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O’Reilly Grills Colin Powell Over Suggestion of Racism in the GOP

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has been very critical of the GOP in recent years and last night appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show Image colin-powell.jpgto defend his views. O’Reilly grilled Powell on why he continues to support Obama even though Powell’s a Republican, and why he thinks the GOP has a problem with minority voters. O’Reilly also confronted Powell over the accusation that he is just bitter because he feels betrayed for having been made to take the fall over the weapons of mass destruction fiasco.

Powell struck back at the initial charge that he was bitter at Republicans, telling O’Reilly that he was just going along with the intelligence that the administration was given during his presentation to the United Nations.

Regarding the economy, Powell said that although the economy is not perfect, it is better than it was, and Republicans haven’t offered economic plans which are any better than Obama’s. He also criticized the Republican party for not recognizing “fundamental demographic changes” happening in the country, suggesting that if they want to ever have any hope of  winning over  minorities, they cannot keep pushing for immigration and voter ID laws that adversely affect minority groups.

O’Reilly also took issue with Powell’s criticisms of  Romney surrogate John Sununu for calling Obama ‘lazy’ and Sarah Palin for her ‘shuck and jive comments’. Powell said he did not believe Sununu and Palin were racist, but that they did use racially charged language.



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