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Radio One Cancels Warren Ballentine After Indictment

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Radio show host Warren Ballentine has found that his relationship with Radio One/Reach Media might be more shallow than he originally thought.  The host just announced via Facebook that his show has been cancelled and taken off the air.  The move was likely made in response to a recent indictment on bank and wire fraud charges, for which Ballentine is set to be arraigned.

Ballentine was accused of securing mortgages that were deemed to be fraudulent.  He is now facing very serious prison time, with each of six counts of fraud carrying a maximum sentence of up to 30 years in prison.

Ballentine seemed disappointed in the decision by Radio One, blasting the network on his Facebook page.   His message sounds like the pressure of his situation might be catching up with him:

“To all the truthfighters thank you I TRIED. Reach Media/ radio one just canceled my show. I was accused not found guilty of anything and they do this dont care about my kid me or the listeners. Well I guess Im finding out who really is with me now I guess I will be homeless soon.”

For those who are unaware, Bank Fraud is when fraudulent methods are used to obtain assets or property held by a financial institution.   Wire fraud is when property is obtained fraudulently via the use of mail or wire communication.

Ballentine plans to fight the charges and maintains that he is innocent.  He also made this remark on his Facebook page:

“The truth will come out soon!!!!!! I’m INNOCENT. I will comment soon. Thank u to all who know I did not do this. And god bless all u who are enjoying this.”


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