Study Shows Racial Discrimination Drives Violence, Depression In Young Blacks

Stress can increase the risk for violent behaviors and depressive symptoms for African-American young adults, according to a study conducted by Lorena Estrada-Martinez of Washington University in St Louis.

Oftentimes African-Americans — especially young, African-American men — are portrayed in the media as violent, aggressive, and depressed. There seems to be a general assumption that violent behavior is an innate characteristic in African Americans. Research and common sense prove that isn’t true.

According to a study conducted by Lorena Estrada-Martinez, assistant professor  at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, different types of stress, particularly from racial discrimination, can influence the risk for violent behaviors and depressive symptoms in African-American young adults.

African-American youth who were at greatest risk for engaging in violent behaviors while transitioning into adulthood were those who experienced higher levels of racial discrimination in addition to general daily stressors. Contrary to expectations, stress that stemmed from financial shortage and neighborhood stress were not associated with the risk of violent behaviors during emerging adulthood,” Estrada-Martinez says. She notes that risk for violent behaviors decreased over time. Here’s Estrada-Martinez recommendation for solving the problem: “It’s important to note that racial discrimination serves as a lightning rod for violent interactions and must be eliminated from society at the structural level.”  (Read details of the full study here.)

Do you believe society will eliminate racial discrimination at the structural level?

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  2. Yes, I do believe for some that racial discrimination can drive violence and depression in minorities of all colors. Individuals get frustrated with having to deal with extra problems and blocks to opportunites that others recieve freely. Some minoirities have the extra problems of just living day to day with trying to meet their basic needs of food, shelter and clthing for themselves and their families; add on to that racist preventing them from advancing because ignorance, lack of compassion, empathy. and inequality. Survivial of the fittest causes some of them to choose the path of the least resistence, criminal activities, when no other hope in their mind is in sight.

  3. I believe this to be true. It becomes a sad reality for the black male when he see's that he does not fit the criteria for white america. This is why black men need to educated the younger men and teach them that they will not fit the american dream, because it was not designed for them no matter how much they try.

  4. This kind of news isn’t new we in the black community have known this kind of thing for years. Writing and talking about it doesn’t change anything we need action.

  5. I think that the media, certain people in the lime light and sometimes us as parents are damaging to our children by constantly telling them that white people hate them. That white people run this country and that they have to fight to earn the respect that they need. We teach our children not to take grap from anyone and to stand up for themselfs. But we don’t teach them common curtisy and mannors. How to act in public. We teach them the prison difinition of respect and not the dictionaries version. And then we think that our children will grow up to be functioning adults. Why would a child who lives in fear and hate his whole life think that he should keep the laws of the land and play by the rules.
    I live in the deep south. Racism isn’t based on skin color. It is based on the evil that is in the natural mans heart. White or black, we need to find those that have love in their heart and come together. As americans.
    Leave the Farakans in the history book of what we should avoid. He gets the money and power from spreading his hate. He is no better than the KKK.

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    • Well let's take away your access from the most important resources (e.g. money, education, health) and see how you react.

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  7. No, we have a black president has anything change.

  8. I believe that society (should) eliminate racial discrimnation at the structural level, should, being the operative word, but our society is made up of people, good bad and indiffernt and or ugly!