Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick Appoints William Cowan to John Kerry’s Senate Seat

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick appointed William Cowan, an attorney and longtime aide to Patrick, to serve as interim United Statesmass seante Senator until voters can choose someone to fill John Kerry’s vacancy.

Mr. Cowan, who goes by Mo, is a former partner in the  law firm of Mintz Levin, and will become the first African-American to represent Massachusetts in the Senate since Republican Edward Brooke held the seat from 1966 to 1978.

“Mo’s service on the front lines in our efforts to manage through the worst economy in 80 years and build a better, stronger Commonwealth for the next generation has earned him the respect and admiration of people throughout government,” Patrick said in a statement. “The people of the Commonwealth have benefited from his wisdom and good judgment during his time in our office, and will again in the Senate.”

During his announcement, Gov. Patrick also said he wanted to appoint someone who did not have intentions of running for the seat because that would force that person to run a campaign while serving Massachusetts.

Senator John Kerry was chosen to replace Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State after Susan Rice removed her name from consideration due to the Benghazi scandal.

The lingering question regarding this seat is whether former Senator Scott Brown, who was narrowly defeated by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, will run in the primary. So far, Brown has not commented on whether or not he will run, but some on his team have signaled that he will jump in at some point. If Brown wins, that would put Warren in the awkward position of serving alongside a man who she  defeated.



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  1. I commend Gov. Duval for his courage in appointing a Black man who is indeed qualified as US Senator of Massachusetts. I just more Blacks in positions of power had to guts to do this. All other races get in positions of power and look out for their own. Why don’t more Blacks do this? It takes courage that’s why.
    Other races will have much more respect for us when we do what Gov. Patrick did.

  2. This is something few. A black person choosing a black person with white folks looking on. He is free at last, he is free at last, thank God almighty he is free at last….

  3. Though I am not a resident of Massachusetts I could not be more proud of Gov. Deval Patrick for standing up to the bullying tactics of former Rep. Barney Frank and his Liberal, White supporters and for having the audacity to appoint a Black man to fill the Senate seat vacated by Senator Kerry.

    That’s a lot more than Barack Obama has ever done to advance the careers of Black lawmakers and politicians.

    Obama allowed Van Jones to twist in the wind while Glenn Beck and others smeared his reputation and character.

    Shortly after the 2008 election, the Obama team started a whisper campaign against NY Gov David Paterson (the first Black person to serve as NY’s Gov.). The Obama admin. tried to undermine Paterson’s campaign 2 years before his reelection bid. The story became front page news in the NYT.

    In 2009 when Bill Thompson, a well qualified, Black man ran for NYC Mayor against Mike Bloomberg, Obama declined to formally endorsed him – . Instead, Robert Gibbs issued a tepid statement saying that since Obama was the head of the Party he would support the Democratic nominee. Obama personally touted his friendship and high regard for Michael Bloomberg whom he described as a great business leader.

    When Fl. Rep. Kendrick Meek ran for the Senate, Obama’s support was very tepid. The W.H. tacitly supported Charlie Crist over Meeks until late in the campaign when it seemed that Crist might not make it through the primaries.

    And this is just the short list.

    Again, kudos to Gov. Deval Patrick. Maybe, one day we will be fortunate enough to elect our first, Black president who will genuinely feel connected to African Americans.

  4. I like the black Governor of Massashussets. He is way better than Obama. Obama had 2 open supreme court seats and he did not even consider a black person. Massashussets is a majority white state State with a black governor and this black governor is not scared to nominate a black man to the US senate. There was a lot of pressure on him to pick white candidates even the former influential white Congressman Barney Franks demanded the post. As you can see, the black governor of Massashussets chose a black man. This is what people are asking Obama to do. Put black people first.

    • The Governor was also courageous enough, in his first term, to appoint the first Black State Supreme Court Justice.

      This Governor would be ideal to run as the next Black U.S. President, in years to come.

      • It would be more like the first Black President of the United States. And I am not an Obama hater. I am really stating facts. Obama is alright with me. Oh, Deval Patrick would never win.