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Tawana Brawley Receives Court Order to Repay Money Owed for False Accusations 25 Years Ago


Even though Tawana Brawley was just a baby when she made a mistake back in 1987, people are still going after her for life.  Over 25 years ago, Brawley committed an act that almost ruined the career of Rev. Al Sharpton even before it began.  She lied about being raped and had the nation rallying to support her as a victim of severe brutality on the part of law enforcement officers.

Now, 25-years later, Brawley is being told to repay the money she owes to the man that she falsely accused of R*pe.  She’d been hiding for the past quarter century, but she can’t run any longer.  The new court order has finally arrived at Brawley’s house, and the courts aren’ t taking no for an answer.


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