Rapper Rick Ross Attacked in a Drive-By Shooting

ross11Rapper Rick Ross reportedly ended up crashing his Rolls-Royce into an apartment building after being targeted in a drive-by shooting early Monday morning.  Witnesses are saying that Ross was riding with a female companion in Fort Lauderdale when the incident took place.

Witnesses are also reporting that Ross was shot at over twenty times during the incident, but was able to escape unharmed.  The shooting took place around 5 am, and police say that they are not yet sure who was responsible.  Authorities are also not identifying the female who was in the car with Ross at the time.

Ross, whose real name is William Roberts, has recently had his life threatened by the Gangster Disciples, who have told him publicly that he owes them money.  There is no word as of yet regarding whether or not this group was involved in the latest incident.

 Fort Lauderdale PD spokesperson Det. DeAnna Garcia told NBC Miami that witnesses to the shooting are “fearful for their lives and their families,” so are not being cooperative with information.  Ross was celebrating his birthday before the shooting took place. 


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  2. Our people are just broken.

  3. Wow… if this was orchestrated, then Rick Ross has way too much time on his hands. Why would anyone want to stage an assassination attempt? If his so called enemies do exist, this is going to make them want to get it “right” the next time. Is that what Mr. Ross really want? For every unfamiliar face he sees to be suspect? He’ll wind up on the “psych ward” in Miami early.

  4. somebody lied. he must not have had a chopper in the car.

  5. Wow. …….. Need Jesus. ….

  6. Why would you people want your brother Dead! But don’t want your Enemy Dead! ….:.stop drinking That tap water because it make us Docile..

  7. How do you miss a guy that size?

  8. You better change your gansta way… and get right with Jesus.

  9. Gangster Discipleship is nothing to rap and pretend to be about…neither is the Masonic Order!

  10. Ross pretty much played the game of death

    The real boss is Jesus, and until Ross accepts truth

    he will find out how weak we really are as humans.

    he just may lose ultimately in this so-called gangsta rap lifestyle.

  11. I have no sympathy for this man. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  12. He better quit messing with those GDs and pay them what he owes before he becomes extinct.

  13. The whole thing sounds like it was staged! SMH

  14. Not worthy of comment!

  15. Ross, I like Rick Ross I think he’s got talent but he should really give up the gangster BS, even if he is a real gangster,

  16. Come on man!!!!!! Cant you see that this is just to boost him in the media???? He was shot at over “20” times and not hit once??? He crashed his car and nobody ran up on him and finished the job???? Witnesses wont come forth for fear of their life? Not even without giving their names? Not even calling in tips? This was definitely STAGED to make him look like a real tough gangster. COME ON MAN!!!!!

  17. The Black pilsbury doe boy!!!

    This is a fraud! If they shot at Tupac’s car 13-15 times or more, and killed him, how come fake gangsta Ross was not hit or killed?

    This fake gangsta shyt got these young boys fvcked up! This is a game, and we are being played!

  18. We are some of the craziest people on earth: it is not enough that others want to destroy us, we are now engaged in an internecine war….

  19. We are some of the craziest people on earth: it is not enough that others want to destroy us, we are now engaged in an internecine war….


  21. Damn Ross better stay on his toes

  22. I could care less if his fake gansta ass got hit.

  23. False flaggin comes with a price its called loose ur life.every ghetto knows the out come .and they no your days r short .so pay up and u might pass go .and to all my BLACK JESUSES OUT THERE ONE .

    • Please you people who real flagging still false flagging! Damn menaces fighting over crayola colors. Rosay is fake as they come, but y'all idiots ain't no better!

  24. Finding out that words can hurt you!!

  25. Lol what you going to do when real street idiots come knocking Rosay????? Lmao, you rap it, now live it dummy!

  26. Should cease fire on all black on black violence and kill niggas mentally.

  27. Better quit playing a gansta and be a rapper!

    • Exactly, got all these shallow people following his words like they truthful. Naw that be somebody else life he be talking about. Shallow minds will believe anything!