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Alicia Keys Changes ‘Girl on Fire’ to ‘Obama’s on Fire’ to Honor The Obamas

aliciaonfireAlicia Keys performed last night at the Commander and Chief’s Ball, held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center .To show her appreciation to The United States royal couple, Keys decided to do a little revision to her hit song, “Girl on Fire” by tweaking the lyrics a bit. Keys changed the words to “Obama on Fire” and it worked out pretty well.

Keys sang,”He’s living in a world and it’s on fire.”  She went on to sang,”Filled with catastrophe / But he knows he can find a way.” “Everybody knows Michelle is his girl / Together they run the world.” She ended her performance cheering,“To the Obamas!…Have a great time.”

Alicia Keys was also joined by Jennifer Hudson who sang Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”.  The timeless hit was a fitting choice for the first couple’s first dance. President Obama sang his rendition when he visited New York City’s Apollo Theater back in 2012.

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