Gavin Richard: What Would Martin Say to Obama? “This is NOT My Dream”


by Gavin Richard

As we commemorate the 84th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I cannot help but to reflect on the times that we live in now and wonder what would happen if he were alive. Certainly, the election and re-election of President Barack Obama would put a smile on his face. And yes, we have the right to eat where we want, live where we want, and the right to chose were we would like to obtain our diplomas and degrees (Sometimes). However, I doubt that Dr. King would think everything his honkie-dorie with Black America.

African-Americans are dealing with unemployment at 14% and rising, as well as health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure among other things. Not to mention, we are now dealing with high abortion rates, which has now become the fastest killer of African-Americans. Surely, he wouldn’t be happy about that.

It’s funny how every year, around Dr. King’s birthday, people tend to categorize Dr. King in only the “I have a Dream” speech. We hear it every year, in sound bites on television and radio. Yet, rarely do we hear about the Martin Luther King who called the U.S.A. “The greatest purveyor of violence.” Nor do we hear to often, my personal favorite Dr. King Speech, that ended up being is last, “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop.”


It just so happens that Dr. King was there helping the Sanitation Workers, who were fighting not only for just wages, but to be treated as men. Men that want and do provide for their families, something sadly that is missing these days. Just as it was in 1968, Dr. King would be there fighting on behalf of the poor and the African-Americans whose unemployment rate has been rising. He would demand that President Obama would address those issues and hold him accountable because President Obama is not a King, but a servant to the people as what the presidency should be about, not serving corporate interest no matter the political party.


Finally, would Dr. King be happy about the division and the break-up of the black family? I wonder what he would think of shows such as All My Babies’ Mamas or Basketball Wives. The examples that they are setting to our youth. No, Dr. King would not be smiling, he would be fighting and challenging our people to accomplish things better for themselves and most importantly, for our youth. I know that Dr. King would be happy to see a beautiful First Family that looks like him, but that was not the only part of “The Dream”. More work is to be done. Work that would lead to an equal playing field. Let’s not just have a Black President when the nation is 9 trillion dollars in debt, and there’s two wars. Give me the keys to the mansion with all the rooms furnished.


If you have one black president, have 43 more black presidents on an equal playing field. Now, that truly is a Dream.


Gavin Richard

J.D. Candidate, Class of 2014
Southern University Law Center

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  1. Dr King would be saddened by the lack of fathers being around on a full time bases…people just shacking up & not being married..the sad state of the church, where the church & the world are the same..

  2. obama will respond is my dream.


  4. Dr. King, being a truth-teller to power, even with the profound threat of state-sanctioned terrorism and death to him, his family and associates would say I believe;
    “President Obama, you have set the bar from the most high on how the black constituency (vote) should be treated from above now and in the future.(taxation without representation)
    Mr President, Your black skin has allowed you to trifle and impede the now and future of our black babies better than any white president ever could get away with today. I heard your Fathers Day speech at that black church I noted that your mostly incorrect and damning rant to black men, on a day set aside to honor fathers, your lie was to declare that personal responsibility is the cross that we black men alone have to bear. So the current condition of blacks as a whole is solely our fault? Lets debate this in public or private. You implied that us black men don’t love our children as much as anyone else. Nonwithstanding your pandering to gays for the democratic vote, you stepped outside of the boundaries of your oath of office to protect with executive amnesty, non-countrymen (Hispanics) who committed crime(s)by entering the country illegally, without as much as a critical word or directive to date about festering black issues. This frightens me. Mr. President, Your sheep need a shepherd now.
    I pray that your conscience awakes and allows you, from the worlds most powerful podium to affirm that american blacks have more blood, sweat and tear equity in this country than anyone with very little in return for starters by the direction of government policy past and current. I have returned my peace prize because one was awarded to you, a man of wars of choice and worse atrocities”.
    ME; I really intend for this to be the last time that I post or visit this website. The Obamabots make me physically ill. Not worth it. The way that things are going now my beloved black people,the majority of us are going to have to take it to the streets soon to feed our children and deal with the police like Dr. King did. But this time,without a leader. Stay Up.

  5. The Shine Has Worn Off

    Well said Gavin Richard and stay strong sister Kim.

    I was watching some of the inauguration coverage today and viewing the pageantry associated with it. The black elites on BET and TV ONE were just ooozing over Barak W. Bush’s speech. It amazes me that these people find nothing objectionable about this guy or his policies. Nothing worth going against him. Actually, it doesn’t amaze me because they have to follow the marching orders they receive from their corporate sponsors. These black elites care more about other groups’ issues more than they do the people whom they look like. For example, this one black elitist made a comment about how proud he was to hear, for the first time, a president mention the word “gay” in his inauguration speech. Wow. Thanks President Obama. I’m sure the (black) unemployment problem was just solved by you mentioning the word gay in your speech full of beautiful lies. These people are useless tools for their corporate sponsors.

    They are nothing but Greek tradition loving sell outs. All this fraternity and sorority bullsh*t that these black elites serve is nothing more than the black version of white secret societies. It may not be known to many on the lower levels of these groups, but the higher you get, the more you become illuminated with the knowledge. I’ll never join one. I’m not greek. I’m black. A majority of these idiots don’t know their own ancestors history or traditions.

    These black elites are responsible for keeping the masses under humble, misguided control. They don’t fight the establishment for justice and equality, they are gate keepers for the establishment. They are the selected ones who are supposed to be a voice and an example for African Americans. They will sacrifice many in return for wealth, power, and acceptance into the fold.

    • Nice read. Your words paint a picture that speaks. Stay Up.

    • Good point about greek societies… and how black’s follow that culture without even understanding it…

      My question that I often ask greeks is this: “why don’t you black greeks just create your own egyptian fraternities? Im, saying…. The greeks lifted their knowledge from the egyptians…

      why not use the idea of Khemet as the foundation of your brotherhood instead of co-opting a watered down version of your own heritage?

      I havent received an answer to that question….just blank stares as if they never even considered such a thing

  6. If Dr. King were alive today this is more like what he would say than anything I’ve heard so far: “Damn, I fought and sacrificed my life so you n****rs could have some pride and self-respect in being Black, you have the same rights and privileges of any other American, made it possible for a man, even if he’s only half Black in your eyes to become the President of the United States, the same United States that enslaved your asses and ddn’t even consider you to be human. Now 45 years later you haven’t done shit as a people to move beyond what I and so many others died and fought for. The only thing I can say now is f**k yall!”

  7. @Marcus…My thoughts exactly. This life speeech for the American dream and equality I ean do they really think we are buying into this sh*t? Hell I am in my 50’s and I haen’t seen it or had the opportunity yet and surely after being forced to resign due to the wicked EEOC chaired by Michelle Obama’s bet friend really has me living worst than when I was 18 starting out in life. I am in total poverty, on food stamps and HUD when I was once paying for my own roof and spending 4-600.00 a month on food and other house hold needed expenes and I still have to hear about this equality shit? When can I come to washngton to tell my story of what was permitted to occur to me for no reason and for other ppl of color to sit there with thier mouths shut knowing this white bigot was out to get to me and tol them she was and they sat there kissin the massa’s ass so they would not be out of thier jobs. No I do not feel bad with gov feeding and housing me after all they are ones who stole my omfort zone from me. I don’t care to believe anything Barack, Joe Biden or any of them say – its all a bunch of lies. I couldnt even go through with getting my colonoscopy done today after I struggled preparing all day yesterday for going without food all day and becoming dizzy and this is what you call great medical care oppotuntity for a 50+ yr old. iTS ALL A FRONT IN WASHINGTON NONE OF THEM CARE ABOUT US mICHAEL JACKSON WAS CORRECT THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    • @Kim–what you have gone thru is what a LOT of black people have gone thru. Even middle class whites are being pushed into poverty. It’s by design. Of course, when white america catches a cold, we get pneumonia so that’s nothing new but how many realize that what little collective black wealth there was prior to Obama’s presidency has been WIPED out? The housing crisis was the primary cause and how many wall street bankers have ever paid a price? They were bailed out COURTESY the american taxpayers! So it is all a game and it’s been planned for some time. And brace yourselves & prepare b/c it will get worse before it gets better. The NWO is on the horizon & the culling of poc populations has already begun.

  8. Dr King would be turning in his grave as would Brother Malcolm X and all the other leaders that were fighting for the rights of black folks if they could see how todays black folks carry on .To say that he would be displeased if he were to see all the reality garbage featuring black folks acting like fools would be an understatement.

  9. If Dr. King were alive today this is more like what he would say than anything I've heard so far: "Damn, I fought and sacrificed my life so you n****rs could have some pride and self-respect in being Black, you have the same rights and privileges of any other American, made it possible for a man, even if he's only half Black in your eyes to become the President of the United States, the same United States that enslaved your asses and ddn't even consider you to be human. Now 45 years later you haven't done shit as a people to move beyond what I and so many others died for. The only thing I can say now is f**k yall!"

  10. Well said Marcus. It is time for African Americans to stop whining, stop depending on others and do for self. Stop teen pregnancies, stay in school, and stop the excuses.