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Does T.I. Going To Jail For U.S. Federal Weapons Charges Make Him An Expert On Gun Control?

tigunRapper T.I. has a lot to say about gun control and there are some that would like to slaughter him for his statements. But being an ex-criminal makes some of his points valid. He knows the way that most criminals think. In December, in the wake of Sandy Hook, T.I. sat down with Larry King and voiced his opinion on how gun control laws should be handled.

T.I. says, “If you ban firearms or ban any kind of firearms, you leave it in the hands of the criminals. Only the people willing to break the law to keep them will have them. The law abiding citizens who have their second amendment right, which I don’t , who have their second amendment right to bear arms, they would then I guess be vulnerable. Because for instance, I could carry a gun now and I have one, once these laws are passed and they’re completely banned what is it double illegal now? I’ve already risked my freedom to carry it before then.”

Larry King interjected and asked T.I., “ but you don’t want everyone walking around with guns.”

T.I.’s response to that was no. He said he believes that there should be a “ more heightened criteria” adding that “just having a clean record isn’t good enough to be able to have a firearm, it should be more criteria.”

When interviewed on New York’s  Hot97 he made it clear that he was saying that if people are carrying them illegally, then those who can carry them legally should have that right.

But if we look at the second amendment, it was not designed to give everyone the right to carry a firearm. The amendment excluded African Americans, Native Americans, and women. It was designed as a way to keep order within the slave trade and back then women did not have rights. So if we are really talking about someone’s right to bear arms, we are talking about a white man’s right to bear arms.

But T.I. is correct. There should be a higher criteria put into place. Not everyone with a clean record should be allowed to carry a firearm. People who have had clean records have gone in and shot up entire office buildings because they just snapped one day.

This issue is becoming an even more hot button for the White House, in light of the shooting of an innocent teenager in Chicago and several wounded in Arizona after gunfire rang out at another office building. The urgency to clean up gun control laws is even greater.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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