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Ray Lewis Admits that He Might Have Been Lured in by a Fake Woman Online Too


Many professional athletes felt sorry for Notre Dame player Manti Te’o, who was lured in by a fake woman who was actually a gay man.  The man told Dr. Phil that he was in love with Manti, and it made the player look like a complete fool after the truth was revealed.  Making matters worse, the two had shared several intimate phone conversations and Manti was also led to believe that the woman (or man, or whatever) had died last fall.

Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis said that he also believes he may have been cat fished himself a few times, just like Te’o.  Professional athletes get more than their share of female attention, but not all of this attention is good, and can lead to very embarrassing situations.  Some men have even slept with women they don’t know, only to find that they were later on being accused of R*pe.

An Access Hollywood crew asked these questions of Lewis during Super Bowl media day in New Orleans this week.

“I may have been catfished once or twice,” Lewis said. “When I saw the catfish thing, when he told his story, I just thought it was hilarious that people would do that to people and then I did have to reflect because, like I said, I think I’ve been done once or twice like that.”

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