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Should Welfare Checks be Tied to Kids’ School Grades?

Yesterday afternoon, Fox News hosted a discussion on whether a Tennessee proposal to tie welfare checks to kids’ school grades was a good idea. The welfare fox debatedebate was between the writer of the Tennessee law and a former school superintendent who isn’t a fan of the proposed law.

Republican State Rep. Stacey Campfield said  the proposal will take parental accountability  “to the next level by saying, listen, if your kid is failing every single class because who knows what reason — unless you are a special needs child or something like that — we’re going to stop or cut back on the amount of straight cash payments you’re going to get.”

Campfield said this is a way to end the cycle of poverty.

“This has nothing to do with food stamps or school lunches or anything or school-housing vouchers,” he continued. “This is a straight cash payment that the state gives to these people that are in need, but we need to stop this generational poverty.”

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