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Is Apple Desperate For New Products?

ipadApple Inc. is loved for their top-of-the-line products, their chic appeal and their technological standards, that many companies aspire to. But, perhaps the golden years of Apple are behind us as a lack of innovation threatens to rot them out from their core. The last innovative thing that Apple released was the iPad. Yes, we all love high speed tablets that can function as on-the-go computers, but that release was three years ago (that is like an ion in tech years.) Apple’s profits are beginning to struggle as well. They are now experiencing more of a leveling off than an increase, these days, and that might have something to do with their lack of new products.

“Under his successor, chief executive Tim Cook, the company has done many things right. The iPhone 5 is a wonder. So are the latest iPads, iPods and Macs. Apple is spreading its market footprint with asmaller iPad and, if recent news reports are to be believed, a cheaper iPhone.

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