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Watch First Lady Michelle Obama Roll Her Eyes at Republican House Speaker John Boehner

Just in case you were wondering, First Lady Michelle Obama has no love for House Speaker Boehner. Don’t believe us, watch her roll her eyes  after  Boehner cracks a joke to President Obama at the luncheon that took place after the inauguration.

It certainly shouldn’t come as any surprise that the First Lady isn’t feeling House Speaker Boehner, considering his past comments about Obama, but itmichelle and boehner is rare that you get to witness such a candid moment from Mrs. Obama.

So far, neither the White House nor the Speaker’s office has commented on what Boehner and the President had been discussing or why it elicited such a dismissive response from the First Lady.

The Speaker and the First Lady did agree that President Obama should keep his speeches short, though. So at least there was a bit of middle ground.

“Michelle and the speaker of the House came to a meeting of the minds that I may be delaying the proceedings too much,” Obama told the audience. “And so I’m just going to be extraordinarily brief and say thank you.”


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