Whitney Houston’s Brother Admits That He Got Her Hooked On Drugs

cissyhoustonSome things in the Industry are left unspoken on purpose.  But now the truth is finally revealed from the horse’s mouth. Whitney Houston’s brother has finally admitted that he was the one who got his sister hooked on drugs. In the past, Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, was accused of being the one to cause her downward spiral.

Now everyone knows the truth, that Whitney Houston’s drug problem started way before Brown came into the picture. Whitney’s older brother, Michael, in an interview with Oprah said, “I feel responsible I let it go so far.” “We were always being together most of the time and her following behind me. I taught her to drive, we played together, everything you do as you’re growing up.”

 “If you do drugs, you do that together too… and it just got out of hand. This drug is rough.”

Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, reveals in her new book, Remembering Whitney, that she was confused after finding out that her children were doing drugs together. After Whitney’s death, Michael started using again but has kicked the habit once more and has been sober since October 2012. Cissy Houston admits to being a total wreck and alone when she heard about her daughter’s death. February 11th will mark the one year anniversary of her passing.

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  1. I believe Cissy knew the whole time her son introduced Whitney to cocaine.. she just kept lying because she didn’t want people digging too deep into what the hell was going on in that family. Usually when siblings get high like that, they are running from FAMILY demons… just sad

  2. I guess WHITNEY and her BRO. must have had some issues as children, this was some kind of coping mechanism—–the only blame bobby has (none really) is BLAME itself—–they both had free will whether we like it or not—–it was their choice—-a choice that was destined to destroy them(some so-called better choices are capable of the same results(we think we have control but we are mistaken)——i guess they couldn’t “SEE or wasn’t LOOKING” or maybe didn’t care about the consequences—-That’s what happen when you allow yourself to be STUCK in a RUT. SO BE IT!!!….. MOVE ON!!!!

  3. Whitney was a grown woman who had the intelligence and talent to become a very successful entertainer, some people need to get over the fact that she liked drugs, she was introduced to drugs at an early age by someone that she trusted, Bobby and Whitney enabled each other, because they were ADDICTED!!! I have a child that is addicted to alcohol and it is nighmarish, We need to stop marginalizing entertainers because they entertain us, they are real individuals with life issues, the money, the talent and the fame is not going to change that, if it did, we would not have anything to read in the headlines everyday and a lot of reporters would be out of jobs. I love Whitney and I love Bobby, both were stellar, the greatest of all time, in their own right and I will continue to pray for Bobby, he is a father, a husband, a brother, a friend to someone in this world, so when you are pointing a finger, there are four pointing back at yourself, we as black people need to build each other up, not tear down, it was tragic, we miss her, but ultimately…Whitney lost the battle to the drugs that was demonizing her life.

  4. Now, ain’t this some shit!!! I can’t believe that her BROTHER is the one who started her on drugs!! What a mother fucker!!! Well, her blood is on his hands!! I wonder if the bastard sleeps at night? Unbelievable!!!

  5. Now, ain’t this some shit!!! I can’t believe that her BROTHER is the one who started her on drugs!! What a mother fucker!!! Well, her blood is on his hands!! I wonder if the bastard sleeps at night? Unbelievable!!!

  6. Just like black women and sorry ass dudes to continue placing blame in others even after the truth unveiled.

  7. Bobby I’m sure her bro got started in drus, but he never disclosed that. Wow.

  8. Bobby Brown was a low-life before he met Whitney.


  10. I think Bobby is probably telling his detractors to KISS HIS BLACK ASS, and I don't blame him. Screw em and the so and so's that bore them!

  11. Bobby has his own demons…it is a disease y'all!

  12. Janet Shanklin Crenshaw

    Bobby is still a low life!

  13. Amen, Brothers, all these miscreants blaming Bobby Brown for Whitney's life when it wasn't him at all.

  14. Now yall leave Bobby Alone.

  15. Now,,,,, Is Bobby Brown still a lowlife scumbag? So many people rush to judgement,, Cissy Houston and family owe him a public apology!