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Hilarious: The Late Barry White Exclaims ‘F*ck This Sh*t’ During Recording Flub

The late two-time Grammy Award winner Barry White flubbed over his words during a recording for a radio spot advertising an event at Paul Quinn College.


The smooth talking, sultry singer Barry White hypnotized women with his charm, class, and romance from the 1960’s until his untimely death in 2003.

The “Never Gonna Give You Up” singer may have contemplated giving up on an audio recording for a radio commercial possibly advertising the Barry White Celebrity Tennis Tournament and Concert in 1981. The three day event featured a welcome reception for the celebrities on May 8, a tennis match, concert, and reception on May 9, and a tournament and special presentations on May 10. The event was a benefit for Paul Quinn College’s capital improvement fund. Prices ranged from $10-$1,750.

In the hilarious video posted on YouTube, you can hear a noticeably agitated White exclaim “F*ck this sh*t!” And at one point during the recording, he slams the copywriter by calling him an “a**hole” for having “words he don’t even need.” Later on the artist jokingly says, “Sh*t, it cordially invites yo’ a** to come on down.” After flubbing over his words for the fourth or fifth time, White asked, “Ain’t this a b*tch?” and resorts to calling upon Jesus. You can listen to the hilarious clip by clicking here:


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