Rihanna Gives Waiter Big $200 Tip For Service

rihtipWas Rihanna bubbly or just very generous?  Rihanna and her buddies decided to go out for a night on the town, on Friday. So they decided to take in a few laughs at The Laugh Factory, where Dane Cook was performing.

They were having a good time and knocking back drinks. The bill came up to be $80. According to TMZ, Rihanna asked the waiter what was the biggest tip that he ever got from someone. The server told her $100. Rihanna doubled the tip and gave him $200. She then said, “ Now I’m your biggest tip.”

Who said a good girl gone bad can’t still be good? She can afford it these days, as the “Unapologetic” singer is having major success with her new album and is launching a new fashion line in February. Plus, $200 is like $2 of the millions that she has. Way to look out for the little people, Rihanna.



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