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NBA Union Head Placed on Indefinite Leave, Is there a Racial Double Standard at Work?


Billy Hunter has been placed on indefinite leave as executive director of the NBA player’s association after a report was released that questioned his leadership.  The review was requested by Derek Fisher, president of the association, after he accused Hunter of mismanagement of union funds.  

The report found no illegal activity on the part of Hunter, but did question some of his decisions, including his decision to hire family members.  Fisher says “immediate change is necessary,” and Union attorney Ron Klempner has been appointed activing executive director.

But some are charging that a double standard might be playing a part in the decision of NBA leadership to want Hunter out of his post.  While nepotism is one of the primary charges of those who criticize Hunter, there are numerous examples of white managers in the NBA who’ve also hired family members to important positions.  Also, the report on Hunter that questioned his decision to hire family members doesn’t claim that players lost money as a result of the decision.

Etan Thomas, an NBA free agent who is respected among the other players in the league, says that Hunter should be given an opportunity to share his side of the story with players during All-Star Weekend, so that players themselves can decide the future of the union.

“The players need to hear from both sides Billy Hunter & Derek Fisher should both be able to present their cases then the players vote,” said Thomas on his Twitter page. 


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