Watch First Lady Michelle Obama Roll Her Eyes at Republican House Speaker John Boehner

Just in case you were wondering, First Lady Michelle Obama has no love for House Speaker Boehner. Don’t believe us, watch her roll her eyes  after  Boehner cracks a joke to President Obama at the luncheon that took place after the inauguration.

It certainly shouldn’t come as any surprise that the First Lady isn’t feeling House Speaker Boehner, considering his past comments about Obama, but itmichelle and boehner is rare that you get to witness such a candid moment from Mrs. Obama.

So far, neither the White House nor the Speaker’s office has commented on what Boehner and the President had been discussing or why it elicited such a dismissive response from the First Lady.

The Speaker and the First Lady did agree that President Obama should keep his speeches short, though. So at least there was a bit of middle ground.

“Michelle and the speaker of the House came to a meeting of the minds that I may be delaying the proceedings too much,” Obama told the audience. “And so I’m just going to be extraordinarily brief and say thank you.”


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  1. …not really a big deal.

  2. …not really a big deal.

  3. Apparent that she is

  4. After watching this several more times its apparen acknowledging his tap on the arm without dignifying it with complete eye contact

  5. I would have expected to find an article of this substance in the National Enquirer. There was absolutely no merit for this . The First Lady was simply eating and observing her surroundings without being tactlessly obvious. There is enough dissection in the White House and disrespect for the President and First Lady. Scumbag media like this only fuels the flame. I hope in the future the editor will use more discernment when writing about our First Lady.

  6. Lol this is to Funny roll gurl rollem

  7. I did not see that as the First Lady rolling her eyes. She appeared to me as being deep in thought and enjoying her food.

    If my social security check is delayed because of Mr. Boehner and his cohorts ;rolling of the eyes will not be all that
    he gets from fellow seniors and myself. This is not a hand out to us. We worked hard and contributed to the Soicial
    Fund over the years. If I was near him he might get rolled eyes and a finger!

  8. I did not see that as the First Lady rolling her eyes. She appeared to me as being deep in thought and enjoying her food.

    If my social security check is delayed because of Mr. Boehner and his cohorts ;rolling of the eyes will not be all that
    he gets from fellow seniors and myself. This is not a hand out to us. We worked hard and contributed to the Soicial
    Fund over the years. If I was near him he might get rolled eyes and a finger!

  9. Get over it and move to more important things. I would barely acknowledge him either… and don’t touch me.


  11. There was no “rolling of the eye’s going on from our First Lady. It appears she was disinterested in the conversation, got out of the line of conversation, by moving forward, and continuing with her meal. She probably knew it was going to be a long time before she would be able to rest and enjoy an meal for the rest of the day. What I am most disappointed about is we let the crazy, white media (FOX news) churn up a frenzy about absolutely nothing. Dr. Boyce you of all people know this, but I have noticed you like taking any opportunity to speak negative of the president and the first lady. You are becoming like Smiley and West…just a hater.

  12. Looks like She reacted to silly chatter between The President and another person.

  13. Did you guys read an article saying that Republicans are Meeting to Discuss Minority Voter Strategies in the Plantation Room as preparation for 2014 elections? Please don’t trust republicans whether Whites or Blacks. They are all liars, racists, hypocrites and without a soul. They were there to trick Blacks. How can you expect Republicans to address social issues when they do not believe in equal employment opportunities for Blacks? Republicans do not believe solving unemployment- because under full employment wages go up eating profits of their friends – CEOs. Republicans do not believe family leave, sick leave, military leave and fair minimum wages. Republicans do believe in investing in poor black children education – they don’t want their children mix with poor black children. If they talk about the future, they mean how many mistresses they will have tomorrow. That’s why they divorce and take new women big time. Watch out those white males in picture – they were looking for black women. Republicans do not believe helping black local small business retool their shops. Republicans encourage CEOs to ship jobs abroad leaving black people jobless or on welfare – and they call them names such BIT suckers. Look even their candidate, Romney, was notorious of shipping jobs off shore to avoid tax. These are same republicans who pretend to wonder why governments here experience deficits are the same people who avoid tax by banking in Swiss banks. Republicans agree with RyanCare which kills Black seniors who exhaust $5,000 voucher. Republicans don’t want Obamacare because poor Blacks and rich republicans will have same access to medical services. Republicans, as Don Trump said, love corruption to cheat on investors. They want to fool Blacks as they did in 2010 some Blacks fell under TEA Party lies. We discovered their tricks last November. We re-elected President Obama. We are happy we going to have Obama as President for the next 4 years.

  14. I think this video is doctored, she wouldn’t eat like that. Michelle’s mom is a classy lady, I know she taught her kids better.

  15. As a kid our parents tried hard to teach us impeccable table manners, and laying your arms on the table was a definitely a no!no! Stuffing your mouth was another No! No! Talking about rolling your eyes, when my grandmother started rolling her eyes we knew we were doing something wrong.

  16. As a kid our parents tried hard to teach us impeccable table manners, and laying your arms on the table was a definitely a no!no! Stuffing your mouth was another No! No! Talking about rolling your eyes, when my grandmother started rolling her eyes we knew we were doing something wrong.

  17. It appears she is really into her meal and does not want to conversate. Michelle teaches her girls constantly that they are always being watched. I find it hard to believe she was rolling her eyes, I think she was simply protecting her space. She glanced to her left and returned to eating her lunch,period.

  18. It was not so much what he said, it is what he did. Michelle Obama is 1st Lady, you don’t “touch” her to get her attention. It was very disrespectful of him to hit her on te arm at a state function as if she was “no body”.

    White people act as if they are “entitled” to touch African-Americans. They take every opportunity to touch African-American adults and children. We need to put a stop to thi behavior, it is nasty and disrespectful, we are not their property.

  19. Olivia Simmons Carter

    He should consider himself lucky THAT HER EYES WERE THE ONLY THING SHE ROLLED. These Republicans, they are a trip and a fall, a hoot and a holler. SMDH

  20. Tee hee
    .. you know who Behner reminds me of??

  21. Frances Lombardy-Foley

    Good for her!

  22. Good for her Boehner is nothing but a bigoted Jackass. He counted on Mittens getting elected, and now he has to eat Crow, and trying to make nice, after being so divisive. I don't blame her one damn bit. And there are pictures of Boehn er's face during the Inauguration, where he looked like he'd rather be elsewhere, so Touche.

  23. Even if she did roll her eyes…why are you making such a big deal about it. Why not write an article about the historical significance of America re electing a Black man as as President for the first time in history.

  24. The media certainly knows how to sensationalize trivia. Michelle appeared to be acknowledging, perhaps reluctantly, a a comment being made after he nudged her and tried to drag her into the conversation he was having with the Pres. That was hardly eye rolling, but she did give him shade. And, yes her table manners were not the most gracious, but apparently Michelle is not hung up on pomp and circumstance. She shops at Target and wears fashions by unknown designers. So what! She’s knows who she is and she’s unpretentious. Bravo for FLOTUS!!!

  25. Support the buy black movement…… get a free membership now

  26. Love it! Paha I tell you what every racist bigot hasn't been quiet about how they feel about the 1st family for 4 years with such ignorance never recorded in American history towards any president, sooooo, she can at least roll her eyes…

  27. Why shouldn’t she, if in fact she did? John Boehner is a Red Neck Asshole!!!!

  28. This is a brand new day! The Obamas are totally different than any of the previous first families,so get over it already!! Our first lady is an intelligent,educated, strong,opinionated,classey,beautiful,& solid African American woman. She wears many hats, with the main one being partner & supporter to our Commander In Chief, The President of the United States of America. That being said, she is always classy, but strong & firm. First Lady will probably never resort to kissing as–s, because that is not her style even before the White House! In my own personal observations she seems to be one who carefully observes people, and is very straight-forward but professional in her responses to people, especially those she has reasons to have issues with. Because she is a very classy woman, the first African American First Lady ever in the White House standing as an example, she won’t utter the first things that come to mind, but don’t get it twisted, okay!! “Sister Girl is no joke !!!” You will get the message without her loosing face, &/or comming out of character!!

  29. Stop starting foolishness with my first lady. She has EVERY right to snub this devil, and then some. Who is he that he should interrupt her meal like they are friends. Be gone imp of satan.

  30. In my opinion Michelle is not he one the media should have been looking at they should have been looking at his arrogant ass he completely sat up there like he did not have to acknowledge the Obama’s and he was so much more important than they were just like an old racist ass southern slave master!! The image that the United States of America wants to get rid of!!! Boehner is like all racist white people and racist black people he wants to tell black people how they should act and talk because he cannot help it, his own racism makes him think he has the right to do this like all racist people and his arrogance shows!! This man is a piece of crap in my opinion and America would be better off without him. Look at all the problems he has caused this country!! Oh I forgot it’s President Obama’s fault like everything else!!!

  31. The press always trying to make something of nothing. Like the spider lives where there seems nothing to live on.

  32. The press always trying to make something of nothing. Like the spider lives where there seems nothing to live on.

  33. If she did she have every right to do whatever she wants.The whole thing was a waste of money anyway.We are the only nation who crown a king for four years.I do not see the logis, of this schrade every four years. It is a waste of money and a lot of hypocracy.

  34. She’s hunching over her food like it’s a trough. That’s not class, that’s bad manners. Photographs are just that, photographs. Stills. Posed. Told what to do, where to put her shoulders and her hands. Left to her own devices she is not classy. At all. White and black have nothing to do with it. I’m not a skinny white girl, btw, but that’s another matter entirely.

  35. Why does the media always try to sensationalize things that don’t exist? This is just a misinterpretation of body language plain and simple. She was trying to be polite, perhaps reluctantly, since he slapped her on the arm to dragg her into the conversation he was having with the Pres. That was hardly eye rolling, but she def gave him shade.

  36. OK Black Blue Dog now what is your surmise of this minor thing….

  37. Hmmmm….can’t really say that this was an “eye roll”. To me it looks like The President and Boehner were having a conversation and she was listening while she was eating. Then Boehner hit her arm to get some type of verbal response from her, but she was busy eating and it really wasn’t HER conversation anyway.

  38. If you are sitting next to one of your lamebrain adversary and he says something to you that is off the wall what would your physical emotional reaction? I wish she would have turn around and smack his dumb ass in the face..I know she was very uncomfortable just sitting next to that lamebrain jackass…..
    This is a non minor issue anyway…….The devil is at it again trying to steal our joy….Deception is the name of this game……

  39. Mrs. Obama was not rolling her eyes. Boener was
    talking to the President. Please don’t do what they do to us. Don’t make our First Lady look bad. Knowing cameras are on her in such a venue as this, do you really think she would do this in public? You obviously misinterpreted what the camera captured.

  40. At least she didn't tell him to go fuck himself something GOP members seem to do a lot, including Boehner who said it to Harry Reid recently.

  41. Hmmm! If she did, she got every right being the crap he and his cronies put the President and this country through…

  42. Go Michelle this is by The African– Manu The nerve of this fool touching her and sating something stupid and thank she’s going to be laughing. No President Obama tries to get along but this SIS-TA doesn’t play. Boehner wife sees that Michelle does not play.

  43. She didn't roll her eyes, she just have him and his wife a quick side eye, like "whatever, I'm eating." Why is this news? She deserves to slap him! Now that would be good stuff.

  44. LMBO, I love her. Hey that's just in black women's DNA, Most of us like to keep it real and she is no different. I love her for that, No sugar coating here.

  45. John Boehner still smoke and President Obama doesn't, and some lip reader said that Boehner said to the Pres. she want let me Smoke to Michelle Obama as if his wife said the to him as Michelle said to Pres Obama.
    What I want to know is why was Boehner sitting next to her any way, I would have slap him in his face.i.

  46. I mean really we are so bored we could catch her roll her eyes WTF go somewhere

  47. Smh can't we think of something else better to do

  48. She's honest! Why be nice to an idiot!!

  49. The big news story should be that yesterday was Martin Luther King Day as well as the inauguration of President Obama. That’s what you will tell your grandchildren. Dr. Martin Luther King wanted us to get to the Promised Land so let’s keep our eyes on the prize. We don’t need the silly gossip.

  50. What a misleading topic. I enjoy your articles. However, I one would not have expected such an article from this organization. The First Lady has class. No where in the video does it appear she is rolling her eyes.

    Perhaps, the editor of this article would have done best by inquiring of the FLOTUS what actually occured. Speculations can make one appear as an —–. So, YourBlackWorld.Com, do not take on that role.

    Stop the rhetoric with your articles.

  51. There are more negative HATERS up here than I ever imagined! It shows that they care about what we say an do. But they can NEVER be original an mind their own business. They need to face reality an admit it, ( This is the GREATEST President that has ever been the leader of this Country.)

  52. Before anyone can really comment on this, you would have to have heard the conversation. The President is laughing, therefore the eye rolling may had to do with the subject matter not the Speaker.

  53. @Renee,

    Let me tell you something sister, the first lady does not care what racists think of her. She is a classy lady, beautiful, stylish and LOOOOOOOOOOOVED by this country. That is why these SK@ANKS and racists who slither on this blog hate her. There are issues plaguing this country, yet these SK@ANKS and Racists and a few brain washed Oreos feel the need to talk about what someone wears, or if they rolled their eyes, or if they put their elbows on a darn table or not. ARE YOU SERIOUS. I am so glad the Obamas are so above the childish immature and racist comments. They do not even respond to tem. Even BUSH responded to Kanye calling him a racist, but the Obamas will not stoop to the level of a racist or a hater. SO FOR YOU ALL WHO HATE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE WHO THEY ARE MARVELOUS. Do me and the rest of the world a favor SUFFAH. And yes I spelled it S U F F A H. For emphasis.

  54. Wow!!
    Its all over the internet that she rolled her eyes…so he likely did something to annoy her but did anyone notice Boehner yawning right before the President was introduced?!

  55. Just be glad she didn’t smack him! Michelle is a classy, smart black woman and she can hold her own to the likes of John…don’t forget she is Princeton and Harvard educated…John is just a woos.

  56. the news said he asked if he had a smoke yet, and said michele want let you….in which…obama stopped smoking 3 yrs ago.

  57. I think she just know snakes when she see them….kmowing how they keep messing with her husband from day 1……..

  58. First of all she is not that “beautiful” where do yall get that crap from? She is average at best (she’s ok) Educated sisters, with good jobs, that look like Michelle are a “dime a doze in Chi Town,” Trust me “Ive been there and done that!!.

    fURTHERMORE She is eating that food like its no tommorow, lol!

    Better watch it “sister gurl”
    Anyways John Boehner is actually a nice “white boy!”

    • @John Dixon

      Take your little penis somewhere other than this blog. We are not trying to listen to a weak whack little white boy, or an Oreo whack nerd of a black boy dissing our First lady. We can tell you are immature as hell by your little tired @zz comment. The first lady is gorgeous, statuesque and stylish to a fault. Just because you have a little penis does not mean you should try to diss a beautiful black queen you f@g

  59. He mad cause he is not the Commanding Chief Officer! LOL

  60. Come on…that was not an eye roll…that was an I acknowledge what you said Boehner but because I do not particularly like you I will turn away from you and ignore your comments without a response. I should trademark that response because that is so me. LOL!

    • I totally agree with everything you posted. People are trying to make it out to something it’s really NOT, trying to scrutinize everything the First Family does but overlook all others! God, please help the unknowing!

  61. Oh my goodness! We found out that the first lady is human! Isn’t that funny! And she is the first of the “first ladies” to ever “roll her eyes”, I guess you must find some fault in her, after all, she is not perfect! Well, well, well! And, she is NOT the President of the United States! If that is all we have to worry about, so be it! She can roll her eyes and those who think she looked “country” is just plain jealous! She is a beautiful lady!

  62. She has a country bumpkin look…AND she admires Beyonce…S.A.D. BTW…Where’s the “Change”..or are economics much, much more enriched for ya? SMH…

    • @BizG

      You have a lot of nerve calling anyone a country bumpkin with that country @zz name you have. I don’t know if you are male or female, but what I do know is that you are obviously a retard. If the only thing you have going for you is sitting on your lard @ZZ trying to find negative comments about how a person looks, then your mother should not have gone through so much trouble pushing your @zz out of her womb you pathetic sorry excuse for a human being. Try doing something constructive with your life loser.

  63. Look again. The three of them were in agreement about something that was funny. Her manerisms simply showed agreement–like saying, “Okaaay”. Don’t fall for the media’s tricks. That is how we got in this mess anyway.

  64. YBW must be running out of news stories to report…..*sigh*.

  65. She didn’t look like she rolled her eyes.

  66. If she rolled her eyes, so what? Why is that news? I have to unsubscribe from this site. The stupidity of journalistic content is astonishing on a regular basis.

    • Erica,

      I agree with you. I unsubscribe early last year and waited a year, thinking that it will change. It didn’t so I am unsubscribing again. This website is what I would call “bashing Black folk”. It’s bad enough we have to take negativity from main stream but it hurts worse when we do it to each other over such trivial bs

  67. Regardless of what color either one of them are, it would be nice to see our First Lady use proper table manners at a formal function. It isn’t that hard to sit up straight, bring the food to your mouth, and keep your elbows off the table. There are plenty of videos on You Tube that would show her how.

    • Precisely my point Kerri! I’m not fooled by ‘glamor’..and I’m just not impressed with these two…especially because they’re “black.” How’s it go…same crap/different day?!

    • @Kerri

      You are fooling no one you racist. I’ll be willing to bet all you skinny sickly looking white women are so jealous because white men no longer see you all as attract9ve. most of you look like skinny little boys. That is how most white women are shaped now a days. There is nothing wrong with how the first lady conducts herself, which is why she is always on every stylish women magazine cover. You are one jealous sk@nk. And just on the small chance that you are black, you need to wake up and smell that hot perking coffee. We are who we are. There is no one race who can dictate how to act and how not to act. She is a class act, whether your broke down @zz want to admit it or not. She is the HEAD WOMAN in charge of this country. Get over it sk@nk

      • First, I’m not a skinny white girl but that doesn’t matter either way. Second, she is hunching over her food like it’s a trough AND she’s chewing with her mouth open. I don’t know what constitutes “class” in that behavior. It’s kind of gross, actually.

        • You seem like a cornball!! Go and get a life! No one is perfect, including your lame behind! She is not breaking the law by putting her elbows on the dang on table! It also doesn’t mean she is not classy or does not have manners you Snohomish girl! I hate snobby people like you! Your a tiny spec compared to the first lady anyways!!

  68. Whatever it is that he did to her, She let him know as well as thje world that she can't stand his ass.

    • she have that right, he don't like her nor her husband so why laugh with him knowing he is laughing at her. She's no joke .

  69. Why is Mrs. Obama sitting next to this mofo in the first place? Boner, err, I mean Boehner, is always talking shit about the Prez, so why does she have to fake the funk and act like she likes this fool? He's lucky she didn't knock his ass out!

  70. OK she rolled her eyes?

  71. Why is Mrs. Obama sitting next to this mofo in the first place? Boner, err, I mean Boehner, is always talking shit about the Prez, so why does she have to fake the funk and act like she likes this fool? He's lucky she didn't knock his ass out!

    • I agree. The president didn't want him next to him so he sit him beside Michelle knowing she was not gonna put on airs.

  72. Doubt that FLOTUS rolled her eyes at Boehner. She is more classy than that and discrete too.

  73. What is the issue a real woman no matter your race stands by their husband or man if he is right.

  74. She didn’t roll her eyes at him. Mrs. Obama was eating and he he barely tapped her arm. She briefly acknowlege it while eating at the same time. Although I am more than sure she doesn’t like Boehner (can’t blame her) this topic is so misleading. As a black First Lady Mrs. Obama can’t even afford one misstep or show that she is human. She always
    has to be perfect for the mainstream, white public.

  75. So if she rolled her eyes, he is nasty and has treated the president as such. Why be bothered by people that put on airs. He hates the Obama's. I wouldn't be bothered with him either. Wanted to make the public think he likes them well she is nobodys fool.

  76. It didn't look like she rolled her eyes to me. She just looked "hongry."

  77. She was eating. He bothered her. It must be hard to have your every move analyzed by persons who have nothing better to write about.

  78. Personally she I did not see where she "Rolled her eyes"…looks like the 1st lady was getting her "eat" on to me…and really I am glad that our President has "Judas" at the table with him and around him because it only strengthens his resolve and adds a touch of AGAPE to the business of politics…women will be women by the way…its called Stand by your man! we love our 1st family and God bless them and God bless America…..

  79. She was eating when he tap her on her arm I too would have roll my eyes if someone tap me while I'm trying to eat.. He could have at least waited until she finished eating…

  80. She should have B***H slapped the creep.

  81. Hate and unforgiveness, both ugly!

    • yes Karen, it is but guess who's hating who . President Obama is only trying to make everybody cover their fare share, why should the middle class carry the load while the rich get richer. You don't see him calling people out of their names and yes he has forgiven them, they did everything they could to try and make him a one term president but it didn't work, they have called him everything but a child of God. He don't have to worry because the God he serves is the Almighty God and His Will shall be done . He put Obama in the White House both times.

  82. after watching a few times, its debatable whether she roled her eyes or not, first he slaps her arm while she is eating, an it is so noisey their, who knows if she could even hear what he said, and it looks to me like she was says "no" in dsagreement with whatever he was saying…..if this is what a eye roll is to most americans, than they definately got to get out more, eye rolls on reality tv are better than this, the FOX folks must be really dragging this into every news bit to get attention.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you! The conversation was between the Speaker and the President. She just happened to be sitting between the two. She just looked like she was acknowledging their conversation without being a part of it…and seemingly really enjoying that plate of food!

  83. I roll my eyes everytime I see his name written….did he cry at all….id say his crying is more noteworthy than any human rolling their eyes at what a politician says.

  84. Maybe old school stength and character is "Gone With The Wind!" True "grace" under pressure will always prevail!

    • Our First Lady was still graceful!!! That is what was prevailed as I saw it.

    • Perhaps, LOL. But if memory serves me correctly, eye-rolling to moma, daddy, grandma, and even grand daddy could earn you a "LOVE TAP" Wonder what Mable "Madea" Simmons would think. Just saying. LOL

  85. Defiinite eyeroll. Someday, we'll be together! Bad negative emotions all up in here. I choose the path of forgiveness. Best movie scene that embodies grace in action, Melanie welcoming coniving Scarlett O'Hara to her home even as Scarlett pursued her husband. Mr. Ashley. True agape love covers an abundance of sins, hate, disagreements. Anyway!

    • If she rolled her eyes so what ? she didn't shoot him . He ain't worthy of a conversation with her and why should she put on airs for the public , they don't .

  86. Yeah that's a defensive posture. Plus she was eating after a long of festivities clearly not in the mood for anyone at that moment let alone John douchebag Boehner. Lol

  87. Eric Temitayo Bridges


  88. Eric Temitayo Bridges


  89. He clearly irritated her because he tapped her on the arm and said something and she not only rolled her eyes, but if you notice she put her arm on the table as if to say "get out of my space". Obama just chuckled, but Michelle was clearly annoyed at whatever he said.

    • I just saw this…they caught her being for real. That man been dogging her husband for four year…I'd probably do the same thing…shoot, I remember refusing to attend a going away party for Wayne S. Brown because I wasn't up for sitting around a bunch of phony folk who I know didn't like him and tried to keep him from progressing. She HAD to be there.

    • Action speaks louder than words!

    • She acted lik she couldn't stand his ass.

    • I don't blame her, because John Boehner didn't even shake her hand when she and Gill Biden walked down the hall passing Boehner on the way, Michelle reach out to him and he just look at her.
      I guess John Boehner though Michelle Obama had for gotten that, Boehner should be counting his blessing that Michelle didn't slap in the face.

    • Too much is being read into this simple gesture which is a questionable "roll eyes." Too bad mess is what the majority likes to read into a situation. from the heart, the mouth speaks and what is in a person is sure to come out. if Mess is on the inside it is bound to show up in how one sees the world. I too need prayer.

  90. Bet he want mess with her! That was a don't touch my arm again look!

    • He probably thought he was going to get some skinning an grinning but that's a STRONG BLACK WOMAN, she keeps it real! Luv her I do.

  91. I hope she runs for president after her hysband.She has my vote already.Shes very beauiful also.I love the first family.

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