Min. Farrakhan Calls Right to Bear Arms an Outdated Concept

On Sunday Minister Louis Farrakhan said during a sermon series titled  “The Time and What Must Be Done” that the American right to Image farrakhan-violence.jpegbear arms is an outdated concept. Farrakhan noted that Americans are growing angrier at their government and preparing for war. But Farrakhan doesn’t seem to believe that the Second Amendment is relevant in modern society.

“See, the right to bear arms was given at a time when there was no regulated militia to protect America,” he said. “But now you have police well-armed, you have state troopers well-armed, you have the National Guard and you have federal troops.”

Farrakhan went on to say that the number of Americans  who are fed up with their government is multiplying.

“Look at the American peoples’ thoughts about Congress. What is the percentage of the American people that feel that the U.S. Congress is doing a good job? Eleven percent,” said Farrakhan. “Then 89 percent of the American people are angry, disaffected, dissatisfied with their government — and you’re selling them weapons of war and the militias are multiplying.”

Previously, Farrakhan drew criticism for calling America a “savage” country.

“This nation has been built on violence,” Farrakhan said in the Jan. 13 sermon. “Uncivilized, uncultivated, brutal, wild…and that’s why the prophet gave America one of those names as a beast — both of the book of Daniel and in the book of Revelations.”



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  4. Does the Minister have armed security guards?

    • Wiseman, You don’t talk a wiseman the way Minister Farrakhan talk about white people how long do you think he would live without armed guards?

  5. We must always remember the business of thinking for ourselves. I am in charge & you are in charge of your life. Black would be leaders don’t pay your bills and feed your family, you do. Ok, have a little conversation about our nations difficulties; but don’t be fooled by persons that always seem to sound like they have all the answers, but then what actions have they taken to make this world a better place for all people to live without fear or am I dreaming of pie in the sky ….heaven on earth?

  6. Minister Farrakhan could not be more wrong. He wants only the people that oppress us to have guns,leaving us defenseless against tyranny.

  7. Minister Farrakhan could not be more wrong. He wants only the people that oppress us to have guns,leaving us defenseless against tyranny.

  8. Minister Farrakhan could not be more wrong. He wants only the people that oppress us to have guns,leaving us defenseless against tyranny.

  9. Minister Farrakhan could not be more wrong. He wants only the people that oppress us to have guns,leaving us defenseless against tyranny.

  10. Minister Farrakhan could not be more wrong. He wants only the people that oppress us to have guns,leaving us defenseless against tyranny.

  11. Minister Farrakhan could not be more wrong. He wants only the people that oppress us to have guns,leaving us defenseless against tyranny.

  12. Please be aware that there are UN resolutions that
    are being implemented to disarm all the countries controlled by the IMF,UN,CFR,etc.They want the populous disarmed to easily control these areas.The info is available, check it out.Most of these shootings have been orchestrated by the gov,t,the young kid that shot up the theater said he is still unaware of what happened and that was the last thing they let him say.Your privileges.all of them are under attack and slowly being alleviated.Check it out.Do not listen to anyone,the info is available check it out for yourselves.Our country is in serious financial trouble and when hell breaks out you better have several firearms along with your neighbors to protect your family

  13. Another so-called ineffective leader of black people that does nothing but talk. He or his organization has not built one factory to help our community in a massive way. Uneducated black people are the downfall of our community and by extension our society.

    • I will say that although they do not have factories they own a black newspaper, The Final Call, members own restaurants and other businesses, they run schools and educate people, have instituted real prison reform for black males especially, and own and are buying farms to grow “real food” (not this GMO stuff). So really he is not another ineffective black leader. In addition, they go into some of the worst neighborhoods and clean them up. He is an effective leader of black people that does not get his due in this country. And in case you are wondering I am not a Muslim. I do follow what they do and continue to do for those in our community.

      • > I agree with your comment 1000%%%% > Min.FARRAKHAN
        teaches the respect for human life void of color >
        Just think of what a nation would look like with no guns,no alcohol,no drugs or smoking of any kind,no eating of poison animals ( HOG ) no men going with men or women with women > I would say that we would be looking at the kingdom of GOD on earth > T.H.E.M. was taught back in 1931 by MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD to never have a meeting with the people unless everyone is checked > The same holds true in 2013 under MIN.FARRAKHAN <

  14. Is anyone else having trouble viewing all the comments?

  15. Send $5.00 to give up your guns. Hint hint remember your history. All my life I have heard Black men say we were enslaved cause they had guns. Today young Black men kill each other with guns. Obama is going to be gone in 2016. And you are going to be without a job and a gun. Stop acting emotional and protect your community the way men are support too. Its the same government just in a rainbow acting face. I’ll protect my family the same way America is going to protect itself. Ask the Jews why they did not fight during world war II. Another hint they had no guns.

  16. farrakhan takes his orders from the jesuits and the noi always did.

  17. When everyone can afford bodyguards like Farrakhan ( or Obama or Bloomberg ) then I'll agree. Otherwise my safety inequality saying remains true: " Rich People Get Body Guards- Poor People Get Shot! " Private gun ownership closes this gap & allows poor people greater safety!

  18. What I have to say may be a lil off to the subject matter but as I been pondering about these days Our greatest enemy at this point is not really the muslims as the masons would have us believe. Don’t get me wrong, their god is not my God, but the true evil people are those who know they are worshiping demons and continue to do it and collude with them for their own purposes. The true church will go when The True Messiah of Israel calls us home. He will do it in His timing, but unfortunately I am afraid it is going to be a lot like the Sodom and Gomorrah scenario. Oh how I mourn for the lost ones who will not listen and don’t care. I look forward to the Heavenly life!

    • The problem that I see is that too many of us have concentrated on the next life that we have forgotten that we are here right now. This is my earthly home while I am here. I think we need to understand the biblical teachings better. Many are the devil that they speak about and do not know it. Religion was “put on us, to control us” and make us submissive. That paln worked and this is not what I say read it in the history book. I was a christian and have come to the light (and believe me it is not easy). Read books besides your holy text no matter what they are and you will see that we all have power (from on high) and African people have the most. In the bible Jesus said the works you do will be greater than mine. Where is your power? Learn to use it to save yourself while on this earthly plane. Peace

  19. Misister Farrahkan has said a mouth full, he is so right.The problem is the culture which is sick not the guns,not how many rounds are in a magazine, not mental health but the Violent European culture.If you fix the sick culture everything else will fall into place. Theyn would not have been able to enslave African and other peoples if it were not for the power of the gun.

    • The White man was not the first to have slaves—-weapons of all kind have been used to enslave people—-the sick power hungry controlling wanna be LEADERS will use any means necessary( if he’s VICIOUS enough) to meet his aim— GUNS are made availalbe because of the right to defend life and the sport of hunting(supposedly)—any law will be abused /misused because of folk who don’t care about their own lives and sure don’t give a darn about yours—-the ILLS of SOCIETY put’s us all in DANGER—-I say get rid of all guns—there was a time when cops carried Batons (WOODEN STICK) and patrolled street corners most were friendly! we have become a materialistic society and some times we pay the price!!!! The enemy never comes from where you suspect, we need to be MINDFUL of all THINGS!!!!

  20. “Farrakhan noted that Americans are growing angrier at their government and preparing for war”. He’ correct. The situation is extremely dangerous and too many crazy people have these guns and also have a lot of anger towards the Government. Waco pt.II will be happening in a town near you. 300 million guns are out there, and it’s only 315 million citizens? That’ a problem unto itself!

  21. OK for all of you who think no one should have a gun, that means doing away with the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

    So how long do you think it will be before lets say, the 4th amendment is done away with?

    Right of search and seizure regulated

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Oh my people, you are such fools, if any one right can be taken away then any other can also! Now which other right are you willing to give up?! You unknowing person you! Thinking with you heart rather than your head!

  22. What a crock!

    The Minister has guards all around him! The Bill just submitted by Diana Fehinstein of California bar the manufacture and sale of more than 200 types of fire arms, however when you read through the bill it exempts all government officials! So they can have them but you can not!

    Think about it! Someone kicks in your door! What do you do? Call 911, right!
    Now think how long it will take them to get to your house! Remember someone is already in your house! What kind of harm can come to you and your family as you huddle in a corner or under a bed?

    What if it’s a crazy person “like Sandy Hook” and they start executing member of the family!

    Or one of those kids or a old kid, you see on the street and normally just shake your head at because they are so trifling, they have a tire iron, they’re yelling and screaming demanding $$ or just hold you at bay as they seal everything of value that you have. Where are the Cop’s??

    Bottom line the police can’t save you!

    If they take away your right to protect your self then the criminals and the police will be the only once’s with the weapons.

    Obama and his family have arm guards for life, wealthy people will have arm guards and the ability to carry a weapon, Hollywood types carry and have guards.

    “In order to control the nation we must first disarm the citizens” Adolf Hitler .

    You don’t need to carry the weapon around with you, you don’t need to broadcast that you have it, you do need to have it! You’ve been warn and informed, if there’s estimated 307 million firearms in America and the population is 311 million, just why don’t you have a means to protect your self! You had better stop listening to the Media and Progressives, tell the Government to simple enforce the laws already on the books.

    P S They are simi automatic not assault rifles, their is a huge difference!

    Don’t be indecisive do it!

  23. I used to have respect for the Min Farrakhan, but he doesn’t understand the true purpose of the second amendment. The second amendment was designed to give the American people the right to protect their constitutional rights against foreign invaders, or to keep the US government from becoming a tyrannical government. We have a very corrupt government and if you have checked the news the Department of Homeland Security in the past year purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo(thats enough ammo to put 3 or 4 bullets in every US citizen), Obama signed NDAA, Gen Peneta says the United Nations runs our military now. If we lose our second amendment, we will lose the rest of our constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc.

    The bible supports the right to bear arms
    Luke 22:36-8

    • The so-called southern confederacy thought the same thing, the right to oppose your government by armed violance.

  24. if a serial killer is going aroind strangling peoe to death with telephone cords…… will the rest of the public need a license and background check for home telephones? If a a**hole burns up a building….. do we now need a gas station permit? Point is rehabilitation of the minds and refocusing on right, wrong, teaching respect, developing communication, showing love and filtering violent multimedi influence on people is the key to this, and not bands on guns. A sick or mad person will just find another weapon to inflict harm on people. Now clap!

  25. If he really feel that way he should fire all his armed guards

  26. And David you can conceal assault weapons very well, thank you!

  27. Exactly so leave my assault rifles alone so I can protect me and my family. You talking like us legal gun owners are the ones committing these mass murders. You don’t attack our rights, doesn’t solve the problem!! And these new provisions just don’t stop at assault rifles, but also the pistols his nobody guards carry!!

  28. he’s referring to the reason why whites are screaming for 2nd amendment rights. The climate that fostered the need of 2nd amendment is outdated.

  29. America is in dire need of sociocultural reform. "Gunz don't kill people, people with gunz due". But its the constant bombardment of American culture that promotes violence as everyday life as well as its acceptability. Inculturating this "Beast" of an uncivil society with the insanities of its Roman-Greco British masters. And the origins thereof. None of those issues ever get put on a teleprompter for the "Corporations" of Americaz hypocracy "black mascot" to address to its people. Because its those corporations which benefit from this country driving its citizens insane.

  30. Packing heat I mean…

  31. No his religion and ideas are outdated. Him and Obama need to leave our 2nd Amendment rights alone. Meanwhile Minister’s body guards are packing hear… Hyprocrite!!!!!

    • You say his body guards pack heat..damn thanks for the info because I must admit you have to give them credit for being able to hide assault rifles under their suit coats. The 2nd Amendment allows you the right to protect yourself..not to be mass murderer with the use of an assault rifle.

  32. Oooops! I’m starting to think like Minister Farakhan.

  33. The Minister is right to finally see the access to guns as a problem. Demonizing the 2ND Amendment is sensible but it is a losing strategy in the effort to get more gun control. My approach is to emphasize that the 2nd Amendment explicitly requires ‘REGULATION’ of guns.

  34. Yes the police, state troopers and National Guard are well armed, but on the other hand some may argue that the 2nd amendment protects us from these groups even though they're suppose to protect and serve the people. Also, people may argue that it protects the people from each other. So, you see how ambiguous the amendment is and how it can and is misinterpreted. It may need to be updated out specified.

  35. They dont want peace.They Want Chaos .Theres no Future Without Without the Children .AND THEY DONT CARE THE GUNS R FLYING OFF THE SHELVES.I QUESS I HAVE TO ARM MY KIDS .WE, LL SEE U AT THE GATE.GOD BLESS US ALL .

  36. Thank u minister Farrakhan, we need to hear more truthful sayings like yours than the whitewashed silver tongued devils we call politician.

  37. How can we ever have an advanced society with guns "EVERYWHERE"? WE CANT!