Bet You Didn’t Know Beyoncé Lip Synched ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at Obama’s Inauguration

Beyoncé has gotten a lot of praise for her performance of ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at President Obama’s inauguration, but what mostbeyonce inauguration people didn’t know that Beyoncé lip synched her entire performance. The New York Post has confirmed without a doubt that Beyoncé did lip synch her performance.

A rep from the United States Marine Band confirmed that Beyoncé’s team informed them that she wouldn’t be performing live.

“All music is pre-recorded for the ceremony because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day,” Kristin DuBois, the band’s rep, told Page Six. “We performed, live, the band. But we received last-minute word that Beyonce was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those were the instructions we were given. We don’t know what the reason why.”

This news must come as a shock to viewers, most of whom praised Beyoncé’s performance.

As the Post notes, “At one point, Beyoncé even dramatically removed her earpiece – which now seems even more ludicrous, as she wasn’t even making any noise.”

The track which Beyoncé lip synched to was recorded the night before with the United States Marine Corps Band.

Many Beyoncé fans – and stans – will surely be disappointed to hear this news, but remember that many singers have been caught miming lyrics on stage, so that’s certainly nothing new. Beyoncé loses major points for pulling out her ear piece and playing pretend, but she probably had no idea that the United States Marine Band would spill the beans.


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  1. Who cares? We have more important problems than a pair of lips.

  2. Those earrings were awful to look at and yes, so was Aretha’s hat.

  3. So what……She still song on the pre- recorded tape! Don't peole have other things to be concern with beside Beyonce? How about helping our kids, join forces with other media streams to stop the violence in our communities!

  4. Get a life people…anyone in the business knows this happens ALL the time….she lip synched to her own voice….as most artists do during their concerts….No could dance and sing at the same time…as vigorously as Beyonce without backing tracks…That was her voice….it wasn't the first time….it definitely won.t be the last….Big F@#KING DEAL!

  5. being a professional singer…i can not imagine opening up my mouth and throat in that cold dc weather…you saw how difficult it was for aretha franklin….i was proud of beyonce…her performance was nothing less than great…but i did wonder at how any singer could sing in that cold air….
    bless her…
    and bless us all…

  6. “Lip Sync” or not, dem was some ugly ass Christmas Tree green ear rings? You couldnt do better than that B?
    Besides Jennifer Hudson would have been a better choice to sing at innaguration in my opinion!

  7. I have personally seen and heard enough from Beyonce to last a lifetime. I don’t care what she does. I don’t usually hang around to hear anyone possibly mangle that song. The only person who ever did that song true justice was my girl Whitney, she will never be touched. Beyonce was as usual just being Beyonce. Nuff said.

  8. For the record, Kelly Clarkson sang her song despite the bad singing weather.

    Again this was just a pit stop on her list of things to do and not a National Historical event. She didn’t even take the time to rehearse with the Marine band but just relied on a tape recording. She just that busy to not rehearse for a historical event. Priorities were in the wrong place.

    I wonder if she is going to lip sync during the half time show at the super bowl. Good thing people are actually paying for the game and not to see her lip sync. I could that for everybody at home.

  9. This is extreme disrespect to her fans and to the President. If there was a time to not lip sync and use your own voice would be at the Inauguration. I was there at 7th waiting for her to come out.

    I feel cheated while standing in the cold to hear her lip sync. She was the last to go on and people waited to hear her. This shows this is just another concert on her list of things to do than a history making event. True, respectable singers DO sing at live events or they should stay home. For me, she is just a shake your butt pom pom girl and not a true vocalist.

    Whitney Houston still has the best version of the Star Spangled Banner. Her vocals probably would have cracked in the weather meaning with all the years of “singing” has not helped her weak voice. No talent.

  10. Gerelyn Reynolds appears to be a hater of Beyonce. Beyonce has it going on and she is beautiful with all of her assets.
    Beyonce lip synched for a reason. The Marine Band could not pratice with her so she used her own voice and recorded beforehand.

    This is not worth mentioning.

    What is worth mentioning is The Breaking News of The President on TV of the NRA making comments that were disrepectful to Our Commander & Chief.

  11. We have really hit rock bottom when this is the lead news story of the day for every major network and sports network. I wonder how many kids went hungry today? I mean who CARES! Please stop the nonsense.

  12. Chef Larnell D Muhammad

    Come on people she did a great job, as the words of the late Richard Prayor “who gives a f@#*. Okay have a great day.

  13. Chef Larnell D Muhammad

    Come on people she did a great job, as the words of the late Richard Prayor “who gives a f@#*. Okay have a great day.

  14. Chef Larnell D Muhammad

    Come on people she did a great job, as the words of the late Richard Prayor “who gives a f@#*. Okay have a great day.

  15. Chef Larnell D Muhammad

    Come on people she did a great job, as the words of the late Richard Prayor “who gives a f@#*. Okay have a great day.

  16. Who care please give us News that is worth reading…

  17. and this is disappointing to whom? She sang it the night before and it was her voice….Really, you people are reaching for news anywhere you can get it, right? There were so many threats on the Presidents life that day, they could have cared less about who sang what and how they sang it….the important thing was that the Obama's were kept safe from all these crazy hating ass white folks!

  18. That was the best lip syncing I've ever seen and So What! However, we shouldn't be surprised that the cat was let out of the bag…nothing is sacred anymore. I don't think she was trying to hide the fact or else why would she pull the ear plug out? To let us know I ain't singing this one! We're pounced on for every little nuance some folks need to get a life.

  19. She lip synched her own voice, so what is the problem. I listened to a channel 19 reporter from Cleveland, Ohio wjo made sure to mention that a White singer didn't lip synch the song; again so what? People make more over a flag and a song than brlieving in God.

  20. SO WHAT? People with little minds will always try to find fault and bring people down. If it is true, it is not disturbing to me at all. I am more disturbed by the people who are making an issue out of it. Get a life and spend your time trying to help someone and lift them up as opposed to trying to bring someone of this magnitude down, for you are fighting a losing battle.

  21. Your Black World should change their name to….We hate our own.

  22. That’s my thought why do we always have to make a mountain out of a mole hill so what if she did it was her voice singers do it all the time especially in concert when most don’t have a live band these days unlike back in the day now most of the time the songs and music are pre-recorded and they are just moving to the beat if they had to sing live and dance at the same time they would hyperventilate and besides the Star Spangle Banner is a difficult song word wise for anyone to sing countless of people have total jacked this song up and maybe she wanted to be safe than sorry since she was singing before millions of people nation wide so please give her a break

  23. Also are they checking on everybody else who sang? Remember after his last inauguration, they criticised Aretha Franklin. They talked about her hat. The nerve of anybody talking crap about the Queen of Soul. A true Diva.

  24. Im not really a fan, but seriously, it was still her voice. Its not like it was someone else singing.

  25. Beyonce did good. Now Let us move on to more inportant things.

  26. With all I am dealing with in my own life…I don’t care and I am sure 85% of many others feel the same.

  27. Ok that does it! I have all I can take. I have enough of Your Black World! Who cares? It was still her voice. I am in unsubscribing to this nonsense.

  28. But since they’ve exposed her, what about the other performers? Were their tracks pre-recorded too? Yes, it is disappointing and it sort of takes away from the revelry of the moment but hey what’s done is done.

  29. Ok love beyonce but lame to lip sync period.. i thought that when britney does it .it was poor taste..ur a performer… u can sing the anthem. so her performance is whack now bc it wasbt a performance it was a song that case she shouldnt have gotten her ass up there..stayed with the crowd and listened to herself on a pre recorded song….sorry but lame bey!

  30. Mary Pettway-Torrance

    Whether she did it live or prerecorded it was her voice/vocals, and furthermore why are ppl complaining like they bought a ticket to her concert? Really??

  31. Stop hating. So what, it was her voice… Pleeze!

  32. what’s the big deal? it still was her own voice. messy azzzzes

  33. Oh, now it is not just President Obama. Now you are reduced to hating on Beyonce, too !!!

  34. I honestly do not believe she lip synced The Star Spangled Banner. Did Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor lip sync their songs?

    How do you explain the microphone echoing if she lip synced her song? People never cease to amaze me with all of the hating!

  35. Wow what a phony…remove the fake hair, fake lashes, fake butt, fake baby and what do you have?? A phony.

  36. Stop the B.S The Music was canned, Beyonce did not Lip Synch. If you listened to her voice, you would know she didn't, not buying it. Just a bunch of nit-picking. Give it a rest, and get on with your lives.

    • I actually saw her tongue vibrate on several notes, so she was singing even if the mic was off.. The moment is more important than how it was acheived..

  37. Wow…with as much money as she makes from legions of adoring fans, she couldnt be bothered to actually sing the song….smdh

  38. Support the buy black movement!!!! get a free account hurry this is the new hype!!!! get your free membership now

  39. WooW! I guess when you need to meet a deadline you will print any old crap to get a story! "Your Back World".. lol

  40. Did James Taylor lip synch as well?

  41. I have song the National Anthem for the Military for many years and I was admiring her ability to control her breathing during the song in outside conditions, well it is a let down but whatever that just goes to show you….all that glitters ain't hair I mean Gold.

  42. I don't blame her Kelly and James should have done the same because they didn't sound that good. 'smile'

  43. So what she still sang it, even if it was the night before

  44. David Ralph Willis

    It's not easy to sing in the cold. The other young lady did and it sounded like it.