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Fox News Pundits Declare Inauguration Day the Saddest Day of Year

Even people who weren’t supporters of President Obama should be able to agree that today is a good day for American democracy. America  didn’t have a military coup, fox and friends or get a president selected by the Supreme Court. Our president was elected by the American people, and that’s a good thing – unless you work for Fox News.

The folks at Fox & Friends spent an entire segment this morning telling Fox viewers that the third Monday of January, which just happens to be President Obama’s inauguration day, is the most depressing day of the year.

Co-host Steve Doocy said, “It has to do with drab weather, holiday bills, and resolutions that we have not met.” Doocy and his cohorts didn’t have much evidence to support this notion,  just junk science, but that wasn’t really the point was it?

One wonders if Fox News would’ve declared inauguration day the saddest day of the year if it meant Romney would be taking the oath of office. We’re sure it would have been the height of optimism on the set of Fox & Friends had this been Romney’s inauguration day. There would’ve been Fox and Rasmussen polls demonstrating how the entire country was a glow with hope for a right wing change. But since Romney lost, Fox had to go and find junk science to convince its views that they are, or should be, filled with sadness.

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