Two 49ers Backtrack, Pretend They Didn’t Appear in LGBT “It Gets Better” Video

San Francisco 49ers players should be basking in the glory of competing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, but instead, at least three of It gets betterthem are spending the precious days prior to the Superbowl immersing themselves in controversy. First cornerback Chris Culliver told a radio host that gay teammates are not welcome on his team, and now two other 49ers have claimed that they didn’t appear in an “It Gets Better” video they clearly were in. Linebacker Ahmad Brooks and defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga claimed to USA Today that they were never in the video, and when they were shown the video,  denied knowing that the video was meant to fight LGBT bullying:

BROOKS: I didn’t make any video. This is America and if someone wants to be gay, they can be gay. It’s their right. But I didn’t make any video… I don’t remember that. I think if I made a video, I’d remember it. [After being shown the video…] Oh, that. It was an anti-bullying video, not a gay (rights) video.

The “It Gets Better” Project promptly removed the video of the two 49ers from their website because of the recent comments made by Brooks and Sopoaga.

Brooks and Sopoaga are entitled to hold whatever opinions they like, but distancing themselves from the LGBT  anti-bullying video after the fact just seems a bit low.

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  1. Note to self: get clarification before you have your likeness on film or video. Ijs

  2. The original intent of the video was to highlight and discourage bullying of all kinds against ALL kids.

    But, as they did with the Civil Rights Movement the gay rights movement hijacked the effort and used the video to support their cause.

  3. The original video was made to address bullying, then they decided to use it for lbgt. The players had no knowledge it was use for lbgt.