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President Obama’s Popularity Reaches Three Year High of 60%

It’s almost surreal. At the same time that media outlets are reporting that Fox News is losing viewers, a new poll shows that obama smilingPresident Obama’s approval rating has reached a three year high.

According to a Washington Post ABC poll, 60 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of President Obama. It seems that although not everyone enjoyed President Obama’s inaugural address, they still view him very positively, at least according to the newest poll.

The Washington Post reports:

 Fully 60 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of Obama in the new poll, up slightly from October but a clear shift in opinion from an election year in which his ratings hovered in the mid-to-low 50s. And by 39 percent to 26 percent, the president now has more “strongly” positive ratings than strongly negative reviews, breaking a two-year stretch in which intense opposition was on par with (or higher than) intense support.

Most strikingly, the poll shows that Obama is actually beginning to win over two groups which didn’t vote for him in the general election.  Independents see Obama favorably by a 60-to-36 percent margin, compared with a 51-45 split a year ago. This could have a lot to do with the ratcheting down of media assaults on Obama, which were at an all time high before the election.

Also, 51 percent of older Americans, a group which skews conservative,  now view President Obama favorably.  But those who are strongly partisan on the right still hold very negative views of President Obama, so in that sense, some things never change.

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