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You Won’t Believe What Serena Williams’ Ankle Looked Like After Her Loss to Sloane Stephens

Serena Williams was upset  by Sloane Stephens at the Australian Open two days ago. While discussing her loss with reporters, Williams serena footsaid both her back and ankle were causing her pain during the match.

“I think the ankle started everything up the chain because I’m compensating and maybe it made my back hurt,” Williams said on Wednesday.

Everyone knew that Williams turned her right ankle in her opening match, but it seems very few people understood just how serious her injuries were, probably because Williams refused to make any excuses for her loss.

“Everyone at this stage in the locker room has something wrong with them. It’s no excuse,” Williams said. “I went for this drop shot and it just locked up on me. I couldn’t really rotate after that.”

Well,  now we all have proof that Serena Williams was not exaggerating  the extent of her ankle injury.  She really did struggle through her match with Stephens, and you can see that by the size of her ankle, which resembles a watermelon more than an ankle.

Williams was overheard on parabolic microphones telling a trainer that this has been the “worst two weeks.” She said after the match that her ankle was “like this big,” holding her hands a couple of feet apart. When Serena tweeted a picture of her ankle, we all got a sense of what she was really dealing with.

Hopefully Serena will recover soon and get back in action, but for now, she needs to work on staying off that ankle. We can’t even imagine the pain.

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