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Min. Farrakhan to Obama: Come Speak to Parents of Dead Children in Chicago


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Minister Louis Farrakhan, in a compelling address to President Barack Obama, made a plea to the president to consider coming to Chicago to see about the families of those who’ve been victimized by the astonishing epidemic of gun violence in the city over the past several years.  Farrakhan, who lives in the same south side neighborhood as Obama, asked the president to do the same for the victims of Chicago that he did for the families in Newtown, Connecticut who were the victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting.

The video, which is below, is a respectful one.  Farrakhan is not yelling at President Obama or attack him.  In this plea, he is simply doing what we should all be doing:  Making it clear that our dead children are just as valuable as the children who die in the suburbs.  It’s hard to look past a president who flies to Colorado when people are shot in a suburban movie theater, and then cries publicly when other children are killed in an affluent part of Connecticut, yet simultaneously considers the death of boys in his own neighborhood to be nothing more than business as usual.

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