Tuskegee Airman: Obama is ‘Very Special’, ‘God Put Him Here Just Like He Did Moses’

President Obama’s second inauguration was arguably just as important as his first. Had he not been reelected, naysayers would’ve obama inauguration 2012 2dismissed it as a fluke. So the second inauguration is important, and it had a particularly emotional impact on Americans who lived through the Civil Rights movement in America. For surviving Tuskegee Airmen who made their way to Washington D.C. to witness the second inauguration, it was a touching experience.

“I never expected to live long enough to see a black president,” said Stephen Sherman, a 92-year-old who served with the Army’s 308th Combat Engineers in both theaters of the war. “God Bless America” said Sherman.

LeRoy Battle, 91, compared Obama to Moses in the Bible.

“There’s a lot of good people on this earth, a lot of good people of all races,” said Battle, who said he thought Obama was doing a good job leading America. “He’s very special. God put him here just like he did Moses,” Battle said. “I can see progress, but that’s not good enough, because I know that we’ve got more to go.”

Battle also discussed the racism he experienced. “They pulled us out of our barracks at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. They said ‘We’re going to hang you because you disobeyed a superior officer in a time of war,’” Battle recalled.

Rev. Jesse Jackson said these Tuskegee Airmen hold a special place in American history.

“They endured the humiliation,” he said. “When you see these guys singing ‘God Bless America,’ it’s something special. They didn’t just inherit America; they had to make America.”



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  1. God is a God of “timing and order.” Obama’s election showed the true deep seated racism that some thought we as a nation had put behind us.

  2. @Son, The Son Of Man is already present, where the hell you been. He,s not to come, he’s here, you can’t see that? Damn!

  3. @Edward, You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Either you are not comprehending what you are reading, or you are just ignorant as hell. Also, learn how to write. Proof read your stuff man. If Moses was a murderer, why did God use him as a prophet? God knows what he is doing. He’s looking at heart, not the man actions fool. Get proper knowledge son.

  4. Beautiful. Everybody listen… Rome was not built in a day… always remember God is still in contol, no matter how long it takes… take a good, long look at the Tuskegee Airman. To God Be the Glory!



  7. @ Edward. I to take exception to the comparison of Obama to Moses. POTUS is for amerikkka. His job is to continue in the way. If as you say Moses was a murderer he was doing the works of his father. How can you call to that pagan God Jesus and don’t know the truth about who he really is. Don’t be fooled the Messiah is not named Jesus Christ. Study all the Scriptures and know the truth. Half measures will get you nothing. Prepare for the return of “SON OF MAN. 1


  8. The Tuskegee Airmen deserve a special place in our history books & hearts… They were true American heroes & patriots even before they fired their first shots in WW2…Against great odds, they shined a bright light into the dark recesses of racial inferiority which existed in our nation at that time & moved us a long way towards the possibility of Obama’s election in 2008 & reelection in 2012…HAT’S OFF TO THESE BRAVE MEN…IT WAS RIGHTFULLY THEIR DAY TOO

  9. Or just like He did Pharoah:
    Romans 9:14
    For example, Scripture says to Pharaoh, “I put you here for this reason: to demonstrate my power through you and to spread my name throughout the earth.”
    Do understand God does not give birth to twins like do not commit adultery and then says adultery is ok.
    A book does not enslave people and as so many like to speak about the ” Bible” enslaving people, apparently not enough because unwanted pregnancies are being terminated at an alarming rate, unwed mommies are irresponsibly making babies with irresponsible daddies, kinds are not having parents spend quality time with them teaching them honor in their heritage or encouraging them to be self sufficient. Freedom starts in the mind and we need to take leadership in teaching our children. Teach your children to choose wisely. Teach your daughters to choose a husband and teach your sons to choose a wife- but only catch is you of to be a positive force in their life and actually a part of their life instaed of just a factor that helped it to be.

  10. To the TUSKEEGE AIRMAN, I have to take exception with your assocation of President Obama, with Moses.I strongly disagree with you. MOESE, was a MURDERER, and so was many of the members of the OLD TESTEMENT.Obama, inherited a murderious war, and in some way is trying to end them.If you say he inherited a bad situation and is in the process of turning it into something positive, I would understand. But to compare him to the likeness of MOSES to me it’s disgusting.The OLD TESTEMENT is filled with EVIL MEN, starting with MOSES. The christian religion is the same religion that enslaved our people. And we are still readig that wicked book today. You maybe right because if we do not cretique what we read then we are as evil as the people who wroter it.

  11. what I just said goes for WARS, and DRONES, too!

  12. hopefully he'll do what the good Lord put him there to do — NOT increasing abortions, especially of black children, comes to mind. Granted that there are many forces trying to keep Obama from doing what the good Lord put him there to do. Gotta pray for him every day.

  13. OK. Just because the TA says Obama is Gods good work, it is. Regardless of whats actually going on Thanks God.

  14. Thank God for men like Tuskegee Airmen & The POTUS!
    We all stand taller because of them!