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“Black Agenda” Discussed With Pres. Obama Is Revealed

In an article written by National Urban League president Marc Morial on, the agenda that black leaders have been meeting with President Obama to discuss has been revealed..

A little over a month ago, prominent figures from the black community met with President Obama to push agenda items that are specifically affecting the black community. For a while, actual details about the agenda seemed to have been a secret, as no one revealed exactly what the agenda items were prior to the first meeting. Even after the meeting, no one seemed to know exactly what the prominent figures of the black community brought to President Obama on behalf of the community.

In an article published on Politic365, National Urban League president Marc Morial provided more details regarding the agenda items he and other prominent community figures brought to the president on behalf of the community. The group just met with the president for the second time to get him to address at least one of the agenda items during his upcoming State of the Union Address.

Here are the agenda items Morial discussed in his article:

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