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Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Girlfriend Joins the Reality TV Circuit


The ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather is ready to speak and cash in on her relationship by joining the reality TV bonanza. Josie Harris, the 32-year old who was beaten by Mayweather in 2010, is going public with her story after she was assaulted in front of her kids.   Mayweather hit the woman in her head several times during the incident and he also threatened to kill her.

Harris hasn’t said a word, but women’s rights advocates might be glad to hear that she is now going to get her revenge by sharing the details of her life with Floyd.  On January 29th at 9 pm,TLC is going to premiere yet another reality show called “Stater Wives,” featuring the wives of various celebs who gave them a series of “interesting” experiences.

Harris recently did an interview with Yahoo Sports about her experience with Floyd and her challenge with Domestic violence.  Harris doesn’t seem angry at Mayweather and actually says that the two are “in a good place now.”

“We are in a good place right now. I can’t speak on the fact of what lessons Floyd has learned, personally within himself — he would have to tell you that — but you know what? I’ve learned a lot. That was a very hard time. I chose not to testify against him … but due to the evidence that was put before the judge, she was able to make a decision and she based her decision based on the evidence. We definitely are in a better place and we’re co-parenting and we’re not together.”



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