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Girl Killed after Performing for Obama Spoke Out Against Gang Violence (Video)


If you don’t know the name Hadiya Pendleton, you probably should.  Hadiya was the 15-year old girl who was gunned down in the south side of Chicago shortly after performing at the inauguration for President Barack Obama.  Her death has sent shock waves across the nation, particularly in the black community, where millions of people are growing wearing of seeing so many young people die every year to gun violence.

Hadiya was an honor student and a contributor to her community.  Even more ironically, her mother was planning to move her to a different neighborhood to get away from the violence.  In the video below, the little girl is part of a public service announcement against gang activity.  Now that she has become a symbol of inner city violence, it is possible that this young woman’s death might inspire action from the community and our nation.


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