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Newark Mayor Cory Booker Scolds Dog Owner For Leaving Pet Outside in Bitter Cold

All Newark Mayor Cory Booker needs is a cape in order to be officially considered a superhero. He’s rescued a woman from a fire, allowed strangers to stay at his mayor booker saves doghome during Hurricane Sandy, and the list goes on. But last night, Booker took his heroics a step further by proving he can rescue animals as well as people. Booker came to the rescue of a dog that was left outside in the cold, personally loading the freezing dog into a police car and then calling the owner to scold him live on local news.

It all started when a local ABC station alerted Booker that the dog was outside. Reporter Toni Yates tweeted  to Booker that she saw the dog shivering on the front porch of its house. And since Booker is always in tune with his twitter feed, he soon followed up on the tweet.

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