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Report: Couple Was High on Drugs When Shot by Police


The Cleveland community has been outraged over the shooting of a couple after a high speed police chase.   Malissa Williams and her friend, Timothy Russell, were shot by 13 officers who fired 137 rounds of ammunition.  The reports from the Cuyahoga Count medical examiner find that the couple tested positive for various drugs during their autopsies.

Russell, according to authorities, had been using cocaine and Williams had been using amphetamines and marijuana.  Russell and Williams were shot 23 and 24 times by police, respectively.  The pursuit lasted for a half hour and police are not sure why Russell didn’t stop driving. 

Community organizers are claiming that the shooting was racially-motivated, since the couple was unarmed.  But police are saying that the two tried to ram the police car and that they thought they had weapons.  There is no word yet as to whether or not the results of the drug tests will modify the conclusions about the validity of the shooting.

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