Alicia Keys Announced As Global Creative Director For Blackberry 10

alyBlackberry needs all the help it can get ,when competing with heavy hitters like Android and Apple. On Wednesday they got that help from a major star with major influence, Alicia Keys. At the Blackberry 10 launch, Keys announced that she will be joining Blackberry as the new “ Global Creative Director.” It’s odd, but not really?  Blackberry, as many other phone companies need a face behind the brand to spark the interest of consumers who would otherwise look the other way. Apple did it with Samuel L. Jackson, Kelsey Grammer. Nokia did it with Nicki Minaj. You get the picture. Putting a celebrity face with a product only increases the brand’s reach.

Blackberry,formerly Research In Motion, hired the superstar to work with app developers, content creators, retailers, carriers, and the entertainment industry to promote the Blackberry 10 platform.  Gartner analyst, Michael Gartenberg, says, “I think bringing Alicia Keys in was really kind of clever.” “It’s one thing to bring in a celebrity at launch and have them perform. It’s another thing to bring in a celebrity and say this is our new creative officer.”

Alicia Keys noted that Blackberry 10 wooed her back to the company.

“How do we function and how do we manage as different people? How do we manage as family people, how do we manage as creative people doing multiple things at multiple times? That’s a really important concept for me and (I think BlackBerry) is in sync with that. ”

“When I think of BlackBerry I think of a more male-dominated space,” she says. “But knowing how much the (female) demographic is growing and moving, there needs to be that attention there.”

“I find that in my life a majority of people may consider one phone a play phone and they consider a BlackBerry a work phone.”

 “I think that there is an incredible opportunity to bridge that gap. We can create one device that allows you to do everything. So those things that you might consider play you can still be able to do on your BlackBerry 10. And those things that you consider work you obviously do at the highest efficiency on the BlackBerry 10.”

From the sound of things, they have picked the right mouthpiece for the job.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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