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Your Black History: Profile Of Rebecca Crumpler, America’s First Black Woman To Become A M.D.

imagesBy Victor Trammell

When it comes to the breakthroughs in the study of health and medicine, mainstream American historians have a habit of overshadowing the achievements of women.

Black American historians are no better. Most of the messiah-type figures that continue to receive tribute on a year-round basis are men. Women get their recognition too, but if you didn’t know any better you’d think that Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Madame C.J. Walker were the only black women that achieved a status worthy of a biography or biopic.

But there are many forgotten heroes in the history of black America. One of them is Dr. Rebecca Crumpler. (pictured on medallion) Dr. Crumpler was the first documented black woman in America to receive a Doctress of Medicine degree.

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