Jon Stewart: Obama Can’t be Pictured Shooting a Gun Since Half the Country Lives in Fear of Him

President Obama is, by all accounts, a pretty even tempered fellow who is not easily taken to anger, but you wouldn’t know it byjon stewart obama listening to right wingers who malign him as some sort of secret radical black nationalist Muslim with nefarious plans to destroy America. But the same people who paint Obama as a stereotypical ‘angry black man’ are now questioning why Obama won’t release pictures of himself shooting a gun, and Daily Show host Jon Stewart wasted no time pointing out the irony embedded in that criticism.

This whole fake controversy began after President Obama’s interview with The New Republic, during which Obama said that he skeet shoots “all the time.” Republicans weren’t buying it, and demanded pictures of Obama skeet shooting. Stewart’s reply to these demands was to ask one simple question: “Why won’t the black man half the country lives in fear of release a picture of himself holding a gun?”

Stewart then took it a step further, questioning why shooting a gun is viewed as a sign of patriotism.

“Since when did the ability to fire a weapon become a badge of honor, a patriotic achievement? All you need is a finger!”

Stewart then used a Dr. Seuss inspired poem to explain to Obama that some people will hate him no matter what:

“You cannot reach across the aisle,
‘Cause everything you do is vile.
They complained when you killed Osama!
So on a train, a plane, or a llama,
Rolling a 44 at Bowl-O-Rama,
Despite your nice white Kansas mama,
they do not like you, Barack Obama.”


Watch the full video:

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  1. I believe the average White man hates President Obama more than they do Malcolm X, they are jealous because they cannot piss him off with their BS, he continues to carry himself like the Black Gentleman that he is. He has proved them wrong on so many counts, after all, he is supposed to be dumb, a terrible husband and father etc., all the BS their racist forefathers taught them, bless their White hearts, they are in shock! The majority of Americans love him and appreicate him, they could not knock him down with their rich, White Mormon or should I say, rich Moron but they should learn very quickly, that “together we stand, divided we fall.” The rich will fall the hardest!

  2. Again Stewart misses the point. Who cares if he shoots skeets. They just want proof of his statements. Also, his little poem leaves out that fact that when Obama talked about his bowling score he said watching him bowl was like watching the Special Olympics.
    He has also said if they bring a knife, we will bring a gun. Punish your enemies. In his first campaign he said get in your neighbors face ..I don’t care if he is a Rep. Sounds like a call to violence from this even tempered fellow.

    • What Stewart takes into account is the fact that the President is often more even tempered and grounded than what the radical right tends to paint him as and therefore ironically pokes fun at the desire for the proof of this situation as it would deepen fears of stereotypical “angry black man” persona that they continue to perpetuate.

      As per the “call to violence”, let us not forget the moment George Bush Jr. stood in front of the cameras and basically told terrorists to “bring it on”. If that doesn’t scream idiocy and violence, I’m not sure what else does.

  3. His Owners won’t permit him