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MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor Retweets a Question to Tucker Carlson – ‘Have You Ever Owned a Black?’

After Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced a lift of the ban on women in serving in combat, Tucker Carlson took to Twitter to share his disapproval, even going so far as to goldie taylor and tucker carlsoncongratulate feminism for giving women  “the right to get your limbs blown off in war.”

MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor decided to have a little fun with Carlson, and retweeted a question from parody Twitter account @OldHossRadbourn, which observed, “Your natty attire and insightful attitude towards women mark you as a man of my generation. Have you ever owned a black?”

Tucker Carlson was probably just drumming up support for his Daily Caller blog with his rant, tweeting, “The administration boasts about sending women to the front lines on the same day Democrats push the Violence Against Women Act.”

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