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Chris Brown Latest Victim Of Swatting

chrisbrownswatIt seems to be the thing to do now. There is no celebrity that is immune from someone pranking them these days. First it was Bruce and Kris Jenner, now it’s Chris Brown. Some of you are laughing hilariously, already. But imagine being Chris Brown and cops coming to your door, after all of your run-ins with the law.

The cops went to the bad boy singer’s house on Monday afternoon. Someone called the cops on the singer and reported a domestic disturbance which involved a gun at his house.

According to TMZ law enforcement says, the caller reported an altercation between a mother and father was going down and that the father went into another room to retrieve a gun. The caller said nothing further and hung up the phone.

When the cops got there they did not find any evidence of a gunman and there was no dispute going on. Law enforcement is still investigating this latest “swatting”. Let’s hope the culprits realize that calling 911 with a false report can get you serious jail time.

Asa Lovechild is an accomplished actress and singer out of New York City.

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