In SNL Skit, MLK Meets Obama, Only Cares About Beyoncé and Michelle Obama’s Bangs

In Saturday Night Live’s skit,  President Obama met with the ghost of Martin Luther King, Jr., who seemingly only cared about snl+obama+mlkMichelle Obama’s bangs and Beyoncé’s lip synching at the inauguration.

The SNL skit has Obama meeting with the ghost of MLK after Obama’s inauguration and asking MLK, played by Keenan Thompson, whether he’d lived up to King’s dream.

“Have I lived up to your legacy?” Jay Pharoah‘s Obama asked.

“First, have you seen that girl Beyoncé?” King asks, adding that he had to keep “pinching himself” during her performance because he kept thinking he was having one of his “famous dreams.”

In addition, King didn’t seem insulted by Beyonce’s lip synching, but was more proud of how he’d learned Twitter lingo.

The fictitious King also took time out to tease Obama on his wife’s new bangs, saying when she finally gets them cut, the FLOTUS will say, “I can see at last! Thank God all mighty, I can see at last!”

When asked for some honest advice, King said:  “You’re the first black president, but we’re still waiting for our first black magician. There hasn’t been a black King of England. And it’s 2013, and there’s still not a single black child in the band One Direction. But tonight, enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it.”

Is this going too far? Is it OK to continually see MLK in comedy skits, considering his historical importance to this country? Or is it all just fair game?


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  2. This is “good humor”. We should not take everything so seriously. This is wholesome and thought-provoking. Now, we should get upset. About topics like “all the babies mamas” and the degrading of Black men & women gyrating, Cursing & acting plain ignorant in the music videos.

  3. Funny

  4. It’s a friggin’ comedy show. Get over it.

  5. Everybody get clowned, dead or alive, gay or straight, black or purple, Christian sinners and realistic sinners…. It's freaking comedy! Uptight azz people, loosen up your so serious life!!!

  6. SNL makes fun of everyone… Get used to it.