In Alabama 34% of Black Men Have Permanently Lost the Right to Vote

The devastation of mass incarceration cannot ever truly be measured, considering how far its tentacles stretch. There are the childrenPrison Blacks of prisoners, who grow up fatherless or motherless, the devastation of living a life behind bars, and the diminishing number of suitable male companions in the African American community, which impacts the black family. But also, voting laws which disenfranchise people who’ve been convicted of a crime are now being viewed as just another tool voter suppression.

In an article titled, Mass Incarceration and White Supremancy,  Al Jazeera  quotes Bryan Stevenson, Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) on the impact mass incarceration is having on society:

Mass incarceration, he argues, has radically changed society. He speaks of urban communities, like Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Washington, where 50 percent of young black men are in prison, on parole or probation and where the disenfranchisement of convicted felons “has horrific implications for the political aspirations of people of colour.” In Alabama, Stevenson said, 34 per cent of black men have permanently lost the right to vote and within the next 10 years the level of disenfranchisement will be higher than it has been since passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

Stevenson also discusses how welfare reform devastated the black family:

Stevenson points to the consequences of the 1996 Welfare Reform Law which denied drug offenders eligibility for public housing, food stamps and other benefits, and that has had a disastrous impact on black women and children.Black women comprise half of the female prison population, although they are only 12 percent of the total population. Between 1986 and 1991the number of black women incarcerated for drug offences soared by 828 percent.

Since no one in Washington D.C. is concerned about addressing these issues, the question now becomes what are we planning to do to save ourselves?




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  1. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Take responsibility for your actions. Everybody got choices.

  2. How much, how often, and how long must Washington D.C. and White folk address issues of Black people? When are WE going to do more than “address” our problems?

    It’s way past time for Black folk to solve Black folk’s problems! What can We do to curb Black poverty, Black illiteracy, Black-on-Black crime, dysfunctional Black families, and other forms of Black self-destruction? We are looking in the wrong place for solutions.

    Let’s start first by looking into ourselves!

  3. Maxwell, the shear writing of your comment has
    explained it all!

  4. The article is totally BULLSHIT, do the math!!


  6. Wow this is Terrible but these men make n women make their on Chocies they Choose to Commit a Crime soo they Must Pay for it… Ijs

  7. My fellow African Americans, if you are astutely aware that things are set up to entrap you, and that the White society, wants to disenfranchise your rights, then why would you continue to fall into their traps, and then complain about it? No one, can do something against you, unless you allow it, or you are complacent.If I knew that there was a hole in the middle of a certain street, and I have fallen in it before, and I continued to go down that same street, and fell in that same hole, I could not blame anyone but myself. Instead of bitching about these practices, and laws, why don’t we use these same tools? Instead of trying to alter the White way of life, why don’t we copy them, and once we have mastered them, then change them to make them more perfect.

  8. I wonder why it is that on articles of this nature that pertain to “black” people, there’s always some racist “white” person espousing stupidity? I sure hope someone is paying you. Every “criminal” is a victim in some way. Somehow, some way they got weak. Most of the time they don’t even know it.

  9. I am listening to a man, Rand Paul, who is making more sense than any politician I’ve heard in a long time. Stop the shipment of F16s and Tanks to Egypt unless they agree to our terms; Pres. Obama will take gun rights from law-abiding citizens but he will send real weapons of mass destruction to a man who has sworn to kill us (not black & white, but all of us)and one of our closest allies. Does this really make sense?

  10. How about you follow the rules and you dont go to jail. You dont lose your rights. You have no excuse to lose.

    Oh, snap. That is too easy. Just blame whitey and everyone else for your lack of responsibilty. Kids were so stupid, they had to get rid of high school classes that would teach right and wrong because illegals and ghetto carps are so biased they wont learn it.

  11. Everyone has the right t make a choice to do the right thing and be free, or they can follow the road of “Let Me Down”. Many young blacks in Alabama are not getting the early education they need. They are not getting proper health care, and they follow their friends entirely too much. The respect of the black families is gone. There are parents that think being friends with their children will keep them young.
    Anyone living in Alabama knows there are new laws created daily to oppress the blacks. My biggest issue with Alabama is there are too many black churches on every corner that are scared to support the black community. The interest in the black culture here is a “hot-mess”. The leaders are only looking for their next dollar. The communities are not pulling together.
    My main issue with these voting rights for ex-felon’s is simple. If the person cannot vote anymore; why not pull their names off the Volunteer Registration list for the Draft. I truly do not believe ex-felons should volunteer to go into war if they cannot vote. If a draft occurs today, they would round up the ex-felons first and save the “politicians” children last. I hope there is something can be done about the volunteer draft list. If you are going to block the vote, why not block the draft.
    Right is only right. In Alabama it is oppress the old, oppress the children, oppress the poor, and Give the politicians a RAISE due to the cost of living. I miss the train somewhere.

  12. What is it with folk who think they’ve been wronged when they receive a jail sentence for a crime. My parents taught me very early on that I alone am responsible for my actions, whether they be good, bad or indifferent. It never occurred to me to do something illegal and hope for the best. Why would I blame a “system” when I have the power to do the right thing? I have a heart of compassion for the truly infirm. I do whatever I can to help whomever I can. but I don’t believe in either making or accepting excuses for sorry behavior. In the end, you lose. A large part of the problem in the African American community is that we don’t want to be told that our decision-making is what causes our greatest conflicts. We live in a namby-pamby society that just wants to be coddled and told how much we’ve been victimized. Even victims have the responsibility to make themselves better. Keep telling yourself that someone else is responsible for your shortcomings and should fix this problem and see where you’ll be in 5 years. People who are smart do not blame others for their problems. They get an education, technical training and skills pertinent in today’s work force.

    I am not naive enough to believe that there are never any injustices done. All of us a some point are treated unfairly and even with contempt.I’m 54 years old and have suffered many injustices, but I figured out how to improve my own plight and I keep myself away from situations that could possibly be problematic.

    Mr. Floyd, I don’t have any opinion or jurisprudence over who gets a second chance. I simply said you may not be guaranteed a second chance. I’ll say it again: For someone to commit a crime and then hope that somehow, they might not have to suffer the consequences is idiotic.

    Mina, I have just as much right to live in the US as you do. Just because we have differences of opinions doesn’t mean that mine is any less valid than yours. Also, I can’t control who lives in my neigborhood, but be they Black, white, red or green, I don’t want to live around criminals. Perhaps you do. More power to you.

  13. Reconstruction — the process of rebuilding the war-torn South Lincoln was eager to extend a compassionate hand to the South, despite the trials and tribulations it had wrought, and a December 1863 policy was one of his first endeavors in that direction. This policy offered a full pardon to any recanting Confederate. Civil rights for freed slaves was not an easy accomplishment. Many Southerners did all they could to keep blacks down following the war, often resorting to mayhem. And not all violence against blacks was at the hands of civilians. In New Orleans, 48 African Americans were killed when police viciously put down a peaceful demonstration promoting black suffrage. Also, the penal system in southern United States after the civil war was A FUNCTIONAL REPLACEMENT FOR SLAVERY, A MECHANISM FOR RACE CONTROL used to prevent ex slaves mostly African Americans from obtaining status and rights, particularly, voting. The organization and philosophy of crime control both reflects the facts that both the slaves and ex slaves to southern whites were a population to calculate. As such the freed Africans born in America current presence intimidates the existing system of class rule, but also a useful resource economically, a convict lease system, vagrancy laws and sharecropping provides a pool of "CHEAP LABOR" FOR SOUTHERN INDUSTRIALIZATION AND POLITICALLY OR SYMBOLICALLY TO CONSOLIDATE WHITE SUPREMACY.

  14. I dont think the information in this article is quite accurate. Furthermore not all convicted felons lose their right to vote, it dependns on the circumstances, many time the right can be fully restored. FYI

  15. I'm confused, is this a public service announcement, why is it brews??? They made their bed, now they will lay in it. Are we suppose to feel sorry for them. I guess everybody else is the blame for them behaving the way they did to get them incarcerated?? Sorry a majority of them chose to destroy thei life over a freaking crayola color……. They deserve nothing!!!

  16. I didn’t know the welfare reform act impacted people convicted of drug crimes. So if you are convicted of a drug crime, you can’t get government housing or food stamps to feed your family. Is this all states or just some? What happened to paying your debt to society? I understand, you do the crime, you do the time. But must you suffer the rest of your life for a mistake? Wow,nobody can think this is fair.

  17. Cracker Jack at it again y’all lol Damn Devils!!!

  18. Maxwell de Geaubineau

    Dear Negro Black Folk :

    You guys should really refrain from putting your thoughts into words.

    Because every time I read something that has been penned by a negro, I am acutely reminded of the “One Banana Difference.”

    What, you ax, is the 1 Banana Difference?

    Well: a single supermarket banana weighs 120 grams on average. The negro brain weighs on average one hundred and twenty grams less that the brains of whites.

    Tis’ the One Banana Difference.

    Of course, these are just averages and generalizations, so you will be comforted in knowing that these stats don’t necessarily apply to you.

    Do yourselves a favor: research the work of the great Doctor Samuel Morton, he of “Crania Americana” fame, the 1830s academic textbook that explained differences in achievement across the races via differences in cranial capacity.

    It’s great reading.

    Enjoy. And don’t forget: The One Banana Difference explains it All !


    – Maxwell

    • In many cases similar to {brain studies} as it related to weight. It was found to be the consequence of MALNUTRITION,” not genetics, as you are tacitly referring, and nothing more. Now” Max the Mouse,” you need to ax (asks) how malnutrition ever became a problem that unequally plagued the African-American community in the first place. I think you know the answer to that.

    • Dear Devil,

      Responding to you is somewhat problematic because I realize that you are a white supremacist troll with nothing better to do but assert fallacies all day over the internet. However, I can’t help but to respond to your archaic, non-substantiated delusion of superiority.

      By using the term “Negro” you have already dated your school of thought to a time period when white supremacy was used to provide justification for European imperialism, colonization, genocide, and slavery.

      You are relying on study by Morton which contained experimental bias in its so-called original finding. Morton relied on skulls that he hand selected and Morton already knew the so-called race of each of the skulls. Morton then made conclusions based on his own biases. In short, Morton later enlisted a lab assistant for a second study. This assistant didn’t know the so-called race of the respected skulls. The second study used lead instead of mustard seeds to fill the skulls. The lab assistant then measured the difference in the skulls and found that there was no DIFFERENCE in the size of the skulls. This is what you call a double blind study free of experimental bias.

      So…You came on this site and confidently asserted your thoughts about white supremacy based on a study done Samuel Morton who later conducted a study that usurped his original findings. However, you failed to mention that his original study was falsifiable mainly because you needed some reference from nearly two centuries ago to justify your false sense of superiority.

      Frankly, this sort of intellectual deficiency does nothing to advance your cause of white supremacy. It actually does the opposite revealing you to be nothing more than imbecile stuck in a time warp.

      Let’s look at what has changed since that time period.

      Geneticists have concluded that everyone on this planet is a descendent from a Southern African Tribe called the Khoisan. This is actually mainstream information that aired on the National Geographic channel via a documentary called the “Human Family Tree”. So in short, your dumb imbecilic ass is a mutation of those that you falsely claim to be superior to.

      White supremacy, albeit still widely accepted, has been utterly annihilated as a credible school of thought. It has been disproved over again in numerous debates.

      This internet is the only venue that your kind can seek refuge. If you were to reveal your opinions in public (i.e. an academic environment) you would be lambasted as a moron unmolested by critical thinking skills. So you need to read the The Mismeasure of Man, by Stephen Jay Gould. And remember this simple equation:

      White Supremacy & Logic = OXYMORON

    • Actually, the African skull and brain are larger than the Caucasian.We are as a whole a larger race in every way. No I won’t go there. Even children know that weight charts are “for whites only”. By the way, Aristotle, Plato and Picasso studied in Africa. Your ancestors learned to write from my ancestors. There was a time when your ancestors only took one bath a year, thinking that too many baths would kill. While your ancestors threw “waste” out the window, mine had indoor plumbing. The next time you open your refrigerator, turn on the radio in your car, stop at a traffic light, or visit the world wide web to respond to me, remember a black man invented it. What you’re reading is propaganda, an excuse to keep another race of people down. And sadly, it’s based upon fear.

    • To Maxwell..Why every time a whith boy with a black dad get on here, he go off..

  19. I am a convicted felon from Philadelphia. I was on federal probation for 5 years and I voted in every election and served jury duty 2x while on probation.

  20. The sad commentary on this is that the blacks are generating millions of dollars. How? In the Southeastern Conference (SEC) playing football and basketball. The last 2 years Alabama has won the national collegiate football title, bringing millions to the school and region. FYI, following President’s Obama reelection students at Ole Miss protested his reelection. Young black males play a signification part in the economy of the South, but gets nothing out of it. I suspect that graduation rates are relatively low also. But, black parents are a huge part of the problem, hoping to strike it rich through the athletic ability of their kids. They need to enroll their kids in schools out of the region…money talks. Also, the President needs to address incarceration, it is truly a crime being perpetrated on the black community.

  21. The sad thing is that there are many older substance abuser’s who are not setting example’s for our youth!

  22. Yep, and those same 34% would NOT have voted even if they were allowed to.

    Pure laziness.

  23. When you live amongst white folks, they always be the scheemers and the cause of your problems. Juan Jacques Desalines the first president of Haiti, his words are still true today.

  24. Please check,the 3 strikes law,voting rights act,the
    1933 bankruptcy act of the United States Republic,the IMF,the federal reserve,and the world
    central bank.We have got to become more informed and
    not angry.Anger is not law.PLEASE CHECK,if you are truly concerned check and a lot of your questions will be answered..Also goggle,prison industrial complex.


    • I will say this much… some have fallen into a “trap”, however continued use of the system of oppression, indoctrination and discrimination leads to further perpetuation of negativity especially within a community riddled with poverty and education gaps.

  26. I have read all of the comments to date about how horrible things are for young Black African American males. To those of us who really understand the conspiracy and really want to do something about it other than comment about how bad things are: I suggest we start some kind of action oriented organization and develope goals and objectives; develop a way to market it to solicit members and then develop a way to apply some political pressure on states that have laws that are unjust. If we don’t do more that talk, the situation we deplore will only get worse while we sit on the sideline and watch. I think we can determine the action rather than watch the action. What do you think?

    • Frank Watson, So many of our people are aware of the problems of mass incarceration, but it takes guts to stand up to the White society that has created a prison slavery system promoted by the law of the land. Men are being held in prison by antiquated laws made by the white man while Black families are being devastated and pushed into poverty. We can put an end to this destruction by joining hands together and making a stand. Our President will not take a stand for us. We need to help ourselves. I’d like to help in any way that I can. It is time to take action and write letters. HOW ABOUT A MARCH ON WASHINGTON! We need leadership in our quest for justice. Barbara L.

  27. blacks are so tied up in war with each other…. it's easy to do what the white men and white women are doing… taking the political system to keep all the money in places…all white…this is how cracker live…they take the tax money and put it in place's to create jobs and trick blacks that these are private jobs…when it's public money that create these so call public jobs…these cracker are tricky with the money….when they are giving it out.

  28. black can not see they are using the drugs for their political purpose…..and the fake recession is the foundation of it all….keep these landless blacks jobs unless….force them to sell what every.. drugs, sex ect….so we got every body with AIDS…and in prison….black greed is one of the biggest problem.. few people with to much money and not know how and where to create jobs….long term food system….and be a world trader.

  29. The disenfranchisment of felons depends on the state where the felon lives. Disenfranchisement is not universal. In Louisiana, for example, the right to vote is restored immediately upon release from prison, parole or probation. In other states, the felon must wait a certain number of years to get restoration; in other states the franchise is lost forever. And in others, there is not lose. Felons can vote even while inb prison.
    So, if there are any felons out there who really want to vote come on and move to Louisiana or Massachusetts.

  30. None of the criminals responsible for securities fraud, the collapse of the housing market and causing this deep recession will be prosecuted or spend a night in jail. Those people posting pompous remarks should contact The Innocence Project, read about Ruben Carter, The Scotsboro Boys……..or just LEARN something in general.

  31. this is terrorist at it's best and the blacks want use this at it's best.

  32. no leadership…it's just this simple.

  33. I find this situation very painful to look at and to read about when one is aware that 90% of these incarcerations of black youths are drug related. We are aware that our President is the President for all people regardless of race, color or creed, however we are also aware that the playing field is not at all level when we are dealing with the imprionsonment of blacks for so many reasons. We are hoping that this situation is one that our President will add to his Things to do agenda before the end of his last four year term. The wrong that is done here need to be corrected. This vicious cycle continues to affect generations in this situation. It is cheaper to educate than to isolate those with minor ot less serious drug criminal offences. They are voiceless and are imprisoned in this bias society.

    Peace Always

    • If Martin Luther King and his followers had not taken a stand, we would still be riding in the back of a bus. We would still be going to the back door of restaurants to buy lunch. Remember the posted signs at public parks that said no Negros allowed. etc. The prison system is the NEW SLAVERY for Blacks. It won’t stop until our voices are heard and we have another Martin L. King. His demonstrations and dedication got things done. He gave his life for what he believed in. I see no such leadership today to champion our cause! Prison is big business and Whites are promoting it.

  34. I find this situation very painful to look at and to read about when one is aware that 90% of these incarcerations of black youths are drug related. We are aware that our President is the President for all people regardless of race, color or creed, however we are also aware that the playing field is not at all level when we are dealing with the imprionsonment of blacks for so many reasons. We are hoping that this situation is one that our President will add to his Things to do agenda before the end of his last four year term. The wrong that is done here need to be corrected. This vicious cycle continues to affect generations in this situation. It is cheaper to educate than to isolate those with minor ot less serious drug criminal offences. They are voiceless and are imprisoned in this bias society.

    Peace Always

  35. Truthbeliever,

    I would suggest then that you MOVE out of the U.S. There are white exoffenders living in your neighborhood. Theindustrial prison complex is NOT for them, if you are a black man, it is for YOU!!! If all things were equal what you have said would make sense, however, the reality is IT IS NOT EQUAL. Black men are preyed upon in this society. Poverty, poor education systems, etc.,and the FACT that we are ONLY about 50 years out of legalized “JIM CROW” after 600 plus years of self hate indoctrination, helps to explain the devisitation. Yes, there are things we need to do for ourselves in order to “SAVE” ourselves but your holier than thou attitude doesn’t help.

  36. The recent explosive growth of the Wall Street based Prison industy corporation will make make even more difficult near impossible to diminish the mass incarceration of black men in the south and around the country. The prison population is needed to provide the slave labor that these prison corporations need to make their record profits and boost their stock prices. I am confident that the prison industry can be broken up, but I am not confident that ex-cons are willing to work to help bring down the prison industry? Who will champion this cause? Not Barack Obama that's for sure.

  37. 27.9K

    In all but two states, voting age citizens convicted of a felony are barred from voting for at least some period of time. Laws vary in each state, and while some restore voting rights automatically, other states permanently disenfranchise some ex-felons or require that they petition the governor or a government board to have their right restored.

    Re-enfranchising ex-offenders can produce tangible benefits for both the individual and the community. A 2011 study by the Florida Parole Commission found that ex-offenders whose civil rights had been restored were much less likely to return to prison than others in the released prisoner population, with respective recidivism rates of 11% and 33%.

    Voting rights retained while incarcerated for a felony conviction in:

    Maine and Vermont.

    Voting rights restored automatically upon release from prison in:

    The District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Utah.

    Voting rights restored automatically once released from prison and discharged from parole (probationers can vote) in:

    California, Colorado, Connecticut, New York, and South Dakota.

    Voting rights restored automatically upon completion of sentence, including prison, parole, and probation in:

    Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

    Voting rights restoration is dependent on the type of conviction and/or the outcome of an individual petition or application to the government in:

    Alabama, Delaware, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee, and Wyoming.

    Voting rights can ONLY be restored through an individual petition or application to the government in:

    Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, and Virginia.

  38. The issue is that 34% of the Black men in Alabama have dishonored themselves in some way. 66% of Alabama Black men have avoided giving up their right to vote by doing the right thing. And like Roberta stated, in many states once you have completed your "debt to society" your right to vote is restored. All it takes is a little internet research. Instead of posting stories which make Black men look like victim (of their own hands) the focus should be to educate. How about list the states and when the rights are restored?

    • DC Price your mentality is part of the problem. Your assumption is that the 34 percent are all guilty. On top of that your mindset suggests that guilt or not, once someone is behind bars we should not concern ourselves with them. We'll never become the society we should with thinking like that.

    • Maggie Marie Small

      The can do the crime,they can deal with the consequences!!! Simple as that….wahhh,wahh,wahh!!! This article is pointless and pathetic!!!

    • Anton Kwatakye Kwame

      All you people do is cry. Here's thought, go back to europe and give the Native Americans their land back.

      No statute of limitations on genocide. Do the crime, do the time. Especially if you benefiting from the crimes of others.

      Its so damn interesting. You people's entire history on this side of the planet is one of CRIMINAL, ANIMALISTIC, BARBARIC, and SAVAGE acts against humanity. Crime after crime.

      Do a bit of self assessment before you post idiotic comments.

    • Randy Jones … I am not making any assumption. What I am saying is that if 66% can stay out of jail then why can't the 34%. It all comes down to decisions at some point. Even if they are "innocent", they must have been closely enough associated that they were tried and convicted. The 66% don't get grabbed out of their homes in the middle of the night and accused of a crime. Now as far as forgetting about them…I hold a position on Kairos International Prison Ministry so I come in contact with incarcerated monthly. Hope that clears up any misunderstandings…

    • @DC Price How could you justify a draconian system designed to disproportionately incarcerate black men through unbalanced drug sentencing. The majority of these offenders are convicted on drug related charges, and this has created this phenomenon. However, the majority of drug users are white. It is so upsetting when black people condone the white supremacist political structure!!! This disenfranchisement was purposeful because it helps keep their sacred democracy beneficial for only them. Are you a white supremacist? If not, then why would you believe that African Americans are more prone to making poor choices? There are only two ways you can look at this. Either we as African Americans are inferior therefore prone to poor choices (what white supremacist ignorantly assert). Or there is something influencing this disparity beyond the collective control of our community. We have to be more astute as African American, and we cannot rely on a racist white society to educate us about our situation. If you don't know where IRAN CONTRA, Crack Cocaine, Ronald Regan, George Bush, and the Drug War intersect, then you can't talk competently about mass incarceration– period. This is not a knee jerk discussion; this is a serious matter about oppression in America.

      And yes I see that stupid ass, non-analytical, white Maggie Marie Small commenting about this, but I expect that type of low brow unenlightened commentary from them. But you are a sister and you need to be more informed about this situation.

    • Again all you pro-black wannabees are making excuses for poor decision makers. If you keep yourself out of the line of fire, you won't get burned!!!

    • not to mention the benefits of slave labor for hundreds of years. every black person should have free college education and no military service. since we didn't get our 40 acres aand a mule…

    • Maggie Marie Small, what if you didn't do the crime, but you still did the time. What happens then? I live in a state where black men have served time for crimes they were wrongfully convicted of, did all if not 85% of the time the was wrongfully given to him, and would like to get all of the time, respect, and rights that they should of had, but… Too bad you don't have to deal with that pointless and pathetic stuff huh????

    • Maggie Marie Small You don't need to comit a crime to be accused of commiting a crime and without money for a defense you will likely plead out like most people. Also waiting in prison without a chance of making bail is also a quick win for the prosecuter. The system is only fair if you can afford a good attorney.

    • @ Maggie, there are somany variableson why black men resort to crime; inadequate schools, culturally biased teaching, under resource schoolsand communities, stopand frisk etc. The next 1 is hard to believe but our genes could have mutiated and the homicide rate is 1 indicator of this. Culture is suppose evolve when you look at blacks theyhave lead in homicides for 30 yrs. That's my entire life. The problem is bigger then what we are thinking and our past still haunts us today. Slavery and oppression was so bad, it effected our off spring today. What else could it be? Parenting … bad parenting still

    • That much bad parenting still shows there still something drastically wrong with the people I love and identify with.

    • Kendall J. Calvin Sr.

      You are correct in pointing out the error of selective memory. I submit to other readers and yourself that the war on black men is an ongoing one.

      Peonage is alive in the south and across the nation. The racial profiling is not just an harassing tool, it is used as an application for disenfranchisement. Loud music citations and license revocations are also stepping milstones to impede the upward mobility of the black youth.

      Even high schools are allowed to suspend the driving license of student who are failing at school; the call the local DMV and hace the license revoke for those student who are doing poorly in school; Who are these student? What is their demographic? Peonage is alive and doing great harm.

      DC Price the answer is not "education", it's legislation and ethic association with the rest of 'your' racial population.

    • Maggie Marie Small you assume the arrest, prosecution and sentencing are all fair please educate yourself on the prison industrial complex. Do you think its fair that despite committing the same crime as a white male a black male can and do receive almost twice as hard of a punishment?

    • Wonder how many whites have dishonored themselves, but somehow avoided prosecution.

  39. I knew that if a person was convicted of a felony he could not vote. I didn't dig into it because I thought that they got their voting rights back when they finished their parole. My bad, I took something for granted that was totally not true. My god I'm beginning to see conspiracies everywhere. But I just don't believe in coincidence so I have to believe that all these stories, grouped together, make a clear showing of conspiracy, against blacks and the use of blacks as a political tool. Little Susie is about to wake up.

  40. “Saving ourselves” should have been the issue all along. There is no guarantee that when you are guilty of committing a crime that you will be able to redeem yourself. The truth of the matter is that you just might not get a second chance, particularly if you have more than one offense. This habit of just “doing crap” and hoping for the best is idiotic. There would be no prison industrial complex if folk keep themselves abore the law. Quite frankly, I don’t want a repeat offender (whether he/she is a drug pusher, rapist, child predator, extortioner, burglar, etc.)in my neighborhood. Be responsible for your actions and stop hoping someone should fix every mess you get yourself into.

    • Dear Truthbeliever,

      What Truth do you believe in? Yahshua_Jesus Christ said, “I AM the WAY the TRUTH and the Life.”

      My prayers are with you for, that operation of taking out your stony heart and giving you and us a heart of flesh, which YAHWEH_GOD_is Salvation Plan; will give to us Jews without our JEW_DNA in the Dispensational Kingdom Age of 1000 years.

      Remove the Truth from your ID name until you can; “stop looking down on Kushite/Blacks until you are looking down to pick them up?”

      Have you ever read the 1712 Willie Lynch Letter, in referencing Kush/Niger slaves as (mere economic-property)? If not read, that section where he instruct the Japhethite/white slave masters, as how to apply the whip to the Kushite/Niger-bitch back, so that she would submit to him and anyone else as a mere (birther’s)”

      Albert Einstein said, “that racists is a sickness of the white man mind.” This comes right out of Geneses 9:27, where through a willful misinterpretation, that Ham/Kushite Canaan should be a beast of burden slave in perpetuity. NOT SO!

      Not a beast-slave, but rather the “enabler-designer” in building the world first two greatest Kushite/Black civilizations Babylon and Egypt: for japheth and Shem to emulate.

      However, in the TORAH/BIBLE Daniel the prophet Fifth Gentile Revise Roman Empire 911 judged Republic-1492-1619/20-1712-1776-1787 and 1791 (Democracy/Clay): is set to keep them a property.

      FBI Director J.E. Hoover, started his first “Faumencher” (m/p) incarnation of 1 out of 4 Kushite/Blacks male between the ages of 18 to 35. Now, this same program is 3 out of 4 in many communities. Our Wall Street Industrial Prison Complex is the proof, that this system is well and live in America.

      If Jew-dna and Christians are the “Light of the world”, in the Church Age; then the problem is not with the world or vile-sinners, but the Church itself?

      Take it from me, you cannot live above the law in this Republic, if the system want you. I know this to be a fact, because it happen to me. I was stop and after the to LA policemen knew, that I was not their suspect, but in the process of cuffing me. They got a silence burglar alarm call coming from a liquor store in South Central LA, which they had to respond to. The said, in leaving, if we had the time and wanted you: you would have been our man?

      “TRUTHBELIEVER”, would I deserve a second chance in your heart and the right to live in your community: when I was not their “peeping-Tom?”
      ambassador Charles Linder Floyd