the NFL is a qb driven league unfortunately excluding a lot of talented non qb’s.

  6. It never fells!!!!

  7. I too felt Jacoby should be MVP until Flacco changed up that run play on third and 1 and threw the pass to keep their drive alive. That play broke the 9er’s back and was a key factor to the Ravens win.

  8. Ah, while Jones was great, Flacco made a lot of big time throws in that game, especially after the Niners made a game of it, Flacco kept drives going by converting throws on third down.

  9. I know that Jacoby Jones played his heart out, for his mom and baby boy in the audience