Tiara K. Williams: Cornel West…C’mon Son


Righteous Thought, by Tiara K. Williams

Last week has been such a beautiful Obama filled week. My life has been enthralled in a frenzy of inspirational speeches, beautiful gowns and elegant eye rolls. Of course, I’m speaking of the 2013 Presidential Inauguration celebration. This week, Americans witnessed Barack Obama, the first African American President ordained into his second term as POTUS. The scene reminded me of four years ago when I stood in the National Mall freezing with hundreds of thousands of people commemorating the monumental occasion.

For many people the inauguration has sparked conversations of healthcare, gun control, and policy but for Dr. Cornel West this inauguration brought a different repartee. West has been very vocal of his qualms for President Obama and has certainly been frank about the president’s “inadequacies.” In his latest saga, Dr. West had an issue with President Obama being sworn into presidency with Dr. Martin Luther King’s bible. Dr. West, reportedly accused Obama of being a “Republican in Black Face,” and declared that the inauguration was “a moment of presidential pageantry.”

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