Girl Killed after Performing for Obama Spoke Out Against Gang Violence (Video)


If you don’t know the name Hadiya Pendleton, you probably should.  Hadiya was the 15-year old girl who was gunned down in the south side of Chicago shortly after performing at the inauguration for President Barack Obama.  Her death has sent shock waves across the nation, particularly in the black community, where millions of people are growing wearing of seeing so many young people die every year to gun violence.

Hadiya was an honor student and a contributor to her community.  Even more ironically, her mother was planning to move her to a different neighborhood to get away from the violence.  In the video below, the little girl is part of a public service announcement against gang activity.  Now that she has become a symbol of inner city violence, it is possible that this young woman’s death might inspire action from the community and our nation.


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  1. Albert Jones how ignorant and inaccurate can you possibly be? Black women are NOT to blame for gang violence. Your hatred for black women shows very clearly through your comment. Go and get properly educated please. Thank you.

  2. I think a group of men ,should band together and take back their communities (with weapons if necessary),the police can only do so much ,and they play to classism upper & the poor people will have to organize and come up with their own plan they may even having people to disguise themselves as gang member’s to eliminate the problem once and for all.there continue to be young BLACK children dying until Black people detach fear and go after the people who are doing this themselves if anyone has any other solutions I would love to hear them as oppose to continuing sayng stop the poor white folk’s allow this to continue and their neighborhood’s

  3. We are losing our children to gun & gang violence everyday, I think its time to reach out for help. but aren’t doing that because our mayor seems to think he can handle it, the same thing mayor daily did, not wanting to suffer embarrassment in this city by reaching out for help, but there doing it at the expense of ” OUR KIDS ” how many of our innocent kids have to die or be killed before something is done, why we aren’t blocking every major intersection and bringing it to a halt by standing in the street until they understand we are not willing to sacrifice another child because of there politics. the death of Hadiya Pendleton brings me to tears as it does for the thousands of other familys who suffered a lost to gang and gun violence, my heart goes out to you all..

  4. The President is not responsible for these killings and the fact that Chicago is his hometown has nothing too do with this child’s murder,it is the thugs that walk the streets of Chicago who have no regards for life.I have been saying for a long time they need to bring in the National guard to patrol the streets 24 hrs a day because obviously the police can’t do it they need to activate a curfew for these hoodlums and anyone else who perpatrate violence or those who who hang around on corners waiting for the right time too kill.Living in L.A. durning the riots in 1992 when the Guards were called in the looting and killing pretty much stop no one was allowed on the streets after a certain Hr unless it was necessary especially those under age

  5. The responsibility of developing our children belongs to us all, but a big link is connected to the hideous element contained in gangster rap which sends a message to the youth that are already uncertain about the life that they are exposed to. So the ATF, FCC and other elected officials from control agencies are responsible in part so where are they in this controversial epidemic.
    Much more needs to be said.

  6. We have become ANIMALS—-she was not prey to be killed —–it seems like “”GOOD and BAD is just that—-“GOOD AND BAD” They follow each other—–in a world of Pain we should make better choices when it comes to our HUMANITY——we are all human beings with BRAINS—-it would be wise to take responsibility for our own actions and stop blaming others who are no more/less human than the rest of us……HUMANS are so CONFUSED and most likely will always be…..

  7. The killings in Chicago has little to nothing to due with drugs or gang activities, but dysfunctional children being raised by angry vindictive dysfunctional Mothers, who emphasize anger & retaliation over love & nurturing & this is why enlarge part why the fathers aren’t there. I’ve witnessed Black Women actually go ballistic in a “Burger King” because of slow service actually threatened to kill some employees with 2 little boys & 1 little girl @ her side learning conflict resolution skills. Last week in Chicago a 17 year old got shot to death while loading laundry into his mothers car over a “dirty look”, those 2 young boys in that “Burger King” will probably grow into the same mentality, this is what needs to be addressed

    • Wow, so now you want to blame the black woman for gangs, guns, and violence. How about stopping the blame and pointing fingers and let’s ALL work together as a humane society to stop the violence. Anger is not the answer and neither is negative responses attacking others. WORK TOWARD FINDING A SOLUTION!!! I know I am.

  8. This violence in our youth is just madness. When young children’s lives are being taken for no reason, something must be done to control the war zone America cities are becoming. The National “GREAT AMERICAN PEACE TRAIL” is the Foundation of America’s Peace Movement and will forever revolutionize the how children benevolently interact with each other.

    The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) was founded in 1987 to meet the compelling needs of ordinary citizens for access to current, balanced, understandable information about complex global issues. American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate erected the “Worlds Children Peace Monument” in 2003. This experience shows that teachers, parents and business’s can work together on the Theory of Iceality to develop young people who are confident and achieve the skills to become bold inquirers, analytical thinkers, and ethical leaders in the 21st century.
    By working on the ‘Great American Peace Trail, America’s youth are tuned into President Obama’s wish to turn away from violence and are empowered to become productively engaged in the local community and the broader global society.

  9. Where are the fathers of these teens? Where are the men , not the sperm donors. Well for whom the Gods would destroy the first make mad. We will do for the racists what they couldn’t do return ourselves to a form of slavery.

  10. LE;S all get involved with some type of program in our community and help ourselves and our childrens The president can’t do everything we got to take some responsibility. let get busy people111111111111

  11. what a tragic ending to a beautiful young lady with such a promising future. its ironic that chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in america yet the worst gang violence and murder rates in the nation…. this is Obama’s hometown! May her family find peace in their time of grief, i am saddened to hear of this.