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Rapper Dr. Dre Tops Forbes ‘World’s 25 Highest-Paid Musicians List’

Dr. DreRap mogul, Dr. Dre, has topped “The World’s 25 Highest-Paid Musicians” list. According to Forbes, Dre raked in $110 million in pretax earnings. He can credit his large earnings to his Beats by Dre headphones line.

He definitely knows that it takes more than music to stay afloat these days. Record labels are not too eager to sign the next best thing. As a result of the economy, it is too risky to invest in developing artists, whether you have been in the game a short time or a lifetime. Branding is key.

Dre started out with the notorious rap group NWA.  He went on to have a successful solo career in the 90s, discovering rappers like Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion. When his rap career started to simmer, Dre switched gears and started bringing others on board like 50 Cent and Eminem, through Interscope records.

50 Cent even followed in Dre’s footsteps, by stepping outside of the rap realm and into deals with VitaWater and teaching others how to be entrepreneurs abroad in Africa. Dre then linked up with headphone maker, Monster, to launch Beats by Dre. He was the first to do so and then others followed suit.

Dre has linked up with HP to push the Beats By Dre brand even further. Dre has not backed away from the rap scene all together. He still plans on releasing his long awaited album, Detox. Around the same time of that release Dre is looking to make his dollars grow even more by launching an “ Aftermath” cognac and vodka.

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