President Obama May Change His Mind On Assault Weapons Ban

According to The New York Times, after Joe Biden met with gun supporters on Thursday and Attorney General Eric Holder met with gun manufacturers and sellers, the White House decided a ban on assault weapons would be too hard to get through Congress.

As the one month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy passed, the White House has announced a change of plans for President Obama’s assault weapons ban. The announcement comes after Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder met with gun supporters and gun manufacturers and sellers to come up with a viable solution for the surge in gun violence. Following the meetings, the White House calculates that a ban on assault weapons will be too tough to get through Congress.

Instead, the White House is considering more “politically achievable” goals, such as strengthening background checks and keeping guns away from the mentally ill.  The news will be disappointing to those who believed President Obama would possibly use Executive Orders as well as Legislative Orders to solve the problem of gun violence as Biden disclosed .

In his public comments after the meetings, Biden — who President Obama appointed to lead the task force — did not mention an assault weapons ban at all as he discussed the work of the committee, which will be delivering suggestions to the president on Tuesday. Biden noted that his former colleagues in the Senate have long been “pretty universally opposed to any restrictions on gun ownership or what type of weapons can be purchased.”

After seeing the media’s reaction to Biden’s obvious neglect to discuss the ban on assault weapons, the White House released a statement removing blame from the president and placing it on Congress. “President Obama has been clear that Congress should reinstate the assault weapons ban and that avoiding this issue just because it’s been politically difficult in the past is not an option,” said spokesman Matt Lehrich. “He’s also stressed that no single piece of legislation alone can solve this problem, which is why he has asked Vice President Biden to explore a wide array of proposals on topics ranging from gun laws to mental health to school safety.”

David Keene, President of the National Rifle Association, also says that he does not expect to see a ban on assault weapons anytime soon.  “I would say that the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this Congress,” Keene said on CNN’s “State Of The Union.”

Many political observers find themselves disappointed that the ban would not pass through Congress, and see this as evidence of serious corruption. Dr. Boyce Watkins, a professor at Syracuse University and advocate against gun violence asks,”What in the world does anyone need an assault weapon for anyway?  The fact that Congress may buckle on this issue shows that making a profit is clearly more important than protecting children.  It also says that many of our political leaders have become corrupted beyond repair.”

What do you believe will happen?

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  1. I hope people will stop looking for easy solutions to complex problems. One person armed with two six shot revolvers can kill, at close range, 12 people in 12 seconds. banning assault rifles SOUNDS GOOD but has little effect on the problems at hand. The main problem is ANGER. Address it!!!

  2. why don't you get real. There are still a lot of guns out there. So these strick rules won't take the guns out of the hands of the nuts. And the nuts are not going to give up their guns. It is too late for that. So slowing down the sales of gun is too late. They have all the guns they want. But, you can stop the sales of amunition.

  3. What do I believe will happen? Nothing! These people are full of it, this is just "lip service." Something would have been done after the Columbine shooting if they were serious, but since we have nothing after that massacre, then what do you expect them to do now? That event alone was enough to convince us something needed to be done about guns and violence, but what do we have? Nothing!

  4. Never believe or trust a liar until the liar has either left, been impeached or voted out of office! Remain vigilant to protect your Constitutional Rights everyone!

  5. Solution for assault weapons: For those who are against the sales of assault weapons in the US the answer is simple, have some organization fund the mass buying of assault weapons of all types to African Americans. Just by buying loads of the Bushmaster AR-15's, M16A1's, AK-47s, Lewis Machine gun, etc., white folk knowing that AA's have 'em, would make instant laws throughout the nation against owning any of those weapons of mass destruction. ijs

  6. I wouldn't bet on this, how many times has this man lied? He and his criminal gang needs to be removed.

  7. tell that to New York. By noon tommorrow half of that state's gun owners will be class b felons.

  8. What a piece of garbage story. Best part is where he indicates an executive order for gun control would have solved the problem of gun violence. Hahahaha. Dummy.

  9. What a piece of garbage story. Best part is where he indicates an executive order for gun control would have solved the problem of gun violence. Hahahaha. Dummy.

  10. more interested in making a profit than protecting children. HELLO! Congress is making profits buying into companies they award contracts to(insider trading). protecting children is what Americans with guns(legally) do. how do these dumbasses(Dr. Watkins) make it through college anyways.

  11. So many things wrong with this article… where to start?
    1. There is no surge in gun violence. Although numbers for 2012 aren't much in yet, from 2007 to 2011, gun violence dropped about 15.26%.
    2. Why are we talking about an assault weapons ban when the shooter at Sandy Hook used pistols?
    3. Why does the article's author quote some leftie professor for his final quote without giving a responding quote from the other side?
    Typical. I notice the author didn't sign his name. I wouldn't have wanted my name attached to this article either.

  12. To bear arms does NOT mean you need to have military style weapons.You have lived your life for decades w/o assault weapons so it is not necessary.The Constitution is NOT the BIBLE it can be changed when necessary,No one is taking away gun rights,just trying to keep the worst weapons away frm the criminals,if criminals and mental illed could get their hands on nuclear bombs would you not want to change the admendment to bear arms.

    • For those that think these are relatively new firearms, what you liberal leftists deem an assault rifle, actually it’s the AR15 and it’s been around since the early 60’s.

    • For those that think these are relatively new firearms, what you liberal leftists deem an assault rifle, actually it’s the AR15 and it’s been around since the early 60’s.

    • For those that think these are relatively new firearms, what you liberal leftists deem an assault rifle, actually it’s the AR15 and it’s been around since the early 60’s.

    • K, I’m respectfully going to inform you that you are misinformed. It is a good idea to research history when it comes to these types of discussions. The 2nd amendment is NOT about defending the right to hunt and shoot paper targets. Our founding fathers were very clear, it’s purpose is the last ditch safeguard against tyranny. Thomas Jefferson said, “the glory of the 2nd is that you won’t really need it until they try to take it”. During the Revolutionary war, most of the artillery was privately owned. That means civilians owned the cannons. There was an act passed in 1903, called the Dick Act which reaffirmed this. Basically, it said that we have 3 means of defense-the organized militia, which is the national guard that may be used for national emergencies and to suppress insurrections. There is the standing army, then there is the UNORGANIZED milita. The unorganized milita was said by the founders, and again reaffirmed by the Dick Act, to include ALL ABLE BODIED CITIZENS between the ages of 18-45. This act said that the unorganized militia shall never be forbidden to possess any types of weapons, and they may possess in as much quantity as they can afford. The 2nd amendment is about SELF DEFENSE, not hunting. In the 1700’s everyone hunted, or else you didn’t eat. IF there is a gang of MS-13 members, armed lets say with nothing but knives, baseball bats, lead pipes, and machetes. They’re outside your door, screaming about how they will rape your family, then make you watch as they slit their throats. What would you rather have, 7 rounds or 30? Do you want to have to stop and reload in the middle? Operate a pump, or keep pulling the trigger? Remember, people miss, especially under stress. Or would you rather call the police to come and investigate in 5 minutes, after they’re done and have fled the scene? There is a reason most law enforcement agencies have switched from shotguns to AR-15’s, because it’s the best tool to defend yourself. Statistically, you are more likely to accidentally be killed by your doctor, or be accidentally shot by a cop than you are to see a mass murder scenario. Yet, when these things happen, everyone panics and blames guns. Who’s blaming all the drugs these people are on, and why is this not discussed in media? Is it, maybe because the drug companies pay the media?

    • The US constitution is a “DEAD DOCUMENT” and will not be changed easy. Those are the rules so get used to it or try China you may have better luck there.

    • the rite to bare arms is there to protect me from those who wish to infringe on all of my other rites including the government how can i protect myself form power if i dont have power myself this is the intent of the 2nd amendment and we as americans have lived a soft fat life for to long we think the days of world war and soldiers at your door step are behind us all it takes is a history book to tell you those days are ahead

    • You are the type that is as stupid as the idiot you voted for.

  13. There are plenty of reasons to have a semi-auto assault rifle. They range from sport shooting to protecting cattle from packs of dogs on a ranch and do not to forget its our right from the second ammendment. Besides malpractice from medical kills 10 to 1 from a gun and from cars 5 to 1 from a gun. But both are never considered for a ban. As for the ar15 it is true it was not a ar15 for the reason a ar15 does on have any grips on the extractor side, its on the rear near the butt of the weapon. And they dont even say one word about the other two hand guns in the school and the henery repeator also in the trunk or even the 2nd shooter. Watch THE SANDY HOOK SHOOTING FULL STORY on youtube. I own assault weapons and am a ferm believer in owning them.

  14. Do you know the funny thing about this? All of the these liberals minded people won’t even do the research. They will not even look at the fbi website for the gun and violent crime offenses since 1971. They will simply spew there opinion with NOTHING to back it up. I dare all liberals to look at the data. When you do, you will see that in the 10 year gun ban that the gov instituted, it did NOTHING for gun violence or violent crime. NOTHING! Read it for yourself. Also, since 1979 there has been a 50% reduction in violent crime in the states as well as a 54% reduction in gun crime. Why is no one taking the credit for this?

    This is all date from the site and the BATF site. Take the time, read the stats. Stop trying to push your opinion and look at the hard data available. That is unless you are so close minded you need a back round check to post on the net.

  15. Eric Douglas Crane

    Don't back off. We need to make sure Feinsteins gun grab is killed dead. This is good news if it's true – But I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Stay organized get involved and keep up the fight. It will not be over for them till we are all disarmed subjects.

  16. Great news. But always look for the sneak attack from behind.

    Donate to NRA-ILA and gun owners of America today!
    Give whatever you can! $5-10-20 anything helps!

  17. no what is curropt is considering banning weapons in the first place. go re-read the second amendment you non-patirots.

  18. Thank god

  19. how are they back ordered these things are mass produced I'm sure that with todays economy they are employees willing to pick up extra shifts they could even pick up a 3rd shift and hire temps a lot of people are looking for jobs right now how many mags can they spit out in a 24 hour period.

  20. Everyone asks why do you need and asault weapon because its fun to shoot, because if your a law abidding citizen why not. Asking this is like asking why do you need a farari, there isn't a road in the states you can drive it to its potencial so why do you need it, its fun to drive. That doen't mean your going to run someone over but I'm sure cars killed more people this year than guns.

  21. Just another example of Uncle Joe shooting off his mouth – mabey! I fully expect him to be on camera one day and say "Pull my finger!" However, I put absolutely nothing past Commrade Obama!

  22. Robert, No words spoken has any greater truth than those that were spoken by you. Our LEO’s are our soldier’s of our streets and our communities ad are to be commended for all that they try and accomplish. With shortages caused by government because of budget cuts, freezing of hiring new officers, longer hours of officer’s on duty while their pay scale stays basically unchanged for the work and stress they go through on a daily basis, having to work specials or events while off duty just to be able to make a salary that will just help you get everything paid for the month.
    The reason I bring this up is to say that even as LEO’s, you are greatly out numbered by the criminal element and have to be out on the streets taking chances no one else would just so you can say you are one whom tried to make a difference. Point of this is when you start your shift, even though you try and put it out of your mind, you always wonder when the time will come that you may be faced with the fact that you will run up on a situation where you could be confronted by bad people and loose, leaving behind a wife and children. Yet you choose to do it away regardless, as that is what shaped you into the person you. LEO’s are our Warriors a are to be commended for your service just as we do the Military as you draw the line in the sand and refuse to give an inch regardless.
    Thank you Robert for your service and I feel that citizens everywhere should rally around our men and women in uniform that try and make our streets safe. I salute you Sir!!!

  23. Do not believe what this LIAR says about anything!

  24. I wish people got this worked up over other issues.

  25. That last paragraph infuriates me. That's the typical liberal mentality. If you don't agree with them then the system is corrupt or there must be something wrong with you. Mr. Watkins, as Ted Nugent would say, you can suck on my machine gun bitch.

  26. Is this supposed to be a news story or an OpEd hit piece? Because the level of BS opinion and pure propagnada at the end is huge. "Assault weapons" can't be banned because of corruption? That statement right there is tin foil hat pure BS.

    • Maybe they finally figured out where the line in the sand is! We sit here and let the elected officials get fat on our money and run the country into the ground but they have awakened everyone up now that they are trying to take guns away from the law abiding citizens!

    • Maybe they finally figured out where the line in the sand is! We sit here and let the elected officials get fat on our money and run the country into the ground but they have awakened everyone up now that they are trying to take guns away from the law abiding citizens!

  27. Glad to hear this! I tried to help a niece suffering from schizophrenia, For 6 months I let her live with us, I had all Guns locked up tight and hidden away! All ammo was even separated and hidden elsewhere to boot! I still locked my bedroom door at night to sleep! My point? Any home with Mentally Ill people should have trigger locks and maybe even special locks on all weapons! I won’t say the home should not be allowed to own guns, but that home should be enforced to lock and secure them! BTW I find it hard to believe the mother of the Ct. Shooter had not Locked up her guns!

  28. Good news, no matter what you do when crazy people want to do bad they will find away. Taking guns away will do nothing but make things worse. The citiens will have noway to protect themselves.

  29. Don't become too complacent. Until there is a vote and we see what legislation passes through, keep writing and calling your congress critters.

  30. Back to Normal Prices — Woot.

  31. Name me one law that ever stopped a criminal?

  32. Finally they are listening. We the people Will Never give up our arms, Big govt, stay out of our wallets, our bedrooms, and our gunsafes and well get along just fine.

  33. I believe Sandy Hook was a false flag and there will be more such events to try and get the ban through. It is not about safety for children it is about dis-arming the populous and enslaving us further.

  34. The 2 party fight makes me sick we need to normalize aditional canidates where they have a viable shot at getting elected to the presidency, im tired of having to choose between one extreme or the other a viable third part with an actual shot would be nice across the board as it would act as a tie breaker

  35. Clearly, "yourblackworld" cares little about protecting children. If they were committed to that goal, they would demand trained, armed security in all schools and the restoration of funding for school security Obama has eliminated.

  36. Do not trust this, whether it is true or not. Increase your guard, this may be a trick to lower it. So when they drop the hammer we will be very weak by it.

  37. some will hate this and others will love it …but its stone ugly and overtones will shout over the years to come ! the emotional rage over gun control with wording of excuses for what ? look at the history of tyrants of the past before slavery is implemented ,all are disarmed ! excuses are used to cover the facts of the disarming for control but a wave of terror is formed and more rights/ self-protection are removed. and still the troubles are abound the real history and culture is bring redirected to a artificial form without facts to back it ! more over a government in a state of change over is and has happening ,a separation of the government and people by its founding case of laws and culture is out of date with times .so what are troubles, its value of life ,YES, value of life its self ,,,read about the excuses ”its for the kids ,public safety etc ” over gun control for the cover ,but from abortion to obingo care euthanasia panels cuts into the love of life to pure damn hate of life its self , so what follows is a wave of terror for all ! we have elitism at play without respect the rule of law – call for E.O. over rule of law for the last vestige of a greatest set of laws ,which gave the greatest rights to all above state ! a return or death of nation ???there is NO place in this nation for collective guilt !!

  38. Dr. Boyce Watkins, what is the horsepower and top speed of your car? You don’t NEED anything that will travel faster than 55 mph or have more horsepower than is required to just move your weight. After all, more powerful cars can become weapons, just like airplanes have.
    BUT… you want it and it’s legal to own. You don’t have to explain yourself – and we don’t either.

  39. If you cant support yourself and are on welfare. You know handouts! You shouldn’t have the right to vote. Ingrid probably used her medicaid to get pills that her kid sold and has an assault rifle.
    She dont want anyone have the legal kind.

  40. Dr. Boyce Watkins is a bleding idiot.

  41. Richard B Quino Jr

    don't believe it until they say it publicly clearly and loudly… otherwise, it might be just something for us pro-guns to calm down a little.

  42. I don't trust Biden or Holder Any more than I do Obama.
    Keep your gun loaded and your powder dry.

  43. Dr. Boyce Watkins says our political leaders are corrupt because they uphold our constitutional rights? Excuse me Dr. but who is corrupt again? It's a shame that someone as formally educated as yourself can't see the naivete in your statement. Take a history class and them make that statement…

  44. A huge misconception is the idea that our government enacting gun control is "doing something about gun violence". Gun control has never REDUCED a city, state, or country's gun violence rate, to my knowledge. Another thing is the fact that the majority ofl gun violence in America occurs in urban areas in lower income neighborhoods (aka "ghettos"). Obviously if they wanted to stop violence they'd put more focus on education and job creation, especially in areas hardest hit by crime, as well as punishing violent criminals SEVERELY. That is the only thing that will ever decrease our number of annual gun deaths.

  45. Looks like the blame game is turning on. Also I would never even think about keeping my guard down while this clown is in office. Now I would like the the investigation of Op Fast & Furious to continue and get the idiot responsible out of office (Holder).

  46. Do not trust him. He is not to be believed. Will say anything. BHO wants to ban all guns. He will say anything to get the public to settle down so he can slip something thru. Be aware. This is far from over.

    In all likelihood it will never be over.

  47. Do not trust him. He is not to be believed. Will say anything. BHO wants to ban all guns. He will say anything to get the public to settle down so he can slip something thru. Be aware. This is far from over.

    In all likelihood it will never be over.

  48. Good news but it's still not time to high five each other. We still need to keep the pressure on our law makers not to pass "assault weapons ban". I don't believe anything Obama says.

  49. More and more I believe my own conspiracy theories when I say that Obama has stock in the firearms industry. Guns have sold in record numbers under Obama's leadership, all because of his threats. He's a better gun salesman than the NRA and Ted Nugent combined!

  50. Ill believe it only when I see it. Keep up the fight!

  51. Awesome if true… I have hoped the idiot would see where that gungrabbing talk was leading.

  52. No author not very reliable information. What is going to happen is another False Flag shooting. That is even bigger. They will create something. The guns is stopping their Agenda for NWO. So something big has to happen soon.

  53. Assault's a behavior, not a device.

  54. I think people should stay villigant, don't let your guard down. Do not trust this news, do not trust anything except the truth, join your fellow Americans on Jan 19th at your state capitol at 12noon. if you're from Michigan join our page if you are from a different state click on this link to find your contacts —>

  55. The President, Vice President, and all of the liberals that are of the uber wealty are hypocrites. President Obama's daughters, Bidens grandchildren, many of the children of high powered government leaders, the media and business moguls attend schools that include armed security to protect their family. it's good enough for their kids but it isn't good enough for yours. I beleive all the violence is terrible and deplorable but man has been killing each other for centuries and will continue to do so right up to the end of time. I do not beleive in taking the weapons away from the lawabiding citizen. Punishing those who obey the law because of those who commit crimes and acts of violence. Last night in San Diego two police officers shot an armed suspect in a movie theater, same last month in San Antonio, several concealed carry civillians all over this country have saved lives during robberies, home invasions, and other crimes. Placing armed officers at every school in this country may be the answer, you never hear of a shooting at one of the schools where the kids of those who want to strip you of your rights go……..

  56. Do not trust this, whether it is true or not. Still be on your guard, be even more on your guard, because this could be a trick to lower it. If they drop the hammer, and we are caught off guard.

    It will be the end.

  57. What do I believe will happen? CIVIL WAR if they try taking our anti-tyranny weaponry! If the government has 30 round mags in full auto, WE will keep our 30 round mag semi-autos, 2nd Amendment Guaranteed! Just shootin' straight with you mam!

  58. "Dr. Boyce Watkins, a professor at Syracuse University and advocate against gun violence asks,”What in the world does anyone need an assault weapon for anyway?"

    What in the world do you need a Mercedes or a BMW for? What in the world do you need a car for that can go faster than 65MPH anyway? Why do you stock more food than you need to survive? Why do you have more clothes or shoes than necessary?

    Again, it's not called gun CONTROL for nothing. Why isn't it called gun SAFETY instead?

  59. Anybody can be considered "mentally ill". All you have to do is just deny you have that problem and get angry or twiddle your thumbs.

  60. " Many political observers find themselves disappointed that the ban would not pass through Congress, and see this as evidence of serious corruption." No it's called preserving our 2nd Amendment. Not being able to away the right to protect ourselves is not corruption it is a step in the right direction. anyone who aims to erode our personal liberties is guilty of subversion and needs to be tried for attacking the Constitution. This world is so fucking insane sometimes and the people in it are so fucking stupid it amazes me these people have the ability to tie their shoes or eat food instead of shit.

  61. Instead of taking our firearms they will focus on taking our ammo … walmart has already stated that they will no longer be restocking. ammo

  62. As responsible gun owners the next thing we need to work on is to get the weapon reclassified as an defense weapon or sporting rifle, only the bad people use it to assault. Hell even our military is using it to defend. If I'm incorrect please let me know.

  63. "It also says that many of our political leaders have become corrupted beyond repair.” Yeah, we can relate. We still have Obamacare. But we're keepin' our GUNS! WOOHOO!

  64. If this turns out to be true, this will be the first real help obama has given to the unemployment problem in this country, the gun manufacturers will be hiring, to help catch up the back log.

  65. Dr.Boyce Watkins can kiss my ass.he doesn't need to know why we the people of the u.s. wants a ar-15.why does he need to worry about me, or you.

  66. This isn't a win. Why are we stopping? A win would be to get the bastards to repeal the idiot gun laws they already have on the books. Why is Cuomo allowed to pass a bill nullifying the 2nd amendment in NY on semi autos? Who gave him that right? Why is NOT OK for us as a nation but it's OK for him to do what he wants? He doesn't rule over NY. This is just ONE example of what needs to go away and what they've chipped away at for years to get that they shouldn't have.

    Keeping them from even trying this assault weapons ban should be the opening salvo in the beginning of a war not the end of the fight.

    • Also we the people should charge them with treason, because essentially it is exactly what they are doing. They have deliberately bankrupted our nation and lined their pockets with wealth from our money that we are "taxed" on. They have stolen many of our rights as defined by our United States Constitution, and will try to take more. Stand up and stand by our rights America.

  67. To answer Dr. Boyce Watkins question as to why anyone needs an assault weapon.
    First, there is no such thing as an assault weapon. Second, I would like to tell him that his question is best directed to the hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans that were placed in prison camps during WWII and the 297 Sioux Indians that were massacred just 112 years ago by the Army after they turned in their firearms. That, Dr. Watkins, is why we need weapons which are equivalent to the ones used by the government.

  68. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if most of the country suddenly was classified as "mentally ill".

  69. "Dr. Boyce Watkins, a professor at Syracuse University and advocate against gun violence asks,”What in the world does anyone need an assault weapon for anyway?"".

    Dr. Boyce Watkins, why do you really NEED the right to peaceably assemble? I doubt you have recently.

    Why do you really NEED the right to criticize you elected officials publically? The first amendment is really just so you speak normally without getting in trouble.

    Why do you really NEED due process of law? you haven't broken any laws recently have you?

    Why do we really NEED the 13th amendment? it's not like anyone is trying to enslave anyone nowadays.

    How does someone so stupid become a professor at such an esteemed university is beyond me. This article also doesn't say what he is a professor in, strangely enough. I really wouldn't see much merit to his credentials if he was a professor of physics and was commenting on this issue.

  70. DOn't trust any of them……. they only pretend this so we let down our guard. NEVER EVER REGISTER OR TURN IN YOUR GUN….. every able bodied man and woman stick together , take our country back from the politicians who love other countrys more than ours.

  71. Hate me for saying this if you want, but the mentally ill should be able to defend themselves as well. The VIOLENT, UNSTABLE and PSYCHOTIC mentally ill should have zero access to guns.

    And before anyone says "they're all the same" I'm bi-polar, but I've never committed a crime much less a violent one. You can't just take away my ability to defend my home on a technicality because of something I was born with and didn't ask for. The devil is in the details, I'm not a violent man. If you really want to solve the problem, put the money you were going to spend on "gun/people control" and put it to research the mental illnesses and more importantly to EDUCATE people that need to know this stuff. Like our teachers and parents.

    But then again, what do I know? I'm mentally ill. So was Einstein. Just saying.

  72. I'll believe it when it happens, but if this turns out to be true, then I'm glad they came to their senses. Maybe Obama feels it might be better riding off into the history books having passed affordable health care rather than kick starting the 2nd American Revolution.

  73. Still…ammo is scarce for common calibers everywhere. I'm sure they aren't taking our guns…but are going to dry up our cache of ammo!

  74. I do not own an AR-15 rifle but I will now buy one once this gun ban scare and the price settles down.

  75. Corrupt because they won't pass a ban that the majority of Americans oppose? What an idiot.

  76. Dr.boyce watkins obviously has never read the constitution and is full of crap and media fear.

  77. they are still going to try taking out guns.

  78. Be extra careful people there is likely to be a tsunami triggered by the seismic vacuum created by the sound of Obamas head leaving his ass if this in fact true…

  79. Inforce the laws on the books, inforce the laws about lieing on the paper work…

  80. We still have to keep on them and not let up! We have to keep writing the powers that be in our states and even the highest of offices and express to them that we are not willing to accept their wills and wants! They are voted in by the people for the people…not by the people to rule the people! The people do not want a assault weapons ban and any of the crap they are dishing! Violent crime is down in American and has been going down for the last 11yrs, lower rate of violence now after the last ban was lifted then when the ban was in place…it has been proven bans do not work! If the Government fears the people it is because they are not doing their damn jobs! So now they will pay and pay dearly with their elected positions…now it is time for use to vote their butts out of office because they can seem to only be able to vote for a pay raise and get nothing else done in DC!

  81. and huge 2nd amendment march at 01/19/13 will finish this debate.

  82. That's because he wants to ban ALL guns…Constitution be dames.

  83. Keep the pressure other wise it will go the other way,
    Call and email your reps and senators tell them no to any new laws.

  84. Boyce Watkins asks "what does anybody need an assault weapon for anyway?" I would like to spend 15 minutes with this man and point out all the things he HAS but does not NEED. An assault weapon is like a condom, it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

  85. Indeed hope that common sense prevails, and no ban is carried forward. I do hope that at some point soon, all the backorders, etc will be caught up and we can find merchandise available at some reasonable prices. I guess the only positive thing about all of the gun control talk is that it has been a boom for the gun industry and many more people are arming themselves.

  86. Frederick Douglass

    Why Obama folded? First reason is that he has a spine made out of banana. Anytime he gets any opposition from someone in an equal position of power and strength that could fight him. He folds like a cheap lawn chair. If you are poor, middle-class or some dirt farmer in a third world country. Obama has no problems tossing out your Human Rights or Killing. But the fact that there are 300 million guns in the US and 150 million gun owners left his boxers stained. There are only about 1.5 million active duty service members. They swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution not to listen to any President, Senator or Congressme who defies what it says. The Second Ammendment gives you the right to own a Firearm and protect yourself, period. They can try and say it doesn’t all they want but it doesn’t change it. Then the pesky little thing called facts about the Sandy Hook shooting reveals their true mentality. How can you say it’s stupide to have armed Security or Police protecting our children in their schools but at the same time the President’s daughters who go to a school with plenty of rich kids, diplomats’ kids, and other government officials have armed Securtiy not including the Secret Service protecting them? So it’s okay for rich kids to have people protecting them buy not your kid? Which politician was going to vote for a Law allowing Police or the Military if they would be stupid enough to do something like that to come onto the private property of any civilian who has not been convicted of a Crime and confiscate your weapons and search your property without a Warrant or Probable Cause? Last but not least. Explain to me what magical Law you are going to come up with to stop some psychopath from stealing someone else’s legally purchased weapons like this case in Sandy Hook since you can’t ban all weapons? For those of you who have never served in the Military or been in any type of Police Academy it takes less than 3.5 seconds to dump a magazine and reload. An anagram called SPORTS. Slap the magazin in. Pull the ejection port back. Observe the chamber to make sure no smoke stacks or rounds are already in there. Return the slide or action. Tap the forward assist. Shoot the weapon. As fast as it took you to read that it’s faster to do it. Magazine bans only mean something to someone with Ninja powers who can run away in the 3.5 secondes it takes to reload. It just amazed me that so many people of color who know the history of Slavery and Jim Crow are willing to give up their gun rights in this racist country. Like all the people alive to prior to 1965 just magically diappeared.

  87. Even if this is true, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT stop shoving your foot up your reps. and senators ass. This could be a ploy for all we know!

  88. Keep the pressure on, folks. We're loud and proud. Don't let them off the hook. The next session is the 22nd — That's a lot of days to keep rattling the cage til they cave.

    Ruger has a fantastic one-click way to contact everyone from the president to your local reps: HIT IT!

  89. What happens when the government decides all people are mentally unfit for guns?


    • Yea, I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else right now. I'll believe it when he says he won't do an executive order and puts blame on Congress. He may go that way to try to win Congress over to the dark side in 2014.

  91. That's right BHO blame Congress. BHO has got to be the most worthless, chicken shit, President ever.

  92. I hope this is true. There are more urgent things to be concerned about in this country right now. I am not being disrespectful to the victims or the family, but a ban on any firearm at all just means that honest, law biding citizens that own firearms or those who may want to purchase will then become victims because they will have no way to defend themselves. Also, I wish the mass media would learn the definition of assault…any instrument used to inflict harm on another can be considered an assualt weapon. A baseball bat could be used as an assault weapon. The media's misuse of the term assault is making me sick. Just because an AR looks like a military M16 doesn't mean that an AR is a fully automatic weapon who's sole intent is to fire fully automatic and show their enemy with many rounds. An AR is a semi automatic, meaning one squeeze of the trigger is one shot, then the firearm reloads and you have to squeeze the trigger again. The media NEEDS EDUCATED!

    • Maybe he did not want to have something in common with his hero Lincoln…….another civil war

    • I don't trust it. It could be part of a ploy to get us to let up on all of the calling and writing we are doing. The antis got complacent during the previous ban, and the pros got complacent after the previous ban. With Gifford now acting as the official face for Bloomberg's money, this is a battle we cannot afford to back down from.

    • Waylena, that is why I still posted on my share of this that we need to keep the letters, emails and phone calls going. Don't let up, you know old Frankenstien isn't going to let up. We have to be vigilent!!

    • Governments ONLY legitimate purpose is to protect rights…. when they trample rights they become a domestic enemy. It is not rocket science.

      There is NO difference in the Obama trampling our rights than in the Red Chinese army trampling our rights. They both deserve the same response.

    • You know the media is an assault weapon to our rights. Ban the liberal media! And remember when and if this goes away, remember our congressmen who were saying they were for more gun laws. Old Joe has lost at lest one vote no matter how many ads he runs of him shooting a rifle. Jay is retiring come 2014. Time to get some folks that will protect our rights in office.

    • I will never back down, I send stuff to my representatives several times a week or more. Never stop, never give up!

    • good point, i am weary of the whole back down thing.

    • Bingo! Give Waylena McCully a cigar, this is exactly what I was thinking. Say your having second thoughts and you may change your decision, all the heat is taken off all the elected officials and BOOM! The hammer is dropped down on everyone, no thanks, everyone has to stay vigilant don't believe a word any of these scoundrels speak.

    • You assume the media is willing to be educated!

    • You are so right Juddie, but the public must relize that fully auto wepeons are still legal to private secter as well you only need to apply for the lic. but the back round check is very extensive and cost a lost of money. But is that not odd, NO one these days are killed in the US. with a reall assult wepon, aka machine gun, aka fully automatic rifle sounds like the ones crying about ban this and ban that just does not know the difference. I was really surpized to see a coment from someone from WVU who was a prof. at the college that posted on my daughters face book about this guns and the pro. really showed there ignorance about the topic. And once again we have those that are in possision that are possining the minds of youth with false hoods. And that my friend is why this world is in such bad shape the educated stupid….

    • guns over people/children…you ARE disrespectful…AND…you cannot defend yourself /a firearm unless it's upholstered, loaded, and cocked which makes for a scary situation. And at least twice the chance of someone being killed and that's what is the point of severe gun control,

  93. Dont let up. contact your reps and stop any chance of more regulation. you can contact them with this form that takes less than one minute.

  94. In other words the Dem' and Rhinos realized they were committing political suicide.

  95. Now maybe I can afford ammo again for my AR-15!

  96. I can only pray that this is true! If so, great!!

  97. Was this all smoke and mirrors to keep us away from Benghazi or some of the other foolishness they
    don’t want us thinking about?

    • You’re right. We have not forgotten about Benghazi or Fast n Furious. The American public is awake, now that Obama has decided to wake us up to his lies and mass deception. We also haven’t forgotten that he may not a legitimate candidate for presidency, and are demanding our leaders to initiate a formal investigation into that.

      We are on to your game, Obama.

  98. Good news – if it is true it means we live in the sane country and our leaders are listening to bouth vox populus and common sence.
    Trying to do "Feel good" gestures is meaningless.

  99. Watched Colin Powell today on Meet the Press; what happened to him?? He’s coming across as a far left Socialist, talking about more gun bans “why anyone would need an AR type rifle”—. The Constitution doesn’t say anything about Muskets, just like it doesn’t talk about digital media. Yesterday’s Musket is todays AR, just as yesterday’s single page printing press is today’s web page.

    About previous Ban’s; in the 90’s the far left successfully redefined what an “Assault Weapon” was, characterized by it’s “dangerous” appearance that had nothing to do with function.

    Now the far left is trying to get a new term to stick “Weapons of War” is their new mantra. Why would anyone need a “weapon of war” in their home.

    Well, the answer is the same as it was almost 300 years ago when a musket was the highest tech rifle someone could own. To protect themselves and to hunt. Simple

    And for someone of color to say we don’t need to protect ourselves is just unbelievable. Maybe not this year, or this decade, but who knows what the future may bring in 50, 100, 200 years??

  100. There are still conversations surrounding the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It was and still is a major tragedy.

    Obama's consideration of dropping the ban on certain weapons is more than likely because he is faced with a situation he knows that he cannot win. As we know, it is all about winning to him.

  101. If there's no change in gun laws, you can bet that when those credit card bills start coming in for all those over priced ARs, you'll be able to pick them up for a great price, and with no paperwork at all. (that's if the laws don't change).



  104. Excellent I want 30 round pmags in CA

  105. never disappointing to see him do the right thing,,, that is what he is supposed to do.

  106. Frank Popeye Andrekus

    I see no reason to rejoice. If they ask for 10 things and "settle" for 4, how did we win? We gave up 4 things we had before. The reason they demand major and scary concessions is so that we will happily give up a few items.

  107. If they try to take americas favorite rifle away from us there will be a war.

  108. This is all too simple… They don't ever back down from a fight… They have something up their sleeves… The premise is sound, but I don't believe it for a second…

  109. About time someone seen the light at the end of the tunnel…That guns of any type don't pull their on triggers…Evil does not exist within a gun. It exists in the minds and hearts of those who pull the trigger for evil purposes…

  110. I’m a Deputy Sheriff in Florida. I will tell you based on first hand real live experiences, we need MENTAL HEATLH CARE REFORM in this country BAD.

    There are already enough laws that tell us what we can and can not do… more laws will solve nothing.

    In addition, we need to bring back INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY and bring an end to extended welfare/handout programs… period.

    I know plenty of unemployed criminals, black and white, whose girlfriends and mothers support them via welfare benefits.

    Like many things in life, what was once a good idea (help for the needy) has evolved into a mess wrought with greed and misuse… I KNOW, I SEE IT EVERY DAY I GO TO WORK.

    • Exactly.

      And by the way, Thank You for your efforts as a Peace Officer to protect and serve.

      Some of us do appreciate it.

    • Robert, No words spoken has any greater truth than those that were spoken by you. Our LEO’s are our soldier’s of our streets and our communities ad are to be commended for all that they try and accomplish. With shortages caused by government because of budget cuts, freezing of hiring new officers, longer hours of officer’s on duty while their pay scale stays basically unchanged for the work and stress they go through on a daily basis, having to work specials or events while off duty just to be able to make a salary that will just help you get erything paid for the month.
      The reason I bring this up is to say that even as LEO’s, you are greatly out numbered by the criminal element and have to be out on te streets taking chances no one else would just so you can say you are one whom tried to make a difference. Point of this is when you start your shift, even though you try and put it out of your mind, you always wonder when the time will come that you may be faced with the fact that you will run up on asituation where you could be confronted by bad people and loose, leaving behind a wife and children. Yet you choose to do it away regardless, as that is what shaped you into the person you. LEO’s are our Warriors a are to be commended for your service just as we do the Military as you draw the line in the sand and refuse to give an inch regardless.
      Thank you Robert for your service and I feel that citizens everywhereshould rally around our men and women in uniform that try and make our streets safe. I salute you Sir!!!

  111. If this is accurate, which I hope it is!, He will only be doing it because:
    He cannot purchase any more ammunition for his agenda.
    He knows the citizens are now armed to the teeth across the country.
    He knows that states are turning against him baring any laws or regulations made on this matter.
    He knows his agents will be arrested in states.
    He knows the increase in civilian groups coming together unifying and organizing in the case of a federal fallout.
    He knows his ass will be on the line, jailed, tried for treason and human rights violations and more.

    If this is tried in back door ways through several proposals or laws/ mandates/ executive orders he still faces the citizens revolt.

    The government needs to get the hell out of our homes and our schools! Americans need to get back in control of this country and take it back from the politicians and hold those who have caused harm to us and have not done their jobs, accountable. This starts at the top, the POTUS should be 1st in line.

  112. Jackson….so where is Sharpton? gotta get his name out there too, @ Mr. James, Prices will never return to normal..availability might..remember gas prices and availability? greed does not discriminate…

  113. The President has been told and now realizes that he cannot use the Power of the Executive to undermine the Checks and Balances imposed by the Constitution and in trying to do so would lead to charges of TREASON against him. Furthermore, realization has finally struck home that it is not GUNS that are the problem, it is people with mental dysfunction and disorders that are. What also isn't being said is that the US Government has developed technology from Nicoli Tesla in the form of beam weapons that they (US Government) are using to experiment on the American Public with. Non-Disclosure of this technology and the fact that over 20 deaths are associated with it, is an indication that they want to keep such things hidden still. This goes back to the 60's-80's when it was discovered that the US Government was indeed involved in doing un-authorized tests on America's Mentally Ill against their will.

  114. In the words of General Ackbar – it's a trap. Don't believe for a second he will do anything reasonable. This is nothing more than a ploy to get the furry over his plans to die down.

  115. Lets hope he has listened to the Reasonable people.. there is an entire Industry under threat by these Regulations.

  116. I holp this is true but I will beleave it when I see it I do remember the trogen hourse, and for the TWINKIE guy thay were band the company is out of busness.

  117. Robert End Bsl Lasco

    I pray dearly that this will NEVER get passed through Congress and that Obama will not issue an executive order. Perhaps he and al lof his constituents realize that we are never going to settle for any compromise of our 2nd Amendment and we are not giving up our guns. It's our RIGHT to keep them!

    Let's keep our fingers crossed, everyone..

  118. Well considering the sandy hook shooting was staged by the obama administration for the purpose of getting a public outcry to ban guns I highly doubt he is going to change his mind now! Don't believe me about the shooting, I don't blame you one bit. Take the time to watch the entire video then tell me im wrong!

  119. Be carefull! it could also mean attack by the back door!

  120. Looks like we sent him a message.
    Keep it up so he won't be so quick to his next dictatorial power grab.

    This bitch is fucking with civil war here, and we're NOT just talking about random crazy fuckers going on shooting sprees in small groups… We're talking states passing laws to imprison federal agents who attempt to infringe on our Second Amendment, and Constitutional Sheriffs, the rightful, and elected heads of the people's militia, arming heavily and speaking up on the subject.

    To those who don't understand, The County Sheriff is the only elected person in Law Enforcement, Therefore, THEY are the ultimate law of the land so long as they enforce the constitution.
    They also have the ability, and duty to deputize the citizenry at their discretion to reinforce their authority.

    This threat was real people, and was being treated as such, and Obama knows it.

    Stay vigilant. They have no morals, and they'll stop at nothing short of suicide to achieve their goals.
    The next wave is coming, just as soon as they can raise another hit squad to kill more people and try to manipulate the populace through the emotional uproar that their mainstream media makes come out of it.

    This, is NOT, over.

  121. Amazing news….. I'm so proud to be an American. Our voices are heard and considered. Feels good.

  122. this of course would be the same president who swore that he had absolutely no plans to reintroduce any kind of gun control on the population if you would be re elected right ?

  123. Guess the american law abiding citizenns won this battle..they knew stomping on our rights would start a civil war right day the liberals will realize punishing us who obey the laws won't be trompled on against our rights.. We will take a firm stand against you when it comes to the constitution..

  124. We have to be careful that they dont abuse the background checks & they clearly define "mentally ill". the goverment could easily turn this into a policy that makes it very difficult to pass these checks & declare you mentally incompetent…. Not to mention additional cost could make it impractical for your average citizen….look out for taxes & EPA regulations on ammo….watch them closely….they will not quit going after our rights

  125. I think Barry is getting a taste of the no gray area and strength written into the Constitution by our Founding Fathers.

  126. Actually trying to pass an “assault weapons” ban would be the demise of the Democrats just like happened in 1994. Even the President said in the second debate that even Chicago didnt have a problem with assault weapons, which happens to be the murder capital of the Country.

  127. Actually a few economists foresaw this happening and directly related the AWB issue to the debt ceiling. Deals will be made in congress to have a few feel good laws passed on guns without an all out assault weapons ban in return for raising the debt ceiling. This is becoming more evident with the Trillion Dollar Coin being shot down by the treasury. I am happy there won’t be an AWB but worried about the debt ceiling being raised and the countries deficit spiraling out of control.

  128. I'd be willing to bet that this is just their strategy to "lessen the pressure" on all of them. The minute we let up, they'll try (again) to slide it through. I say, keep all the damn pressure on them we can… don't let up one bit.

  129. And one last thing, if this unjust government wanted to become tyrannical, after they use B1bombers, F16, F18, F22, Apaches and that new chopper, stealth fighters, battleships, destroyers air craft carriers along with tomahawk cruise missiles and drones, let alone chemical weapons, ain't a damn thang we could do but hope for help, like France did when they financed us in the revolutionary and war of 1812. Now what ya little gun or rifle gonna do ?

    • Ray, you definitely go a point on superior arms. However, you have to take into account that we make of most of the military you are speaking of. How many soldiers will turn on their country to defend the government over the people. Most all of your military weapons and equipment are made by civilian contractors. We are a huge force just in numbers. Armed Americans arm the largest army in the world. That the reason Japan would not invade America with troops in WWII. If we are a big enough force that Japan wouldn't even think about it we must be at least a respectable force. I am not saying it would be easy and I hope it never comes to that but just as it was done a couple hundred years ago here, it has been done throughout history and is being done all over the world today.Look at the Spartans/Persians, look at Afgans/Russian. It becomes a "guerrilla warfare" type thing. It depends more on support of the locals, superior knowledge of the local area and such more than fire power. The NVA did NOT out gun USA weaponry

    • ray, how is that working out in afganistan ?

    • While I agree that the Government certainly has the upper hand in arms superiority, as a former service member I am very aware of our limitations. Our military is uniquely unsuited for guerrilla warfare. Look no further than Vietnam or Afghanistan for examples, and that is dismissing the hearts and minds of the military servicemen and women who would be forced to turn arms on their own people.

      A revolution would be terrible for all, and would not be an easy win for our military.

  130. Good to see u got it Ant ….Some people …

  131. Jim if you and mark would have read in a better context than the uneducated way u did I'm not advocating any ban cause I'm gonna protect my self and mine against any of u that has evil in u. All I said is I u have a conviction, just as u do about guns, then he shouldn't falter. Read first. Then understand ..also Michael Moore said y'all hooked on guns because of the threat of "THE OTHERS TAKING OVER". AND AS FAR AS MOVING SOMEWHERE, BEEN TO MANY COUNTRIES AN MET PLENTY OF AMERICAN WHITES THAT HAVE NOT COME BACK! PLENTY. .ST. THOMAS Is PERFECT!! PLENTY OF AMERICANS THERE FOOL. .!

    • (Ray…i's cool. I don't think their coffee kicked in, or they would have understood what you actually wrote earlier.)

  132. To those who want gun control, I am not here to argue with you. But many of you have been asking why we need guns! Here is your answer- I am a law abiding citizen, I have a 2nd Amendment right that protects your 1st Amendment right to voice your opinion about not liking the 2nd Amendment. If ever the time comes where we are invaded, or I am around when your life or your childrens life is being threatend, I will use my weapon in your defense, and would gladly lay down my life to protect yours or your family’s with out hesitation! That is why we need guns! You may not agree and I respect that, just remember if im ever there when one of you need help, all diffrences aside, I will put myself in between you and evil!

    • Very well said John. Your words ring so very true. Ii sincerely respect your ideas.

      • I agree with John also…being former military (22 years),I took and oath to protect my country from all enemies foreign and domestic and if that meant giving my life to protect your life….nuff said.
        PS: To all readers of these you really know what an “Assault Weapon” is ?

        • An assault rifle is a rifle in which fires fully automatic or select fire 3rd burst. A semi-automatic (1 round fired per trigger pull) black rifle is NOT an assault rifle. The AR in AR-15 is for Armalite, not assault rifle. They use a magazine, not a clip.

  133. Ingrid, you are so lost. Defeat the republicans?
    As if the republicans are some kind of invading force that suddenly popped up in DC? As if having a one party system is good for liberty? As if the second amendment is just about keeping guns in republican hands? That is beyond ignorant; that’s blatant and willful ignorance.

    As if Obama isn’t a mass murderer? He’s responsible for killing hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in his drone war. He’s shit on the bill of rights by signing the ndaa and SUEING to keep the indefinite detention clause in the bill.

    Come on.

  134. its remarkable how intelligent one iz 4 an AMERICAN.
    after it finish plotting 4 an ounce of property remind
    me to wake up and mind my f**king business.
    u can find the next party,atm,any other chosen free hand out
    setting but cant find anyone with an ounce of good sense.

  135. We are a minority. With this I will never support disarming us.

  136. Damn! Does this guy FIGHT for any thing or for that matter anyone (i.e. Susan Rice)?

  137. I think Obama should make a big push on the ban of assault weapons. This might be the icing on the cake that will destroy the Republican party once and for all.

    • Demise of the Republican party is not gonna happen lady, you are a dumbfuck socialist, move to Russia if you dislike a Democracy!

      • Bob, maybe you should leave with her.

        we are not a democracy. you have been hook, lined and sinker by the RFepublican party.


        so you need to leave with her.

        “Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting that vote” – Ben Franklin

    • Yep,you can call all the names you want but the more the right wing fights against the ban on these weapons the more intense the fight. Tell that to the Sandyhook families that are still grieving over their loved ones.
      I am glad we have stop signs and red lights but people like you would rather destroy the goverment.The perception I am getting is you would rather go back to the days of cowboys and Indians. lets face it we cant stop everyone from using guns but limits,and adjusments can deter further deaths. The only tyrany I would worry about is right wingers that believe I should were a burka and have no rights as a woman.