Tyler Perry Feels Really Bad For Breaking Oprah’s Back

Everyone knows that Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey are BFFs, and that in addition to being close friends, they’re also business partners. tyler perry and oprahWhat you might not know is that Tyler Perry is generous with his friends, even those who have everything, and sometimes sends them beautiful bouquets of flowers.

So on Wednesday, Tyler Perry was feeling pretty down in the dumps  after he learned that the flowers he sent Oprah Winfrey for her birthday actually caused her to injure her back.

“I FEEL SO BAD,” the mega producer -director wrote on his Facebook page.

“I like to send really large flower arrangements to people for whatever occasion,” he explained. “Well, I sent one to Oprah yesterday for her birthday. She strained her back picking it up. No joke!”

Perry then sent his best wishes to Oprah for a speedy recovery.

“Feel better Oprah,” he continued. “Happy birthday. Sorry.”

We’re sure Tyler Perry meant well, but he should remember that sometimes less is more. You don’t need to send a friend a 50lb bouquet of  assorted flowers to prove to them that you care. Maybe next time Tyler Perry can settle for a lighter gift for the 59 year old Winfrey. It just makes sense.

What do you think? Were Perry’s flowers over the top?


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  1. Al is well for the “Queen of the Media”. You will be fine. Mr. Perry good job!

  2. Tyler, I know you mean well and that you love your fans next time lighten the delivery cost, and the difference in price send it to me right now I can do with 50.00. Love you and God Bless You.

  3. John Dixon needs to learn about Tyler Perry’s charity work. It is commendable. If you don’t have information, please don’t express strong opinions. That lets everybody know that you don’t have the facts.

  4. tyler could have at least 200 starving african kids with that flower arrangement instead

  5. The more the better! Oprah must have liked it since she chose to pick them up herself… I’m sure she has plenty of servants to do her dirty work if shr chooses.

  6. was that before or after she lifted that big slice of b-cake to her mouth?

  7. Phillip this so true!!…

  8. We LOVE them both Tyler Perry is a real gentleman and a good friend. Oprah is getting her flowers now when she can still smell them some people never get flowers until they died.Oprah feel better he wasn’t trying to hurt you. Happy Birthday Ms.Oprah and GOD BLESS the both of you Always..

  9. He’s a very good example of how we shuld show love to one and other– every chance we get.

  10. Please stop publishing dumb-ass insignificant crap lise this! Please!!

  11. .Both Miss O & Mr. P are over the top

  12. This is NOT news worthy!

  13. Sorry this is news worthy how! Like Tyler but to even write it on FB…ughhhhhh

  14. She should have known better to lift it, or learn to bend at the knees Ms. O not with your back! and Tyler, I love you but who needs 50 lb of flowers, don’t buy friendship a nice table top bouquet would have been just as nice!

  15. Nope!?

    Twaz fitting considering hiz stature;-)~*